35 Major Family Headstones

Spring City Cemetery, Spring City, Sanpete, Utah


Jill C. Major, Author

Major family headstone-- The head stone is four sided and probably           placed by the Joseph Smith Major family about 1910 when                              Caroline Jensen Major died. 

 Side 1: east side of headstone                                                                          SARAH C (Coles)MAJOR  OCT. 1809.  JAN. 19 1888.  GRANDMOTHER  


Side 2:  north side of headstone                                                                    JOSEPH MAJOR  APRIL 1844  FEB. 1872  FATHER

 Side 3:  west side side of headstone                                                      CAROLINE J MAJOR     FEB 19 1847  MARCH 8 1910           MOTHER


 Side 4: south side of headstone                                                                      KAREN S. JENSEN    NOV. 8  1813.     Aug. 31 1893.       GRANDMOTHER


 Sarah Coles Major's original headstone placed when she was buried

Woodmen of the World   JOSEPH W. MAJOR  JUNE 30 1871  DEC 18 1901 (son of Joseph S. Major and Caroline Jensen).                                                      Again we hope to meet thee/When the day of life is fled / and in heaven with joy to greet thee/where no farewell tears are shed



 The Woodmen paid out insurance benefits which paid for this ornate memorial and possibly left a small nest egg for Joseph's family.  

"The Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society was founded in Omaha, Nebraska in 1890 by Joseph Cullen Root.   By 1900 it had more than 500,000 members. Symbols which were used by the order included the tree stump which represented equality, the dove and olive branch for peace and the axe, beetle and wedge for workmanship, progress and culture.

As a fraternal benefit society the Woodmen was controlled by its members and set up on a lodge system similar to groups such as the Elks and Moose. It was non-profit and provided financial and insurance benefits to its survivors.

The purpose of the Woodmen was to provide a burial to members. Joseph Cullen Root, the founder, created the Woodmen Memorial Day each year on June 6 to commemorate deceased Woodmen. Early Woodmen certificates entitled holders to a death and monument benefit. Grave stones were originally furnished free but later were offered only to those who purchased a $100 rider"  Woodmen of the World


 WILLIAM WARNER MAJOR (Jr.)  MAY  29  1836        OCT 11 1894

 ELLEN MAJOR  (wife of W.W. Major Jr.)  NOV  8, 1852    JULY 9, 1932

 Below are the Children of William Warner Major Jr. and Ellen Meek

JAMES WILLIAM    Son of  Wm W. & Ellen Major                                       MAR 7 1876     OCT 5 1877

 HORACE L. MAJOR   AUG. 4 1878    Aug. 29  1931

 BYRON O.  Son of Wm. & E. MAJOR  BORN  MAR 1 1882                        DIED April 4 1883  Sleep on sweet child/and take thy rest/God called thee home/he thought it best


 Arthur Vincen Major, son of Mattie Agatha and Henry Vincen Major, who is the son of William Warner Major, Jr and Ellen Meek.  Arthur was born 18 January 1914, died 10 July 1915 and buried in the Spring City Cemetery.

Used by permission of Ronald Arthur Major, son of Bernard Major, son of Henry Vincen Major, son of William Warner Major Jr., son of William Warner Major, Sr.

According to Ron, the small peony bush that is now covering the headstone, was planted by Henry Vincen and Mattie Agatha Major many years before they died.   It blooms large red flowers every spring, a memorial to their little son.  It's the only peony in the cemetery and the caretakers carefully trim around it. 

 Peonies in full bloom on Arthur's grave