Musab Kurnaz, Assistant Professor of Economics

University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Belk College of Business


Working Papers

  1. Intergenerational Income Mobility and Income Taxation, (joint with Mehmet Soytas), (new)
  2. Canadian Income Taxation: Statistical Analysis and Parametric Estimates (joint with Terry Yip), (new)
  3. Optimal Taxation of Families: Mirrlees meets Becker (revision requested by Economic Journal)


  1. Technical Change, Wage Inequality and Taxes, The American Economic Review, Volume 105 No. 10 (2015) 3061-3101 (joint with Laurence Ales and Christopher Sleet)
  2. Discriminatory Auctions with Resale (joint with Isa Hafalir), Economic Theory Bulletin, 2018. Online Appendix

Work in Progress

  1. Corporate Taxation and the Real Economy: The Impact of 1999 Marmara Earthquake Tax Reform on Firm Dynamics, (joint with Sevcan Yesiltas)
  2. Optimal Taxation and Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital (joint with Mehmet Soytas)