How to Choose a Therapist

What you want in a therapist is competence and experience. A good therapist has both a big heart (capacity for empathy) and considerable knowledge about the human psyche/mind. It's not enough to have a big heart but not have a good understanding of what the profession of psychology has learned about the structure and dynamics of the human personality. Nor is it enough to have great knowledge about the field of psychology but not have a big heart and not be able to relate comfortably and effectively with the patient/client.
To persons seeking to begin psychotherapy I often recommend meeting with two or three therapists for an initial session with each to get a sense of who you like the most and feel the most safe with and comfortable with. This will be a very important relationship and experience in your life and it's worth taking a little extra time and energy to discover the best therapist for you. Therapists are very different. Even competent and experienced therapists can vary alot in their style and personality. You want to find the best fit for you.