Koji Yokote (written as 横手 康二 in Japanese)

Assistant Professor
Waseda Institute for Advanced Study, Waseda University
Ph.D. in Economics, Waseda University, Japan, 2017

Research Interests: Game Theory, Application of Discrete Convex Analysis to Economics

Working Papers 

available at SSRN, 2019
MPRA Paper No. 83811, 2018
MPRA Paper No. 82884, 2017

Articles in Refereed Journals

  • Relationally equal treatment of equals and affine combinations of values for TU games (with Takumi Kongo and Yukihiko Funaki)
Social Choice and Welfare, forthcoming
  • Weakly differentially monotonic solutions for cooperative games (with Andre Casajus)
International Journal of Game Theory, forthcoming
  • The balanced contributions property for equal contributors (with Takumi Kongo and Yukihiko Funaki) 

 Games and Economic Behavior, 108, 113-124, 2018

  • Coincidence of the Shapley value with other solutions satisfying covariance (with Yoshio Kamijo and Yukihiko Funaki)
 Mathematical Social Sciences, 89, 1-9, 2017 
  • Weighted values and the core in NTU games
 International Journal of Game Theory, 46(3), 631-654, 2017
  • Random reduction consistency of the Weber set, the core and the anti-core (with Yasushi Agatsuma and Yukihiko Funaki)
Mathematical Methods of Operations Research, 85(3), 389-405, 2017
  • Monotonicity implies linearity: characterizations of convex combinations of solutions to cooperative games (with Yukihiko Funaki) 
 Social Choice and Welfare, 49(1), 171-203, 2017
  • The balanced contributions property for symmetric players (with Takumi Kongo) 
Operations Research Letters, 45(3), 227-231, 2017
  • Weak differential monotonicity, flat tax, and basic income (with Andre Casajus)
Economics Letters, 151, 100-103, 2017
  • Weak differential marginality and the Shapley value (with Andre Casajus) 
 Journal of Economic Theory, 167, 274-284, 2017
  • Core and competitive equilibria: An approach from discrete convex analysis
Journal of Mathematical Economics, 66, 1-13, 2016
  • A new basis and the Shapley value (with Yukihiko Funaki and Yoshio Kamijo)  
Mathematical Social Sciences, 80, 21-24, 2016
  • Weak addition invariance and axiomatization of the weighted Shapley value
International Journal of Game Theory, 44(2), 275-293, 2015


  • Waseda University Research Award (December 2018) 
  • Waseda University Azusa Ono Memorial Award (March 2014)