Recent Photos of Lab Activities

  The Kee lab at the Yangyang beach. Fun times! (2019. 6.)

    Lab Dinner after Yigun's Defense (2018. 6.)

  A recent lab selfie - Smile, everyone!

    Lab lunch @ Clam (August 2017)

     KCS Organic Division Summer Workshop in Sokcho  (2016. 8.21~23).  Fun times!

    Season's Greetings from the Kee lab!

    Lab Dinner (2015.12.30)
     Front: Jung-Min and Wenjie
     Back (left to right): Yigun, Hoyoung, Ju Young, Seunghyun, Hyung Sang, Ohyeon, Jihyo

    KCS Organic Division Workshop @ Geoje Daemyung Resort (2015. 8. 23~25)
     From left to right : Hyung Sang, Wenjie, Yigun, Jung-Min, Jihyo, Ju Young, Ohyeon, Hoyoung