Other Stuff

UVM/SMC Joint  Combinatorics Seminar  Biweekly speakers from academia and industry using and developing combinatorial techniques.

Maple Home Page   Very, very cool Maple stuff--including lots of demos for understanding calculus concepts for example.  Check out the Maple Applications and the Student pages.

http://www.lactamme.polytechnique.fr/ Gorgeous math/science art pictures with explainations.

MathSciNet   This is the foremost research tool for mathematicians--a searchable index, with reviews, to current mathematical articles.

http://birrell.org/andrew/knotwork/  Very cool applet for generating celtic knots

Graph Theory Resources   This site has links to people, problems, journals, etc. involved with graph theory.

Math Archives This is a huge archive of all kinds of math related resources, from teaching resources to CAS (eg Maple) support, from graphing calculators to electronic journals.

POPMathematics   What is POP Mathematics?  From the site creators:

    Did you ever wonder what made your teacher get so excited about some topic in Mathematics? On this page, we will try to collect items about Mathematics one of which hopefully may explain this weird behavior.

http://www.ams.org/careers/mcbb.html   Check out this web site for lots of people doing cool (math-related) things you might be interested in too.

Actuarial Careers  Here are some links providing information about actuarial careers.

Some info on math learning styles: MathLearningProfiles.pdfMathMethodsDyslexia.pdf