The Comparative Constitutional Compliance Database (CCCD)

The CCCD was produced within the research project Economics of Constitutional Compliance, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG, #381589259) and the National Science Center Poland (NCN, #UMO-2016/23/G/HS4/04371). The database offers different indicators of constitutional compliance and will be updated annually.

The final version of the database (v2.0) and all updates can be downloaded from the Harvard Dataverse.

If you use the data, please cite: Gutmann, Jerg, Metelska-Szaniawska, Katarzyna, & Voigt, Stefan (2023), The comparative constitutional compliance database, The Review of International Organizations, forthcoming. [DOI]

Data and Replication Files of Publications

International sanctions data (different publications): Please contact our corresponding author, Matthias Neuenkirch.

Papal travels (pre-release, full replication data after publication): Stata, Excel.

Islamic constitutions (Gouda & Gutmann 2021, PC): Stata replication, Excel.

Traditional law (Gutmann & Voigt 2020, JIE): Stata replication, Excel.

Prosecutors (Gutmann & Voigt 2019, SCER): Stata replication, Excel.

Rule of law (Gutmann & Voigt 2018, EJPE): Stata, Excel.

Private-sector corruption (Gutmann & Lucas 2018, SIR): Stata replication, Excel.

Gender inequality (Gutmann & Voigt 2015, PC): Stata, Excel.

Islamic state index (Gutmann & Voigt 2015, PC): Stata, Excel.

Judicial independence (Voigt et al. 2015, EJPE): Stata, Excel.