Meeting Calendar

Time: 6/3/2016, 6/10/2016, 1:30-3:00pm 
Place: Geno Cafe (Room E3609)
Short Course: Survival Trees & Forests
Lecturer: Jon Steingrimsson, Department of Biostatistics, JHU.   

The first part of the short course will focus on extensions of the CART algorithm to censored outcomes. In the second part, we discuss the most commonly used proposals to handle censoring in the bagging and random forests algorithms. Furthermore, we cover the challenges and some proposed solutions to interpret the output from these ensemble algorithms. In both parts, emphasis will be placed on available software implementations, advantages and disadvantages compared to more traditional regression methods, and the state of theoretical developments of the algorithms.


Upcoming Seminars

9/2/2016 Rajeshwari SundaramBiostatistics and Bioinformatics 
Branch, NICHD, NIH 

9/16/2016 Vadim ZipunnikovDepartment of Biostatistics, JHU (Joint Seminar of SLAM and SMART Working Groups)

9/30/2016  Yingqing ChenFred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

10/14/2016 Qing PanDepartment of Statistics, George Washington University

10/21/2016 Haochang ShouDepartment of Biostatistics, University of Pennsylvania

10/28/2016 Yanyuan MaDepartment of Statistics, Pennsylvania State University

12/2/2016 Zonghui Hu, Biostatistics Research Branch, NIAID, NIH

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