Department of Mathematics

Northeastern University

360 Huntington Ave, Boston,

Massachusetts, 02115 USA

Office: Room 441, Lake Hall

Email: i [dot] halacheva [at] northeastern [dot] edu

 I am an assistant professor at Northeastern University.

My research focuses on questions in geometric and combinatorial representation theory, quantum algebra, knot theory and low-dimensional topology.

I completed my PhD at the University of Toronto in 2016, where my advisors were Dror Bar-Natan and Joel Kamnitzer. You can have a look at my CV for some more information.

Some Mathematica code I have worked on is available at the Knot Atlas.

Spring 2023 activities:

GPRT seminar, GASC seminar, Graduate learning seminar: stable envelopes and quantum groups

Upcoming conferences and seminars:

March 6-8, 2023: Algebra Days (Caen, France)

March 18-19, 2023: AMS special session on 'Knots, skein modules, and categorification' (Atlanta, USA)

April 1-2, 2023: New England mini conference on 'Topology and Mathematical Physics', Northeastern University (Boston, USA)

April 15-16, 2023: Mid-Atlantic topology conference (Philadelphia, USA)

April 28-30, 2023: Women in Algebra and Combinatorics. Northeast Conference Celebrating AWM: 50 Years and Counting (University of Albany)

June 5-10, 2023 (TBC): Representation theory of Hecke algebras and categorification (Okinawa, Japan)

August 14-18, 2023: AIM workshop on 'Quantum invariants in low-dimensional topology' (San Jose, USA)

August 24-27, 2023:  Fifth Canada-Mexico-USA conference on 'Representation theory, noncommutative algebra, and categorification' (Montreal, Canada)

TBD, 2023: Indiana University departmental colloquium (in person)

Recent conferences and seminars:

January 23-27, 2023: AIM workshop on 'Cluster algebras and braid varieties' (San Jose, USA)

January 4-5, 2023: AMS special session on 'Resolutions of singularities and cohomology in geometry and representation theory' (Boston, USA)

Nov 18, 2022: MIT Infinite dimensional algebras seminar (in person)

Oct 1-2, 2022: AMS special session on 'Geometric aspects of algebraic combinatorics' (Amherst, USA) 

Jun 27-Jul 2, 2022: Conference 'Geometric representation theory 2022' (online)

Jun 11-18, 2022: “Втора годишна среща на младите български математици”, ICMS, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (in person)

Jun  9-12, 2022: Fourth Canada-Mexico-USA Conference in Representation Theory, Noncommutative Algebra, and Categorification  (in person)

Jun 8, 2022: Birational combinatorics day (online)

May 16-20, 2022: Open Problems in Algebraic Combinatorics conference (attending, not speaking)

May 14-15, 2022: AMS special session on 'Knots, skein modules and categorification' (CANCELED)

May 3, 2022: UMass Amherst representation theory seminar (in person)

Apr 6-9, 2022: JMM special session on 'Hopf algebras and tensor  categories' (online)

Mar 29, 2022: TRAC seminar (online)

Mar 19-20, 2022: AMS special session on 'Macdonald theory and beyond: combinatorics, geometry, and integrable systems' (online)

Mar 15, 2022: Leeds algebra seminar (online)

Jan 31, 2022: LSU seminar on 'Mathematical physics and representation theory' (online)

Jan 21-22, 2022: 11th Combinatorics Days, Lisbon (hybrid)

Dec 2-7, 2021: CMS special session on 'Combinatorics and geometry of moduli spaces' (online)

Nov 20-21, 2021: Northeast Women in algebra and combinatorics conference (online)

Nov 15-18, 2021: IMSA workshop on 'Braids, links and applications' (hybrid)

Nov 12, 2021: UMN Combinatorics seminar (in person)

Oct 31 - Nov 6, 2021: Oberwolfach workshop on 'Enveloping algebras and geometric representation theory' (hybrid)

Oct 23-24, 2021: AMS special session on 'Tensor categories and applications' (online)

Oct 22, 2021: Conference on 'Compactifications, configurations, and cohomology' (in person)

Oct 15, 2021: UNC seminar on 'Geometric methods in representation theory' (online)

Sep 30, 2021: CCNY Mathematics colloquium (online)

Sep 24, 2021: Northeastern seminar on 'Representation theory and related topics' (in person)

May 22-28, 2021: IAS Women and Mathematics program (online)

May 1-2, 2021: AMS Spring Meeting (online)

Feb 10-14, 2020: New Connections in Representation Theory, Mooloolaba, Australia (in person)