3.0 Extracts from Report Death of American Citizen 1910-1929

Source - US State Department records at the US National Archives, record group 59, source file # 341d.113 for 1910 to 1929

    Here are names, places and dates extracted from 190 files of the US Consulates at Belfast, Cork, and Dublin.  The purpose of the files was (1) to provide to the US State Department in Washington DC information on US citizens who died while residing in Ireland OR (2) to respond to a letter from a person inquiring about the estate of a person who died in Ireland.  While the files are arranged for the years 1910 to 1929 there are a few items referring to deaths before 1910 and a few after 1929.

    Use the search function of the web browser to locate names and places.  If you don't find your ancestor search for their brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles or cousins.  If you find a person that you are researching please email me at irishgen2009@gmail.com with specifics.  Hope this helps your search !

 Mary ADAMS - date of death: 1916-03-16 near Londonderry, Co Armagh- niece - Mrs Rose M GRAHAM resides Chicago, IL; niece - Mrs Katherine Adams SANZO resides Yokohama, Japan

 William John ANDERSON - date of death: 1912-07-30 at  Belfast, Ireland; born ca 1842; home address 330 Clinton St, Belfast; brother - Matthew ANDERSON resides Belfast, Ireland

 Jose BALTAR - date of death: 1923-01-10 at Belfast, Ireland; born ca 1885; seaman abord US vessel "American Press"; father - Anthony BALTAR resides Porto Rico

 Capt Michael Matthew BERRY - date of death: 1879-06-11 at  Ballinagrane, Kilmallock, Co Limerick   US Civil War veteran, aka Michael BEARY; Spouse's name - Melinda CARROLL

 Moore BEST - date of death: 1929-07-25 at  Belfast, Ireland; born ca 1861; brother - W. J. BEST resides Lairakean, Caledon, Co Tyrone; brother - Charles BEST resides Ballygawley, Co Tyrone

 George W BINGHAM - date of death: 1912-09-30 at  Cork, Ireland; US Navy pensioner; in Ireland he was known as George ROSS; son - resides Cork, Ireland

 John BODEN - date of death: 1922-11-19 at  Burreubann, Castlewellan, Co Down- Spouse's name -  Ruth BODEN resides Castlewellan, Co Down  naturalized at 3rd District Court, Summit Co, Utah

 Hugh BOYLE - date of death: 1912-09-21 at  Londonderry, Ireland; born ca 1842      US Army pensioner; thought to have been a native of Co Donegal; naturalized at Supreme Court of District of Columbia on 1894-04-30

 Patrick BOYLE - date of death: 1914-03 at  Newtownburke, Ardara, Co Donegal; nephew - John BRESLIN  resides Newtownburke, Co Donegal;  wife & family resides Natchez, Mississippi

 Donald William BRICK - date of death: 1929-07-20 at  Cork, Ireland; born 1920-09-03 Vermillion, SD USA    8 yr old boy; father -  Thomas BRICK  resides Vermillion, SD  

 Thomas W BROPHY - date of death: 1928-05-17 at  Dublin, Ireland; born ca 1860  USA; son -  Thomas L BROPHY  resides Gloucester, Mass  

 Richard BUSHER - date of death: 1921-05-31 at  Ballyclery, Kilmore, Co Wexford; born 1892; US infantryman; father -  William BUSHER  resides Ballyclery, Kilmore, Co Wexford; naturalized 1919-08-25

 Thomas Vincent BUTLER - date of death: 1913-06 at  Belfast, Ireland- buried Milltown RC Cemetery  

 Joseph BYRNE - date of death: 1928-07-24 at  Kilkenny, Ireland- Spouse's name -  Margaret BYRNE Kilkenny, Ireland    

 Patrick BYRNE - date of death: 1925-08-21 at  Dublin, Ireland; US pensioner; mother - Mrs Elizabeth BYRNE  resides Belmount, Tinahely; sister - Miss Elizabeth BYRNE resides Belmount, Tinahely; naturalized at US District Court So Dist of Georgia 1918-05-30    

