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Outdoor Leisure

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If you are working or outdoors in East Central Scotland, we can help YOU
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Hiking Aids

Recta Branded compasses come from Swizerland include map compasses such as the Pathfinder at £13.99, which is available calibrated in Mils also.
The innovative box design which features a retractable mirror for easy sighting. £29.95

We also stock a range of Far East made compasses from the survival "Button" compass at 99p. The map compass has lots of features at only £4.99, while the Lensatic sighting compass comes with a plastic case (£3.50) or more durable alloy model at £5.95 As an alternative, the Combination Scout model has features of both at £3.99

the first two clip to the waistband and shoe steps or distance in miles or kilometers, while on the right is a slimline pocket model.
Map Measurers, Map Cases, Tally Counters also.

Our new range of Walking Poles offer amazing value and all have an anti-shock feature. Three models in aluminium alloy are adjustable and lightweight.
Mull is a three section pole, available in a pack of two for £20.50
Arran has an "L" handle at £12.25 each
while Islay is a four section model which packs down to 22 inches (56cm) long for stowage. £12.25
Top of the range is the featherweight Carbon Lite Ultra, weighs in at only 19 grams, half the weight of most of the alloy models. This 80% carbon fibre pole is £35.95

We stock a range of gaiters, in a choice of colours and fabrics including
the "Walking" gaiter from Highlander £11.50 in 600D polyester which comes red. navy or olive
the breathable ankle gaiter, £11.50
The two tone breathable gaiter with rugged polyester at the foot and softer ripstop leg, £15.50
and we can also do a comouflage gaiter the reliable "Classic gaiter" in PVC coated polyester, £7.50
Hiking Boots, Waterproofs

Travel Goods

Roof Prism Binoculars available in 8x21, 10x25 or 12x25 sizes at £15.50 to £18.50.

Survival Bags and Space Blankets, Whistles,

Multi Tools, Mallets, Folding Spades, Folding Scissors, Key Chains, Padlocks, Luggage Straps and Elastics,

Money Belts, Wallets, Travel Pouches,
also Bumbags, Compact Camera Pouches,

Insect Repellants include child friendly natural plant based products such as Mosi Guard (eucalyptus/citronella) or India Tree (neem), and Shoo, made in Scotland where the midges can be man eaters!. Repel 100, extra strength DEET, and new for 2011, Skitostop spray with an SPF20 sunscreen incorporated.
Midge head nets offer a chemical free alternative, or a pop up hat with net attached is also availabled.

Stainless steel vacuum flasks are available in sizes from 0.3 to 1.5 litres, almost unbreakable from £5.99 Non reflective coated models from £7.99

Stainless Steel Mirrors, First Aid Kits, Repair Kits, Aquaclear Water Purification Tablets,

Survival gear

Portable Energy

We stock gas stoves, lanterns and cartridges for Go Gas - Camping Gaz - Coleman/EpiGas Gas Picnic Stoves

Highlander self sealing cartridge stoves start at £15.95 (cart 2 sizes, £4.25 or £6.25)
or piercable cartridge stove £21.95 (cart £1.40)

Highlander "flat" stove with plastic carry case £14.95 is an innovative stable design and self lighting. (available complete with four cartridges for £20.00 over the counter. sorry we are not able to post gas)

Two new compact stoves from Highlander both come with piezo ignition. The upright model on the left weigs in at 140g and packs into a rigid carry box 60x60x95mm.
The alpine style at 235g sits low to the ground for more exposed sites. It comes with a soft carry pouch.
Both run on threaded self sealing cartridges (eg Coleman) of any size.

Gas Lanterns

Portable gas lanterns also stocked for self seal (£20.50) or piercing (£26.50) cartridges.

Butane/propane Cartridges, Pierceable "International" (Camping Gaz etc) or Self Seal (Coleman/Primus screw types) as well as the "flat stove" model
Liquid and Solid Fuel Stoves, Hurricane Lanterns, Handwarmers, Lightsticks, Torches, Battery Lanterns, Headlamps.
Accessories include Mantles, Globes, Fuel Bottles, Jerrycans (& spouts), Waterproof Matches, Flints etc.

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If you don't see what you are looking for, or want to know more,

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