Private Lenders

Intelligent Funding has direct access to a well funded Private Commercial Lenders. The following tables describe the general programs that are always available. Other, special circumstances and structures may be considered....

Our lenders offer: Small Business Loans, Merchant Cash Advances, Business Lines of Credit, SBA Loans, Equipment Financing and Unsecured Business Loans.

Loan Types:

Small Business Loans

Fast Working Capital For Small Businesses. All industries – No Collateral!Whether you’ve been in business for years or are just starting out, you probably understand that running a successful company requires working capital. Not only can we help you find the right loan for your business, but we will also guide you throughout the entire process and review all parts of the application with you in order to quickly secure business financing.

Merchant Cash Advances:

Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is an easy and quick way in which small and midsize business owners that lack collateral or have a low credit score to qualify for a conventional bank loan can obtain an upfront sum of cash. The borrower will then repay with a percentage of future credit and debit card sales processed through the business’ merchant account.

In reality, an MCA is not a business loan–it is a lump-sum of money provided by the lender in exchange for a percentage of the business’ future revenues.

A Cash Advance is an excellent alternative for any business owner with a low credit score (FICO) because it is a short-term loan that requires no collateral. Also, if you need working capital instantly, the approval process is faster than any other loan.

Business Line of Credit: 

With a Business Line of Credit (LOC) you can access the capital you need at any time. If you have been in business for at least one year, you can get approved for up to $250,000. The best part is that you will only pay interest on the amount you draw, not on the entire loan amount. We have no pre-payment penalties. Pay early and save on interest. Expand your business today with this instant line of credit.

A line of credit (LOC) is a flexible revolving loan, in which a lender, usually a bank or a private lender, and a borrower, agree to a maximum amount of capital that the borrower can withdraw at any time. The borrower has these funds at his or her disposal, as long as he or she doesn’t exceed the maximum amount established in the agreement and makes payments on time.

The balance in a line of credit is revolving, meaning that the borrowers can use the funds, repay, and then spend again in a revolving cycle. In this way, lines of credit are very similar to business credit cards.

Business owners will typically use a line of credit to remodel or expand their store/offices, buy new tools or equipment, meet payroll, purchase inventory, launch a marketing campaign, or cover any unexpected expenses.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Loan Amount: $100,000 to $2 million

Loan Type: First mortgage or bridge loan

Location: Nationwide

Acceptable Property Types:

​Our lender is a $50 million hard money commercial lending company. We syndicate the investment funds of about 900 accredited, private investors and use these funds to make permanent first mortgage loans on standing commercial properties.The company has been in business since June of 1980.