John CALLAHAN - date of death: 1916-05-22 at  Coolmona, Connoghmore, Co Cork; born 1868; brother -  Maurice CALLAHAN  resides Coolmona, Donnoughmore, Co Cork  

 Mrs Mary CARROLL - date of death: 1910-11-17 at  Cork, Ireland- resided 121 E. William St, Fort Wayne, IN; daughter -  Miss Kate CARROLL  accompanied her mother in Ireland  

 Mrs Mary CARROLL - date of death: 1911-09-18 at  Queenstown, Ireland- resided 169 Willis Ave, Bronx, NY; Spouse's name -  Michael CARROLL      nephew -  James FLYNN   

 Julia CARROLL (nee MEANY) - date of death: 1923-05-27 at  Cork, Ireland; born 1892-05-14      accompanied by 5 young children, 3 of whom returned to father; Spouse's name -  John CARROLL Astoria, Long Island; sister -  Mary MEANY  resides Cork, Ireland   Kate MEANY   

 Martin CASEY - date of death: 1920-09-20 at  Ballygar, Co Galway; born ca 1846      US pensioner, Co M 31st Maine Inf; daughter -  Miss Mary CASEY  resides Ballygar, Co Galway; naturalized at 4th District, CA on 1876-11-04    

 William COLBERT - date of death: 1915-05-07 at  Lusitania, at sea 10 miles off Kinsale; born ca 1867; Spouse's name -  Helena S COLBERT  1915-05-07 Lusitiana at sea contact person is   David SHERLOCK   

 Nellie COMPITELLA (nee O'SULLIVAN) - date of death: 1922-06-02 at  Millstreet, Co Cork; born 1891; father and mother -  Patrick & Bridget O'SULLIVAN  reside Millstreet, Co Cork  daughter -  Josephine COMPITELLA resides Amytille, Long Island, NY  father-in-law -  Joseph  COMPITELLA  resides Amytille, LI, NY  

 Mrs Della CONDON - date of death: 1915-05-07 at  Lusitania, at sea 10 miles off Kinsale; born 1875; Spouse's name -  Terence Jos CONDON Bleecker St, NYC    

 Jeremiah CONNERY - date of death: 1929-07-17 at  Cork, Ireland; born 1874; daughter -  Miss Nellie O'Brien CONNERY  resides Youghal, Ireland  daughter -  Martha O'Brien CONNERY resides Bronx, NY; naturalized at naturalization cert # 1372494     

 Dennis CONNOLLY - date of death: ca 1840; born Lesaloreg, Co Cork Ireland; went to Australia; sister - Mary Connolly COLLINS; great-niece - Mrs Mary McASSEY resides Oswego, NY  

 Michael CORBETT - date of death: 1925-12-05 at  Cork, Ireland- Spouse's name -  Mary CORBETT Cobh, Ireland    

 John COTTER - date of death: 1918-08-07 at  Schull, Co Cork-    US pensioner, served 6th Calif Infantry; nephew -  John COTTER  resides Schull, Co Cork  

 Mrs Harriet COX -  estate of Harriet Cox, late of Bleak House, Clontarf, Dublin, widow; nephew -  Alexander J JONES  resides Wilder Terrace, Rochester, NY  sister - Mary Anne Jones Drurie McDONALD    half-sister -  Alice MORRIS  predeceased  

 James CRAWFORD - date of death: 1920-12-23 at  Belfast, Ireland; born 1895  USA    seaman from Chelsea, Mass; father -  John CRAWFORD  resides Chelsea, Mass  mother -  Nellie CRAWFORD resides Chelsea, Mass  brother -  William CRAWFORD  resides Bath, Maine  

 Richard Welsted CROKER - date of death: 1922-04-29 at  Sandyford, Co Dublin; born ca 1842      father Eyre Coote CROKER naturalized; Spouse's name -  Beula E CROCKER Sandyford, Co Dublin; daughter -  Mrs Florence C MORRIS  resides Aston, Firrold, Berkshire, England  son -  Richard Sandes CROKER  resides East 40th St, NYC  son -  Howard CROKER  resides Cedar Hurst, LI, NY  

