PDF and/or Postscript files are available for the overheads for some of my talks. PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Postscript files can be viewed and printed using Ghostview, which is available on line--click here to go to the site.  The mathematics in some of the PowerPoint presentations requires MathType to be viewed properly.

Lecture Notes for the Rocky Mountain Mathematics Consortium Summer Course 2013 Algebraic Graph Theory 

 Graph Theory for DNA Self-Assembly, Rocky Mountain Discrete Mathematics Days, UW, Laramie, June 2013.

NIMBioS Graph theory in the life sciences NIMBios workshop on graph theory in biology, 8/16/2010. Graph Theory in the life sciences.pdf

NIMBioS Design strategies for DNA nanostructures, NIMBios workshop on graph theory in biology, 8/16/2010.  nanostructure design strategies.pdf

Graph Theory and Complex Systems in Statistical Mechanics.  SMC/UVM joint applied combinatorics seminar, 10/23/08. UVM Potts

The Increasingly Popular Potts Model, or, A Graph Theorist Does Physics.  WIMIN Conference, Smith College,  9/27/08. A graph theorist does physics

Graph Theory Designs for DNA Nanostructures, REU Program, SUNY Pottsdam, 7/22/08.  Tile Types

Multivariable Tutte and Transition Polynomials, Combinatorics and Statistical Mechanics Programme at the Isaac Newton Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge University. April 2008.   multivariable extensions 2.pdf  Video at

Graph Models for DNA Structures, Villanova, 10/1/07.  Graph Models DNA.pptGraph Models DNA.pdf

Minimum Tile Types. MathFest 2007, San Jose, 8/5/07.  Talks/Minimum tile types.pdf

A Little Statistical Mechanics for the Graph Theorist.  South Eastern, Boca Raton, 3/9/07. A Little Stat Mech.pdf

From Potts to Tutte and back again:  A graph theoretical view of statistical mechanics, (with applications).  UPenn 11/15/06.  The Potts-Tutte model3.pdf

An introduction to the Potts Model.  SMC/UVM joint applied combinatorics seminar, 10/26/06. Intro to Potts.pdf

From Potts to Tutte and back again:  A graph theoretical view of statistical mechanics.  Middlebury College, 10/27/05. From Potts to Tutte and back again.pptFrom Potts to Tutte and back again 4.pdf

Weak Tutte Functions of Matriods, 2nd Workshop on the Tutte Polynomial and its Applications, 10/5/05.  Weak Tutte Functions of Matroids.pdf (scanned notes for 'chalk talk')

A Duality Relation for the Topological Tutte Polynomial, AMS Eastern Section Meeting Special Session on Graph and Matroid Invariants,  Bard College, 10/9/05. A Duality Relation.pdf  (scanned overheads)

Graph models for DNA structures, Vermont Genetics Network Workshop 8/17/05. DNA struct (html)DNA struct.pdfDNA struct.ppt

Properties of the interlace polynomial, AMS Pittsburgh, 11/7/04.  interlace properties.pdf

Graph models from the Kevin Bacon game to biomolecular computing and beyond!  Skidmore Colloquium, 10/20/04.  Graph Models 3.pdfGraph Models 3.ppt

Crazy Cubes and other applications of graphs and networks.  UVM highschool contest awards ceremony, 5/6/04 Crazy CubesUVM.pdf or CrazyCubesUVM.ppt

Graph Theoretical Problems in Next Generation Chip Design.  South Eastern, Boca Raton, 3/3/03. [Graphs in chip design--PowerPoint]

A Hopf-algebraic structure for generalized transition polynomials.  Special Session on Combinatorial Hopf Algebras at the AMS meetings in Montreal, QC, 5/5/2002 [abstract and ps file--583 KB]

Independent Studies with Industry Partnership.  MathFest 2002, Burlington VT.  [PowerPoint--461 KB]

Practical Applications and the Universality of the Tutte Polynomial.  UVM Colloqium Talk, 2/15/2002.  [Links]

Relations for Skein-Type Graph Polynomials.  South Eastern, Baton Rouge, 2/26/2001.  [Abstract]  [Click here for postscript file--866 KB].

The Circuit Partition Polynomial and Integer Evaluations of the Tutte Polynomial.  CoNE, Smith College, 2/10/2001.   [Click here for postscript file--1550 KB]  (sorry so large--26 color slides done in Word take up a lot of space....)  Proofs for much of what was covered in this talk can be found in Identities for the Circuit Partition Polynomials... under the Papers tab.