Welcome to my homepage. I am a postdoc at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics.
Previously I was a graduate student at Utrecht University and a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Mathematics of the University of Coimbra.

My research interests lie in differential geometry. More specifically, they include Lie groupoids, Poisson geometry, orbifolds, the geometry of singular spaces modelled by Lie groupoids (differentiable stacks) and the deformation theory of Lie groupoids themselves.

In order to understand the geometry of singular spaces, I study transverse geometry for Lie groupoids. Recently I have been studying transverse measures on Lie groupoids, the role of Lie groupoids in noncommutative geometry, and relations between the theories of proper Lie groupoids and of (particular kinds of) singular Riemannian foliations.

As powerful sources of motivating examples, I am interested in the theories of proper Lie group actions and of orbifolds. Another source of inspiration is the treatment of singular spaces in algebraic geometry, in particular when dealing with stratified spaces.

Deformations of Lie groupoids (with M. Crainic and I. Struchiner), arXiv:1510.02530 [math.DG].

Measures on differentiable stacks (with M. Crainic), arXiv:1603.01673 [math.DG].

Orbispaces as smooth stratified spaces (with M. Crainic), arXiv:1705.00466 [math.DG]

Ph.D. Thesis
Differentiable stacks: stratifications, measures and deformations. Utrecht University, 2016.
Advisor: Marius Crainic

Expository papers
(in Portuguese)
J. N. Mestre, O princípio do camelo simpléctico, book chapter in "Números, Cirurgias e Nós de Gravata", IST Press, Lisbon 2013;

J. N. Mestre, Co-existência de ciclos num sistema dinâmico, book chapter in "Seminário Diagonal - Proceedings IST, III", Lisbon 2006.

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