Theoretical Orientation

I have experience in a number of theoretical approaches including cognitive behavioral, characterological-developmental, attachment theory, humanistic, existential, psychodynamic and Jungian.

Characterological-developmental: I find this type of understanding of a patient's issues is very meaningful, bringing a Freudian perspective into the 21st century. I recommend Stephen Johnson's Character Styles to understand this approach.

Jungian: I have devoted significant time to studying the life and work of C.G.Jung and his contribution to the understanding of the human psyche. I spent 8 post graduate years studying at the C.G.Jung Institute of Los Angeles. For those who are especially interested in a Jungian approach I am qualified and I enjoy undertaking a Jungian oriented psychotherapy. This seems particularly interesting to persons who find their dreams to be meaningful and to persons who find a need to discover the spiritual dimensions of their experience. HOWEVER, generally speaking I do not engage in Jungian psychotherapy unless the client specifically wishes to work in this way.