 Charles Rutherford CROUCH - date of death: 1928-08-05 at  Belfast, Ireland; born 1876-12-20 Erie, PA USA; Spouse's name -  Isabel D CROUCH Myrtle St, Erie, PA; mother -   Mrs O.E. CROUCH  resides East 8th St, Erie, PA  

 Thomas CULLEN - date of death: 1915-05-15 at  Dublin, Ireland-    US Army pensioner; daughter -   Mary J SUNDERLAND  resides Dublin, Ireland  

 Michael DALTON - date of death: 1921-05-12 at  Ballaghmore, Queen's Co; born ca 1835      US pensioner; friend -  Thomas GRADY  resides Ballaghmore, Queen's Co  

 Thomas DALTON - date of death: 1918-10 at  Bally Burr, Cuffe Grange, Co Kilkenny-  nephew -  Patrick DALTON  resides Salem, Mass  nephew -  Thomas RYAN  resides Peabody, Mass  

 Herman Kerr DANIELSEN - date of death: 1919-03-08 at  Belfast, Ireland-  father -  H. H. DANIELSEN  resides Lewiston, Utah  

 John M or James DELANY - date of death: 1908-06 at  Cork, Ireland; born 1845 or 1846 Portumna Ireland    unable to locate heirs or relatives   William WHELAN resides Cross St, Portumna may be related to mother; his brother -  John DELANEY   went to Australia  

 Mary Kate DELMORE - date of death: 1927-02-17 at  Dublin, Ireland; born ca 1840      US pensioner; widow of Henry Delmore, Co I, 1st NY vol artillery; Spouse's name -  Henry DELMORE; niece -   Florrie O'BYRNE  resides Upper Rutland, Dublin  

 Joseph DEVLIN - date of death: 1929-08-21 at  Derrycoose, Anaghmore, Co Armagh- Spouse's name -  Annie DEVLIN Sewell, NJ; brother -  George DEVLIN  resides Derrycoose, Anaghmore, Co Armagh; naturalized at Delaware Co, PA 1897-02-01    

 Thomas Michael DILLION - date of death: 1924-04-21 at  Behenagh, Knocknagoshel, Co Kerry; Ireland    killed in argument with nephew; Spouse's name -  Margaret DILLION; father -  Michael DILLION  resides Knocknagoshel, Co Kerry  friend -  Dennis W LANE  resides Astoria, Long Island, NY  

 Daniel DONNELLY - date of death: 1926-11-08 at  Wapping, London, England-    aka Daniel KEARNEY, US

 Mary Teresa DORAN or DORIN - date of death: 1916-08-13 at  Dublin, Ireland-    US Navy pensioner; sister -   Mrs Alice Mary O'DONNELL  resides Dublin  

 John Marshall DOUGLAS - date of death: 1917-07-15 at  Knockeevin, Greystones, Co Wicklow- Spouse's name -  Angela H DOUGLAS Knockeevin, Greystones; sister -  Mrs Harley BROWN  resides Sussex  sister - Mrs CHARNLEY resides Italy  

 Thomas DOWLING - date of death: 1925-02 at  Co Limerick; born 1878-05-25 Boston, Mass USA    retired staff sergeant US Army; Spouse's name -  Mary DOWLING Newcastel West, Co Limerick; uncle -  Thomas Sr DOWLING  resides Newcastle West, Co Limerick  

 Charles Benjamin ELLIS - date of death: 1915-05-19 at  Belfast, Ireland; born ca 1832      US pensioner cert # 1110830 Date Married -  1906-01-30; Spouse's name -  Sarah Anne TILLEY     

 Daniel EUSTACE - date of death: 1918-04-04 at  Dublin, Ireland; born c 1849  Ireland    US Army pensioner; niece -   Mrs Ellen FOGARTY  resides Dublin  nephew -  John EUSTACE  resides Dublin  

 Amos D EWING - date of death: 1929-06-16 at  near Portrush, Co Antrim; born 1856  USA    resided S. Aiken Ave, Pittsburgh, PA; friend -  Joseph CALDWELL  resides S. Linden Ave, Pittsburgh, PA  nephew -  Mr. E. Ewing BARCLAY  resides E 55th St, W. NYC  

