Patriarchical Blessings of William and Sarah Major
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#735 16 June 1845

A blessing by John Smith, patriarch, on the head of William Warner Major, son of Richard and Constantia, born January 27, 1804, Bristol, England. Brother Wm, I lay my hands upon thy head in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, and in as much as thou has no father to bless thee, I place upon thee a father's blessing even all the blessings of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, which has power over all things in Heaven and on earth and in as much as the Lord has given thee a spirit to imitate his wishes he will yet give thee power like himself to create a world and people it with all the variety of living beings which inhabit this present world, with all the vegetation and all things which are calculated to enliven man, to delight the eye, and cause health and happiness to flow through thy creations; thou art called to preach the gospel to this generation as far as seemth good unto thee; thou shalt be blessed in thy labors in causing many to believe; thou art also to be a counselor in the house of Israel forever; thou shalt have power to control the hearts of the children of men and bring to a knowledge to the truth; thou shalt cause many to obey the gospel in every land where you desire to travel; thou shalt have wisdom to counsel the saints in all nations which are calculated to promote the interest and prosperity of Zion; the Lord shall accept of thy work because of the integrity of thy heart; thou shalt be blessed with riches to satisfy thy desires; thou shalt be blessed in thy family, thy companion shall be healthy and bear many sons unto thee, they shall be mighty men, the destroyer shall not have power to take them from thee, for thy faith, and his enmities shall be sufficient to drive him from thy habitation; thy table shall be well supplied with the best fruits of the Earth, thy days and years shall be multiplied upon thy head til thou shalt see a third generation, become men of wisdom, strength and power; thou shalt have an endowment in the house of the Lord with thy companion; thy wisdom shall be great and thy understanding shall reach the heavens, thy name shall be had in honorable remembrance among the saints because of thy virtues, thy faith and thy works, and the house of thy posterity which shall continue to increase to all eternity, thou shalt stand in unto Zion and finally obtain Celestial Glory; This thy blessing laid upon thee and thy posterity in common with thy companion and in as much as you endure in faith to the end no person shall take it from thee. Amen.

#736 16 June 1845

A blessing by John Smith, patriarch, on the head of Sarah Major, daughter of Richard and Susannah Coles, born October 14, 1812, Oxfordshire, England. Sister Sarah, I lay my hands upon thy head in the name of Jesus Christ and by the authority vested in me to bless the fatherless, I place upon thee the blessing of a father, even all the blessings of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Thou art of Jacob and of the blood of Joseph, the same as thy companion and a

lawful heir to the priesthood which is sealed upon his shoulder in common with thy companion which may be made manifest unto thee in the Lord's house, for thou shalt receive an endowment with him; thou shalt have health and strength according to the desire of thy heart and according to the wishes of thy companion, thou shalt raise up a numerous family, there shall be no mightier men and women in Israel than they, thy name shall be known as a mother in Israel through all generations of Jacob, thou shalt have faith to overcome the destroyer and to accomplish every purpose of thine heart, live to see the closing scene of this generation and be satisfied with all the works and purposes of the Lord, enjoy all the blessings sealed upon thy companion and reign with him over a vast kingdom of the house of Israel forever; abide in the truth and these words shall not fail. Amen A. Carrington (Secretary)