The Comparative Constitutional Compliance Database

Gutmann, Jerg, Katarzyna Metelska-Szaniawska & Stefan Voigt (2022), The comparative constitutional compliance database, ILE Working Paper 57 [Link].

Codebook (version 1.1), forthcoming.

Aggregate compliance indicators (version 1.1): Stata, Excel.

Data and Replication Files

Papal travels (pre-release, full replication data after publication): Stata, Excel.

Islamic constitutions (Gouda & Gutmann, forth., PC): Stata replication, Excel.

Traditional law (Gutmann & Voigt, forth., JIE): Stata replication, Excel.

Prosecutors (Gutmann & Voigt 2019, SCER): Stata replication, Excel.

Rule of law (Gutmann & Voigt 2018, EJPE): Stata, Excel.

Private-sector corruption (Gutmann & Lucas 2018, SIR): Stata replication, Excel.

Gender inequality (Gutmann & Voigt 2015, PC): Stata, Excel.

Islamic state index (Gutmann & Voigt 2015, PC): Stata, Excel.

Judicial independence (Voigt et al. 2015, EJPE): Stata, Excel.