 Joseph Patrick FAGAN - date of death: 1929-01-24 at  Dublin, Ireland; born 1863      US pensioner, resided 13 Killarney Parade, Dublin; sister -   Alicia FAGAN  resides Killarney Parade, Dublin  nephew -  Joseph BROPHY  resides Munster St, Dublin  

 Mary FAGAN - date of death: 1920-03-03 at  Dublin, Ireland; born ca 1843  Ireland    US Navy pensioner; daughter -  Mrs Margaret SHORT  resides Dublin  daughter -  Mary  KELLY resides Dublin  daughter -  Jane MURPHY  resides Dublin  

 Miss Anne FARRELL - date of death: 1925-03-27 estate in Co Monaghan; nephew -  James FARRELL  resides Wrightwood Ave, Chicago, IL  nephew -  John FARRELL    brother -  John FARRELL    

 Thomas A FERGUSON - date of death: 1918-11-25 at  Belfast, Ireland-    seaman on USS Downes died from influenza, body shipped to USN Base Hospital  

 Michael John FINN - date of death: 1927-11-30 at  Youghal, Co Cork; born 1868; Spouse's name -  Mrs M FINN Manchester Green, Conn; brother - Thomas FINN  resides Barry, Glam., Wales  

 Michael FITZGERALD - date of death: 1925-05-18 at  Gurtnadrummin, Ballymackey, Nenagh, Co Tipperary; born ca 1867      US pensioner; Spouse's name -  Margaret FITZGERALD Gurtnadrummin; son - Patrick FITZGERALD  b 1918  brother -  William FITZGERALD   resides Garynafanna  sister -  Anne FITZGERALD  resides Garynafanna; naturalized at County Court, Pueblo Co, Colorado 1903-03-12    

 Joseph FITZPATRICK - date of death: 1925-12-04 at  Cobh, Ireland; born ca 1860; brother -  John FITZPATRICK  resides Grangemore, Ballybrophy, Queen's Co    John A McGRATH contact resides Peoria, IL; naturalized at Circuit Court, Peoria Co, IL 1885-06-05    

 Matthew FLANAGAN - date of death: 1919-10-12 at  Dublin, Ireland; born ca 1842  Ireland    US pensioner; son - Matthew FLANAGAN  resides Dublin  

 Mark FOY - date of death: 1922-01-30 request help to close estate; heir - Wiliam D FOY  resides Illinois  heir -  Mrs Frances M CLAUDON  resides IL  

 Charles FROHMAN - date of death: 1915-05-07 at  Lusitania, at sea 10 miles off Kinsale; born bef 1865     Mr W LESTOCQ   

 John H GARDNER - date of death: 1920-07-31 at  Castleward, Strangford, Co Down; born ca 1826      US Navy pensioner; Spouse's name -  Catheriner GARDNER Strandford, Co Down    

 Ernest P GEORGE - date of death: 1920-04-16 at  Belfast, Ireland; born ca 1886; mother -  Mrs P GEORGE  resides Winterport, Maine  

 Katherine GILLIGAN - date of death: 1929-08-14 at  Tuam, Ireland; born 1864; daughter -  Nora GILLIGAN  resides Toronto, Ohio  son -  John GILLIGAN  resides Toronto, OH  son -  Thomas & James GILLIGAN  resides Toronto, OH  

 Patrick GLYNN - date of death: 1914-01 at  Kilariff, Killula, Co Galway-  twin brother -  John GLYNN  resides Columbus, OH  cousin -  Patrick  KELLEY  Colemanstown Co Galway  cousin -  John  MALONE  Laragh Attymon Co Galway  

 James E GODLEY - date of death: 1921-07-04 at  Limerick, Ireland; born ca 1894      seaman; sister -  Miss R GODLEY  resides Norfolk, VA  

 Thomas GOULD - date of death: ca 1904 at  -    of Kilrush, Co Clare; settle estate; niece -  Mrs Mary McCARRON  resides Lapeer, Michigan

 Dennis GRADY - date of death: 1921-01-01 at  Crosshaven, Co Cork; born ca 1842      US Navy pensioner; Spouse's name -  Helena GRADY Crosshaven, Co Cork; son -  Patrick Henry GRADY  resides Marblehead, Mass  son -  Michael Charles GRADY  resides Marblehead, Mass  

