The Japanese section of The International Union for the Study of Social Insects

Welcome to the JIUSSI (the Japanese section of the International Union for the Study of Social Insects) site

You can see recent activities of JIUSSI in this website. The Japanese section has been a member of the IUSSI since its establishment. In 2002 JIUSSI hosted the 14th International Congress of IUSSI in Sapporo. Currently JIUSSI has more than 50 members.

President: Kazuki Tsuji (University of the Ryukyus) Secretary: Kiyoto Maekawa (University of Toyama), Kensuke Nakata (Kyoto Women's University)

Message from IUSSI

Insectes Sociaux, the journal of the International Union for the Study of Social Insects (IUSSI), is looking for authors who can definitely commit themselves to writing a high-quality review article. We are also interested in review articles by graduate students, for example in collaboration with their academic supervisor.

The review's subject must be clearly delimited, directly related to social arthropods, carry implications of wider scientific interest, and be timely in that many authors have published recently on it since the last published review (if any). Treatment of recent studies must be exhaustive. Review manuscripts are subject to the standard peer review process, so acceptance is not guaranteed. Manuscripts that mainly summarize published or unpublished data by the review's author(s) will not be considered.

The maximum length of review articles is 10 printed pages (very roughly 65,000 characters including spaces). As a small token of our appreciation, the corresponding author will receive 200 € per accepted review article.

Before starting to write, authors should send a short summary (0.5-1 A4) to: Michiel B. Dijkstra, associate editor in charge of review articles, e-mail: michiel.b.dijkstra [at] This summary should delimit the intended subject, explain why a review would be timely, and briefly indicate the structure, including a list of topics that will be addressed.

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Anyone who is interested in staying in Japan or studying with JIUSSI members, please think to apply to The JSPS Fellowships for Foreign Researchers.

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