Is it time to sell your business?

Perhaps you find yourself ready to retire, or perhaps your company is growing so fast that you need a larger, well funded partner. It might be that you need a break and you're just ready to hand the reins over to someone new - but you don't know where to start. We'd like to help.

Selling your business can be a trying ordeal. It can take the majority of your time and still produce nothing. You need to want to sell the business. Then you need to get it ready to sell. Then, you need to find a buyer who agrees to the valuation and the method of selling. And then... you need to negotiate the confusing maze of coming to final terms, agreeing, putting it all in writing, preparing documents, performing due diligence, actually Closing the deal, and then performing the follow-up that was promised. We want to help you through this process. 

We provide coaching and on-the-ground help in the following areas: 

Here are examples of a few active investors who are seeking to acquire companies:

Interest in Family Founded companies that have a "normal times" run-rate of $5 to $10 Million EBITDA in the following industries:


Another funding partner has given us a mandate to locate firms that require primary capital infusions (through minority investments) in high quality companies to create a win-win during a critical time for these businesses, their people, and the broader economy. In other words, rather than acquiring majority ownership, this would be an injection of capital into the company itself, in exchange for a minority ownership position.

Additional Network Opportunities include:

​Seeking to acquire Industrial Thread Manufacturers

Revenue: US$ 10mn to 500mn

EBITDA: US$ 3mn to 65mn

UK-based strategic acquirer looking for targets globally working in Personal Protection Textiles, Composites, reinforcement fabrics used in the Aerospace/Defense Industrial/Corrosion. 


Insect control products

Revenue: US$ 1mn to 100mn

EBITDA: US$ 0mn to 20mn

US-based strategic acquirer Primary involvement in pesticide business, with a focus on insecticides.  


Personal Care / Toiletry Ingredients

Revenue: US$ 5mn to 100mn

EBITDA: US$ 0mn to 10mn

Global chemical firm looking to acquire manufacturers of personal care products, toiletry ingredients & fragrances. 


Software Solutions 

Revenue: US$ 5mn to 100mn

EBITDA: US$ 1mn to 10mn

Global software firm looking to acquire any Industry-specific software solutions/services.  


Cross-Border Investments in Manufacturing

Revenue: US$ 10mn to 100mn

EBITDA: US$ 2mn to 15mn

Japanese client looking for manufacturers of medical equipment, automobile components, food product, etc.


Other acquisition interest in the following industries:

US Based fund looking for minority stakes in Consumer Products, Education, Healthcare, IT and Tech Enabled Businesses.


Asian Firm seeking late stage investments into: Surface Mount Technology, Fiber Optics, Industrial Machinery, Industrial Automation. Must have revenue over $5 million


US Investor interested in Western US based companies supplying Transportation Infrastructure and highway asset management.


US Investor seeking Educational/Scientific Labs or Staffing related acquisitions of companies doing $30 million or more.


US Investor seeking Plant Maintenance & Modification acquisitions US only revenue $5 million or up.