Honour not the malice of thine enemy so much, as to say, thy misery comes from him; dishonour not the complexion of the times so much, as to say, thy misery comes from them  (J Donne)


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Comments of The Morality of Freedom and The Guise of the bad are now published. The reference to them moved to the recent publication page. 
Intention and Motivation and Intention and Value  joined others on the unpublished papers page.  Some of the ideas explored in Why the state were expressed in a talk given in Jan 14 in Singapore Symposium on Legal Theory which is on line. Accompanying as it does a much longer paper it should be listened to with either the full paper or the Power Point slides in hand the link is here 

The Kellogg Lecture in jurisprudence delivered on 2/11/11 is available HERE