Present Position

Juniorprofessor of Behavioral Law and Economics, University of Hamburg (01/2019-).

Co-Investigator, Economics of Compliance with Constitutions, DFG-funded Research Project (#381589259), University of Hamburg (02/2018-01/2021).

Professional Experience

Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Institute of Law and Economics (Prof. Dr. Stefan Voigt), University of Hamburg (01/2017-12/2018).

Post-Doctoral Researcher at the DFG-funded Graduate School for the Economics of the Internationalization of the Law, University of Hamburg (01/2015-12/2016).

Research Associate at the Institute of Law and Economics (Prof. Dr. Stefan Voigt), University of Hamburg (10/2010-12/2014).

Researcher, OECD Study on How to Measure Competition Law, Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Stefan Voigt (2010-2011).

Research Associate at the Chair of Microeconomics (Prof. Dr. Evelyn Korn), Philipps-University Marburg (04/2010-09/2010).

Student Assistant at the Chairs of Institutional Economics (Prof. Dr. Stefan Voigt); Macroeconomics (Prof. Dr. Bernd Hayo); Microeconomics (Prof. Dr. Evelyn Korn), Philipps- University Marburg (10/2008-03/2010).

Internships at the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart; at the Parliamentary Group of the Free Democratic Party, Berlin; at the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Berlin (10/2007-07/2008).

Student Assistant at the Chair of Economic Policy (Prof. Dr. Siegfried F. Franke), University of Stuttgart (03/2006-09/2007).

University Education

Ph.D. in Economics (Dr. rer. pol.), University of Hamburg, Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Stefan Voigt and Prof. Dr. Andreas Lange, Examiners: Prof. Dr. Tim Krieger and Prof. Dr. Gerd Mühlheußer.

M.Sc. in Economics and Institutions, Philipps-University Marburg.

Diploma in Economics and Technics, University of Stuttgart.


British Journal of Political Science; Constitutional Political Economy (21x); Economic Systems (3x); Economics; Economics and Politics; Electoral Studies; European Journal of Comparative Economics; European Journal of Development Research; European Journal of Political Economy (10x); European Political Science Review; International Interactions (3x); International Journal of Public Policy; Journal of Comparative Economics; Journal of Conflict Resolution; Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization; Journal of Empirical Legal Studies; Journal of Institutional Economics (2x); Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics (3x); Journal of Peace Research (2x); Kyklos; Oxford Economic Papers; Public Choice (5x); Review of International Organizations; Review of Law and Economics; Scottish Journal of Political Economy; Social Indicators Research (2x); The World Economy (2x).

Invited Lecture or Seminar Talk

"t.b.d.", IFN (Research Institute of Industrial Economics), Stockholm 2019.

"The Impact of Economic Sanctions on Life Expectancy and its Gender Gap", British University in Egypt 2019.

"Endogenous Constraints on Repression", University of Freiburg 2018.

"Is Judicial Independence Good for Business?", University of Konstanz 2018.

"Is Judicial Independence Good for Business?", Department of Economics, University of Siegen 2017.

"Are Papal Visits Good News for Human Rights?", Brunel University, London 2017.

"Human Rights During Crises", GIGA (German Institute of Global and Area Studies), Seminar in Socio-Economics, Hamburg 2017.

"Judicial Independence: Conceptual Issues in Measurement", Hertie School of Governance, Berlin 2017.

“Deep Determinants of the Rule of Law”, IOS (Institute for East and Southeast European Studies), University of Regensburg 2016.

"The Political Economy of Death Penalty Abolition", Department of Economics, University of Trier 2016.

“Economic Effects of Competition Laws”, FZID (Centre for Research on Innovation and Services), University of Hohenheim 2013.

“Economic Effects of Competition Laws”, IFN (Research Institute of Industrial Economics), Stockholm 2013.

Invited Conference or Workshop Presentation

"Transition to Market Economy and the Rule of Law: Insights from Research and the German Experience", Arab Liberty Festival, Rabat 2018.

German-Arab Graduate School Workshop, Cairo 2017.

"Law and Economics of the Arab Region"-Workshop, Cairo 2016.

"Law and Economics"-Workshop, Florence 2016.

"Fighting Against Corruption"-Workshop, Cairo 2015.

"Law and Economics of Corruption"-Workshop, Cairo 2015.

"The Political Economy of Legal Institutions"-Special Session at the French Economic Association Conference, Rennes 2015.

"The Economics of Political Transitions"-Workshop, Tunis 2014.

"The Judiciary between Transition and Constitution"-Conference of the Hanns Seidel Stiftung, Sousse 2014.

"Law and Institutional Economics of Revolutions"-Conference, Hamburg 2013.

"Constitutional Choice in the Middle East"-Workshop, Hamburg 2012.

"Do Constitutions Matter?"-Workshop, Oxford 2012.

Regular Conference or Workshop Participation and Presentation

Asian Society of Law and Economics (2016); Ausschuss für Wirtschaftssysteme und Institutionenökonomik (2017); Danish Public Choice Workshop (2015-2019); EMLE- Midterm Meeting (2012-2017); European Association of Law and Economics (2011-2017); European Political Science Association (2014, 2018); European Public Choice Society (2013-2019); German Law and Economics Association (2017); Indiana University-Insights into Political Economy Workshop (2017, 2018); Interdisciplinary Workshop on Institutional Economics (2014); International Conference on Political Economy and Institutions (2014); Italian Society of Law and Economics (2012, 2016); Law and Society Association (2011); Liberty Fund Conference (2016, 2017); Mediterranean Research Meeting (2013); Mont Pelerin Society (2017); Political Economy of Democracy and Dictatorship Conference (2017); Political Economy of Public Policy Workshop (2017); Public Choice Society (2012-2014, 2017, 2018); The Rule of Law in EU External Action Workshop (2014); SCER Roundtable (2019); Silvaplana Political Economy Workshop (2014-2018); Society for Empirical Legal Studies (2011); Society for Institutional and Organizational Economics (2013, 2015); Verein für Socialpolitik (2018); World Interdisciplinary Network for Institutional Research (2014, 2018).