 John GRAHAM - date of death: 1919-05-04 at  Edentrilick, Hillsborough, Co Down; born 1858-07-29 Belfast, Co Antrim; Spouse's name -  Mrs John GRAHAM Tacoma, Wash; sister -  Mrs Mary Jane HUTCHINSON  resides Edentrillick, Hillsborough, Co Down  

 Mary GRAY - date of death: 1927-06-16 at  Dublin, Ireland; born 1880      resided Lisnurland, Co Longford    Mrs Dennis KELLY  resides Euclid St, Brooklyn, NY  

 Thomas J GREEN - date of death: 1924-05-08 at  Clonmel, Co Tipperary; born 1872      deceased leaves a wife and four children presently residing in Ireland; Spouse's name -  Mary A GREEN Dawson's Bog, Templederry, Co Tipperary  

 James Wm GRIFFIN - date of death: 1921-08-12 at  Dublin, Ireland; born ca 1840      also known as James Wm REILLY, US pensioner; Spouse's name -  Celia REILLY Dublin, Ireland; son -  James REILLY  resides Dublin  daughter -  May REILLY resides Dublin  daughter -  Violet REILLY  resides Dublin  

 Joseph GUIDERA - date of death: 1925-08-17 at  Dublin, Ireland-  father -  John GUIDERA  resides Corona, Long Island  sister - Margaret DALY  resides Jackson Heights, NY  brother-in-law -  Thomas DALY  resides Jackson Heights, NY  

 Lawrence HACKETT - date of death: 1915-02-24 at  Dublin, Ireland-    US Army pensioner cert # 139170; daughter -  Mrs Elizabeth BLACK  resides Blessington St, Dublin  

 Arthur HAGEN - date of death: 1929-01-04 at  Dublin, Ireland-  daughter -  Constance HAGEN  resides Priestown, Co Meath  sister-in-law -  Mrs Maxwell MURRAY  resides Washington  cousin -  William L HURST  resides Haverford, PA  

 Bridget HAGERTY or HEGERTY or HEGHERTY - date of death: 1917-08 ? at  Black Sod, Belmullet, Co Mayo-  friend - Dennis HAGERTY  resides Holyoke, Mass  

 Edward J HANRAHAN - date of death: 1924-05-02 at  Mitchelstown, Co Cork; born 1892; sister -  Catherine HANRAHAN  resides Mitchelstown, Co Cork  mother -  Mrs M O'HANRAHAN resides Mitchelstown, Co Cork  brother -  John HANRAHAN  resides Cambridge, Mass; naturalized at Supreme Court Onondaga Co, NY 1918-09-19    

 James HARRINGTON - date of death: 1922-11-09 at  Castletown, Berehaven, Co Cork; born 1878; Spouse's name -  Viola HARRINGTON Derryhamet, Castletown Berehaven, Co Cork; son -  James Joseph HARRINGTON  resides Castletown Berehaven, Co Cork  mother -  Abbie HARRINGTON resides Castletown Berehaven, Co Cork; naturalized at District Court, Montana 1906-09-25    

 Ida May HARRIS - date of death: 1934-03-11 at  Blarney, Co Cork; born 1869      buried in plot of Wm Hill family, brother-in-law, Douglas Protestant Cmtry; sister -   Mrs William HILL  resides Monteville, Montenotte, Co Cork  

 Fred W HASSLER - date of death: 1918-11-25 at  Belfast, Ireland-    seaman on USS Downes died from influenza, body shipped to USN Base Hospital  

 John HAYDEN - date of death: 1939-01-23 at  Drangan, Thurles, Co Tipperary; born ca 1849      interred at Peppardtown, Fethard, Co Tipperary; niece -   Miss Ellie CROKE  resides Magoury, Drangan, Thurles, Co Tipperary; naturalized at Pittsburgh, PA 1872-05-08    

 William C HAYES - date of death: 1916-11-03 at  Dublin, Ireland-    US pensioner; Spouse's name -  Christina Rainsfort HAYES; brother -  Thos P HAYES  resides Dublin  niece -  Helen HAYES resides Dublin  

