Your photos-with or without music

Ever wanted a CDRom/DVD made up of your own photos...?

Tian enterprises can now offer you the service of PPP (Power point presentations) at a very reasonable price!

Have your own photos with or without music installed on a CDRom, complete with titles and a short personal message if you wish.

How does it work - well that's what you came to this page to find out!

You can either send your photos (up to 80 per disc) via email(s) as attachments to or (if the photos are already held on your PC harddisk) OR you can send  your photos by mail to an address which will be given to you by us.

Upon receipt of your photos, we will arrange, "touch up" (if necessary and possible), scan (if required) and create your Power Point presentation.

Before creating the CDRom, you will be sent a copy for VERIFICATION.

If you wish music, then you have the choice of leaving the choice of music to us, or sending your type of musical selection, or even a direct track, by e-mail, to us.

If you wish titles and/or a personal message, then you can send your text via email, or by mail to us. These captions will be inserted on your copy for verification and finally onto your CDRom.

How much does this cost....? A lot less than you think. This is not a Commercial enterprise but a Service to readers and subscribers of our sites.

To get a quote, contact us giving your requirements, address (email only). we will reply as quickly as possible with your quote.

The service is available in French, English or German.

This is a service from "Tian" enterprises.