New Zealand Temperature Data : Tauranga
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Average daily maximum temperatures for Tauranga ( New Zealand) for various sites from February 1913 to the present.

The maximum temperatures  for each day have been recorded at various sites in Tauranga since February 1913, including the current site at Tauranga Airport from June 1990. 

I have combined the data from all three sites into one homogeneous temperature series using the current observation site as the base station. Although adjusting temperature observations from one site to another is not without its difficulties, it is considered that the homogeneous temperature series decribed in this web page is a fairly true record of what the temperature would have been if the current observation site had been used since 1913, with the understanding that although standard accepted methodogies are used, any adjustments are only estimates of what would have occurred IF the location of the temperature records had always  been in the same place with the same surroundings, the same instruments, and the same recording screen.

Updated: Dec 3, 2013

Traditionally, temperature observations have been recorded with a set of maximum and minimum temperature thermometers. These record the daily maximum temperature (usually recorded in mid-afternoon), and daily minimum temperature (usually recorded just below dawn). The first analysis of temperatures for Tauranga are those for the average daily maximum temperatures. Later analyses will be for the average daily minimum temperatures..


TAURANGA:  Average Daily Maximum Temperatures: ANNUAL


The graph shows details of the average daily maximum temperatures (called simply "afternoon" from now on), for Tauranga from 1913-2012. Note that the years of 1942,1943,1947,1957,and 1964 are not included because of incomplete data.

The long-term average afternoon temperature  for Tauranga for is 19.0 degrees C. ranging from the "cool" years of 1976 and 1992 with an average afternoon  temperature of 18.1 degrees C , and 1923 with an average afternoon temperature of 18.2 degrees C, to the "warm" years of 1916 (20.1 degrees C),1998 (20.0 degrees C), and 2010 (19.9 degrees C).  

The graph of the average afternoon temperatures shows  normal variations from year to year with the earlier years of the record (1914,1915,1916), and the last few years ( 1998,1999, 2010, 2011) being notably a little "warmer" than other years. . From 1914 to 2011, there have been 15 years with an average afternoon temperature of 19.5 degrees or more, and 18 years with an average afternoon of 18.6 degrees or less. 

The 10 "warmest" years ( in terms of afternoon temperatures) on record, in chronological order, are 1914, 1915,1916,1928, 1938,1998,1999, 2005, 2010, and 2011.

In contrast the 10 "coolest" years (in terms of afternoon temperatures) on record, in chronological order, are 1918, 1920,1923,1941,1945,1965,1976,1977,1980, and 1992.

The value for 2012 was 19.4 degrees.




TAURANGA:  Average Daily Maximum Temperatures: JANUARY



  TAURANGA:  Average Daily Maximum Temperatures: FEBRUARY



TAURANGA:  Average Daily Maximum Temperatures: MARCH