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I am a commercial loan broker and advisor. I operate from office in Helena, Montana and from Central Florida near Sebring. The principles i deal with have decades worth of experience in business ownership and entrepreneurial activities. 

I specialize in helping creative companies, with great products gain the funding necessary to take the next step in their evolution. Whether you need a few hundred thousand to build an addition to your successful health and fitness club, a hundred million to build a nationwide mobile internet platform, or anywhere between those extremes - we may be able to help you gain the funding you need. 

However, I can not and will not accept any and all applications for funding. The trust and confidence that I have built with our funding partners through the years is based on only presenting qualified projects that have been thoroughly researched and are very likely to succeed. 

Mine is very thorough application process. I first ask that you complete an overview application. This form asks for the business basics (year started, management team qualifications, basic financial projections, etc.). I review all preliminary applications within three working days - and send you an e-mail asking you to either proceed or go back to the drawing board. If yours is an application worthy of further inquiry, we will obtain further details. 

In My Life, I have…..

Bussed tables, washed dishes, been a line-cook, bartender, window washer, caddy, maid, roofer, desk clerk/night auditor, tree planter, traveling salesman, industry analyst, fundraiser, business owner, product developer, project manager, inventor, grant writer, financier, and technician. I’ve slung bales and laid shingles. I know how to work hard and make a company great.​

I have: taken orders, worked 24+ hours in a row, driven thousands of safe miles, developed companies from concept to reality - to sold for a profit. I have invented products, determined how to manufacture them, patented them, and turned them into devices that are displayed at the Hewlett-Cooper Smithsonian.

I’ve worked for others, worked for myself, and worked for large corporations and the State bureaucracy. I have volunteered my time, improved the chances of getting wilderness protected, and been elected to office. I have taken businesses from concept to reality, developed and implemented business plans, sought and raised capital, presented concepts and papers in front of TV cameras and hundreds of people, and become successful where others saw certain failure. I possess an indomitable spirit, and when I believe in a cause will stick with it through hell or high water. In short, I believe in and intend to live the updated American Dream, and have a lot of fun while doing so.

Montana Operations:

212 7th Ave.

Helena, Montana 59601

Contact Information:

Phone: (406) 442-3434

​Fax Number: (250) 550-9202


Jerry Spencer, our Founder - Out Standing in His Field