İsa E. Hafalır

Professor of Economics  

UTS Business School

Economics Discipline Group

University of Technology Sydney

Office: 91, Level 9, Building 8
Office phone extension: 7710



Curriculum Vitae

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Efficiency in Coalition Games with Externalities Games and Economic Behavior, 61 (2007), 242-258.


Asymmetric Auctions with Resale (joint with Vijay Krishna), American Economic Review, 98 (2008), 87-112 Online Appendix


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A Near Pareto Optimal Auction with Budget Constraints (joint with R. Ravi and Amin Sayedi)Games and Economic Behavior, 74, (2012), 699-708.

An earlier and more comprehensive version is available here


Effective Affirmative Action in School Choice (joint with M. Bumin Yenmez and Muhammed A. Yildirim),  Theoretical Economics, 8, (2013), 325-363. (A note on definition of stability)


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Working Papers


College Admissions with Entrance Exams: Centralized versus Decentralized (joint with Rustamdjan HakimovDorothea Kübler and Morimitsu Kurino)

Discriminatory Auctions with Resale (joint with Musab Kurnaz) Online Appendix

Contest among Contest Organizers (joint with Ersin Korpeoglu and Gizem Korpeoglu)




Integrating School Districts: Diversity, Balance and Welfare (joint with M. Bumin Yenmez and Fuhito Kojima)

Competitive Equilibrium and a Dynamic Auction for Allocation with Priorities (joint with Tayfun Sönmez)





Syllabus for Microeconomics 1

Syllabus for Microeconomics 1

Syllabus for Game Theory for Economists

Syllabus for Auctions and Markets

Syllabus for Game Theory and Applications

Syllabus for Market Design (PhD)

Syllabus for Market Design (MBA)