Published photographs

(on posters, book covers, etc.)

  •  H.L.A. Hart, dust jacket of The Concept of Law, 2nd edition. 1994
  •  “Public Time”, 14c Bell Tower Clock, Salisbury Cathedral (Detail), dust jacket of Ethics in the Public Domain. 1994
  • “Classic Iron” (wrought iron columns in SoHo, 1991), dust jacket of Law & Interpretation, ed. Marmor (Oxford: O.U.P. 1995)
  • Rousham, dust jacket of The Autonomy of Law, ed. R.P. George (Oxford: OUP 1996); also on cover (front and back) of OUP Law 1996 book catalogue.
  • The Pantheon, Columns, dust jacket of Natural Law, Liberalism & Morality, ed. R.P. George (Oxford: OUP 1996)
  • The Pantheon, interior, dust jacket of Property & Justice by J.W. Harris (Oxford: OUP, 1996)
  • “Self-Reflection”, dusk jacket of Aristotle on Perception by S. Everson (Oxford: OUP 1997)
  • Portrait of Michael Walzer, dusk Jacket of Toleration, and of Arguing about War.
  • Chelsea doors, on cover of Law Textbook catalogue, OUP 1997
  • Door knob, on cover of Fodor, Concepts, OUP 1997
  • Monastic stairway, Normandy, on cover of Jackson, From Metaphysics to Ethics, OUP 1998
  • Windows, on cover of Chang (ed.) Incommensurability and Value, HUP 1998.
  •  Footpath in the Downs, on cover of Bix (ed.) Analysing Law, OUP 1998
  • Pavement cover of basement window:, on cover of J. Lowe The possibility of metaphysics, OUP 1998
  • Roof of Michigan law library, on cover of R. Poidevin (ed.) Questions of Time and Tense, OUP 1998.
  • The Pantheon, Interior II, dust jacket of In Defense of Natural Law by Robert George, OUP 1999.
  • Peeling wooden window, dust jacket of Cause and Explanation in Ancient Greek Thought by R.J. Hankinson, OUP 1998.
  • Prague street stairs, dust jacket of Bix, Jurisprudence: Theory & Context, 2nd ed., Sweet & Maxwell, 1999.
  • “Autumn 94” (H9410/1.2), in The Perceptive Eye, exhibition catalogue, 1999.
  • “Underneath the arches” (at 125th St. and Brdw’y, N.Y.), dust jacket of Practical Reason, and Norms OUP 1999.
  • Clock of Musee D’Orsay, dust jacket of Engaging Reason, OUP 2000.
  • Autumn 94, dust jacket of The Nature of Perception by John Foster, OUP 2000
  • “Fragmentation”, dust jacket of Oxford Essays in Jurisprudence (4th series), ed. J. Horder, OUP 2000
  • G.A. Cohen”, Times Higher Educational Supplement, 12/1/2001 (accompanying a review by J. Dunn) 
  • For Sudek, cover photo for Value, Respect, and Attachment (CUP 2001)
  • European Society for Philosophy & Psychology, July 2003
  • Night Alley, Prague, cover photo for The Practice of Value
  • G.A. Cohen, poster for his lectures at Brown University
  •  From Antelope Canyon, cover of Rights, Culture and the Law eds. Paulson, Meyer, Pogge (OUP 2003)
  • Antelope Canyon, cover of Reason and Value, eds. Wallace, Pettit, Scheffler & Smith (OUP 2004) 
  • Madrid Water Tower I - cover of Properties of Law, 
    Essays in Honour of Jim Harris, eds. T. Endicott & J. Getzler, OUP 2006
  • Pecking Crow, Poster for the Conference on Meta-Ethics, Jerusalem 16-18 June, 2008
  • Zabriski Point I,  cover of Between Authority & Interpretation,  2009 
  • Zabriski Point II, cover of The Authority of Law, 2nd ed. 2009  
  • Madrid Water Tower II, cover of Intergenerational Justice, edited by Axel Gosseries and Lukas H. Meyer, OUP 2009
  •  G.A. Cohen, accompanying the obituary, The Guardian 10/8/2009
  • NY Column, Cover image of From Normativity to Responsibility, OUP 2011
  • Under side of an El line: Cover photo Lukas Meyer and Pranay Sanklecha (eds.) The significance of historical emissions for issues in climate ethics, C.U.P. 2017.


8 prints at The Perceptive Eye, a photographic exhibition at St. Peter & St. Paul Church, Eye, Suffolk 1999.