Jose de Sousa
Professor, University of Paris-Sud




May 2018 Seminar at LEO U. Orleans
April 2018 Seminar CREST
Feb 2018 Merlion grant (Paris-Singapore trade  workshop)
Jan 2018 Visiting Stanford
Jan 2018 Seminars at UC Santa Barbara
and UC Davis
Dec 2017 Seminar at Rennes 1

Recent Papers

April 2018, revised version

Trickle Down Affirmative Action (with Muriel Niederle, Stanford) 
Coming soon

Trust and Specialization: Evidence from U.S. States (with Amelie Guillin and Julie Lochard, UPEC)
September 2018, revised version 

Labor Mobility and Racial Discrimination (with Pierre Deschamps, Sciences Po)
February 2018, revised version

October 2018
August 2018, revised version

Recently Published

European Economic Review, 107, 27-56, 2018.
  • The line: network-related terrorism redistributes trade flows across countries, including those countries that are not a direct source of terror.
  • Download supplementary data.