Research and academic publications

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Current working papers and papers under revision

NBER Working Paper 25227, October 2018. VOX EU column

New version, August 2018. VOX EU column (most read column 10/2017)

ESG-UQAM Working Paper, January 2018. Revise & resubmit: Quarterly Journal of Economics

CEPR Discussion Paper 12875, April 2018. VOX EU column. Revise & resubmit: American Economic Journal: Economic Policy

New version, November 2018. VOX EU column. Revise & resubmit: Journal of Labor Economics

Selected publications in peer-reviewed academic journals

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Trade and Manufacturing Jobs in Germany (with W.Dauth & S.Findeisen), American Economic Review (Papers & Proceedings), 2017 (VOX )

Spatial Frictions (with K.Behrens, G.Mion & Y.Murata), Journal of Urban Economics, 2017 (VOX)

Relational Contracts and Supplier Turnover in the Global Economy (with F.Defever & C.Fischer), Journal of International Economics, 2016

The Rise of the East and the Far East: German Labor Markets and Trade Integration (with W.Dauth & S.Findeisen), Journal of the European Economic Association, 2014

Trade, Wages, and Productivity (with K.Behrens, G.Mion & Y.Murata), International Economic Review, 2014

City Age and City Size (with K.Giesen), European Economic Review, 2014

Global Sourcing of Complex Production Processes (with C.Schwarz), Journal of International Economics, 2014

Subsidizing Firm Entry in Open Economies (with M.Pflüger), Journal of Public Economics, 2013

Dialects, Cultural Identity, and Economic Exchange (with O.Falck, S.Heblich & A.Lameli), Journal of Urban Economics, 2012

The Size Distribution Across All Cities - DPLN Strikes (with K.Giesen & A.Zimmermann), Journal of Urban Economics, 2010

Industry Churning and the Evolution of Cities: Evidence for Germany (with S.Findeisen), Journal of Urban Economics, 2008

Integration, Agglomeration and Welfare (with M.Pflüger), Journal of Urban Economics, 2008