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Recent Publications

Here are some recent student publications  (also see the Papers tab where student coauthors are indicated by an asterisk):

·         T. Dickerson, J. Girard,  B. Goodhue, D. Koch, A. Parent, M. Spuches, “Self-Assembly Strategies in the Octet Truss”, submitted.
Co-advised with G. Pangborn.

·         R. Hammond, “Graph theory and its importance to conservation”, Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Journal, 15, no 1, spring 2014.

·         Tyler Hotte, Miranda LaRocque, “Design Techniques for the DNA Cubic Lattice”, American Journal of Undergraduate Research.
Co-advised with G. Pangborn,

·         James Coolidge,  Kevin O’Brien, “Utilizing the Octet Truss in the Design of Lateral Transfer Retroreflectors”, NASA-Goddard technical report for the ATLAS project.

·         Jake Girard, Andrew Gilbert, Dan Lewis, Mary Spuches, “Design optimization for DNA nanostructures”,  American Journal of Undergraduate Research,  10, no 1, 2011. Co-advised with G. Pangborn.

·         Eva Ellis-Monaghan, “Phase transitions in the Ising Model”, Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Journal, 11, no 1, fall 2010.

·         J. Kaptcianos, “A graph theory approach to DNA fragment assembly,” American Journal of Undergraduate Research, 7 no.1, 2008.

·         A. Austin, “The circuit partition polynomial, with applications and relation to the Tutte and interlace polynomials,” The Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Math Journal, 8 no. 2, 2007.

·         L. Beaudin, “A review of the Potts model:  its relation to the Tutte polynomial and its application to complex experiments,” The Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Math Journal, 8 no. 1, 2007. Co-advised with G. Pangborn.