Ivan Jaccard

Welcome to my webpage!

The views expressed on this site are my own and do not reflect the views of the ECB or the Eurosystem.

Research interests: Macro-financial linkages, housing markets, monetary and fiscal policy, eurozone economy, environmental economics.

Email: ivan.jaccard"at"ecb.europa.eu; ivan.jaccard"at"gmail.com


Comments on "The Rising Cost of Climate Change: Evidence from the Bond Market", by M. Bauer and G. Rudebusch, Week after Conference 2021, Chicago Fed.

Leveraged commercial property cycles, 2020 Virtual Cavalcade Conference North America.

Monetary asymmetries and credit conditions over the business cycle, 7th Asset Pricing Workshop, University of York/CAMF & Bank of England.

Green asset pricing, with Ghassane Benmir (LSE) and Gauthier Vermandel (Paris-Dauphine, PSL), EEA Virtual Conference 2020.