Walker or Wah-kara (1815-1855)

Ute Chief

Sketched by William Warner Major, 1852


Blackhawk War Chronicles

Chief Walkara or Walker - Wikipedia

Writing on bottom left:  Sketch of  Walker, Wm 

Chief of the UTAH'S.   Rocky Mountains.


Writing on bottom right:  Taken from Life by W.W. Major

Sitting in Council  Sept 4 1852


 Walker c1852 (41-72-10/427)  Peabody Museum, Harvard University

Medium:  Watercolor on paper
Dimensions:  27.2cm x 24.3cm (10 11/16" x 9 9/16"), Accurate

Owner: Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University, Massachusetts

This is the same the "Joseph Walker" painting that was loaned Fredrick Hawkins Piercy to copy for his book, shown below.

When William Major departed from his mission to England from New York in 1853, he sold the paintings for goods or money to live and travel.

Chief Walker and his brother Arapeen, copied from W.W. Major painting

Joseph Walker and Arapeen  1854 Deseret News Article advertising Route From Liverpool

Location: Printed in book, Route from Liverpool to Great Salt Lake Valley

Description: Portraits of the Ute Indians, Chief Joseph Walker and his brother Arapeen.

History: A sketch was made by Frederick Hawkins Piercy from the original pictures which were then in the possession of W.W. Major. This drawing was published in Piercy’s book, Route from Liverpool to Great Salt Lake Valley, with this explanation: "The late Joseph Walker, one of the leading chiefs of the Utahs, was generally very friendly to the L.D. Saints, and so also is Arapeen, his successor. We here introduce their portraits sketched from a painting in possession of the late Elder W.W. Major."44

 Portrait of Chief Walker, artist unknown



 More about Chief Walker or Wakara see the Black Hawk War Chronicles.

 Photograph of Chief Walker

 Ute Chief Walkara