Keio University, Japan 

NEWS: The lectures given by Tayfun Sonmez and Utku Unver at Tsukuba are now available on YouTube. Click here to enjoy them.

NEWS: I organized two sessions on organ transplantation in Tsukuba Global Science Week on September 28, 2014 where Tayfun Sonmez, Utku Unver, and three transplant surgeons talked. You can watch one of the sessions on youtube ( The program was as follows.
  • Optimization and Design of Medical Services: Part I, 10:45-13:00, September 28
    1. Morimitsu Kurino, Introduction
    2. Tayfun Sonmez (Boston College), Living donor lobar liver/lung exchange
    3. Takahiro Oto (Okayama University), Current status of lung transplantation in Japan
    4. Utku Unver (Boston College), Efficiency and equity consequences of living-donor organ exchange policies: The case for kidneys and livers
    5. Takahito Yagi (Okayama University), Liver transplantation for liver cancer in Japan - Differences between adults and children
    6. Kenji Yuzawa (Mito Medical Center), Present status of organ transplantation in Japan

Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh (USA), 2009

Research Interest
Microeconomics, Game Theory, Matching Market Design, Experimental Economics