 Samuel HEANEY - date of death: ca 1870 at  - Spouse's name -  Eliza IRVIN     

 Philip HERLIHY - date of death: 1924-06-03 at  Limerick, Ireland; born 1881; Spouse's name -  Louise Mulvihill HERLIHY Listowel, Co Kerry; brother -  Michael HERLIHY  resides Knocknagoshel, Co Kerry  brother -  John HERLIHY  resides Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY  

 Katherine F (nee O'Connor) HETHERTON - date of death: 1924-06-02 at  Creeher, Ballyfor, Co Roscommon; born 1856      of Indianapolis, IN arrived in Ireland 2 June 1924 died 2 days later; daughter -  Mrs H. B. LEE  resides Richmond, IN  first cousin -  Mathius CROSBY  resides Creeher, Co Roscommon  first cousin -  Mrs Peter FINNERAN  resides Creeher, Co Roscommon;   Mrs Thomas Naughton, deceased sister  

 Michael HOEY - date of death: 1927-01-03 at  Clontart, Co Dublin; born 1851      US Pensioner, former Sergeant, Co C 69th NY Vol Inf 1888 to 1889; grandson - Edward FITZSIMONS  resides Clontarf, Co Dublin  sister -  Mrs Margaret MURPHY  resides Clontarf, Co Dublin  sister -  Mrs Sarah DUNNE  resides Dublin; naturalized at Superior Court of NYC 1887-10-12    

 Miss Margaret HOGAN - date of death: 1920-08-13 at  Liscannon, Co Clare-  nephew -  John L WHITE  resides So Boston, Mass  

 A. L. HOPKINS - date of death: 1915-05-07 at  Lusitania, at sea 10 miles off Kinsale; born ca 1865; friend -  Fred G GAUNTLETT  Newport News Dry Dock & Shipbuilding Company  

 William HUGHES - date of death: 1911-02-24 at  Monaghan, Ireland-    resides Albany Co, NY; son -  James HUGHES   

 Daniel John HURLEY - date of death: 1917-11-11 at  Clonakilty, Co Cork-    US Navy pensioner; married in Boston; Date Married -  1906-02-07; Spouse's name -  Hannah McCARTHY; son -  John James HURLEY  b 1906 Brockton, Mass  daughter -  Helen Josephine HURLEY b 1908 Brockton, Mass  daughter -  Margaret Mary HURLEY  b 1908 Brockton, Mass; naturalized at US Circuit Court Mass 1894-10-17  daug Anna Katherine b 1910 Kilruan, Clonakilty  

 Margaret Druller JONES - date of death: 1915-05-07 at  Lusitania, at sea 10 miles off Kinsale; born 1871; sister -   Miss Jane JONES  resides Honolulu  sister -  Mrs Mary LUKES resides Bradford, Ontario  mother -  Mrs E JONES  resides Bradford, Ontario  

 Arthur M KEATING - date of death: 1929-03-21 at  Cobh, Ireland-    American seaman; uncle -  Mr. J. G. KEATING  resides Boston, Mass  

 Thomas A KEATING - date of death: 1920-04-06 at  Edenderry, Kings Co; born ca 1870      alleged to have been Terence A. BYRNE; US pensioner under name Keating; Spouse's name -  Theresa BYRNE; three sons  -  Oliver, John, Augustine BYRNE  reside Mullingar, Co Westmeath  daughter -  Mary Beatrice BYRNE resides Mullingar, Co Westmeath  daughter -  Dorothy BYRNE  resides Mullingar, Co Westmeath  

 Anna KELEHER - date of death: 1915-02-14 at  Climber Hall, Kells, Co Meath-    US pensioner; sister -   Miss Bride FLOOD  resides Climber Hall, Kells, Co Meath  

 John KELLY - date of death: 1917-02-14 at  Irishtown Rd, Co Dublin- US Navy pensioner; Spouse's name -  Catherine KELLY Irishtown Rd, Co Dublin; son -  Matthew KELLY  resides Irishtown Rd, Co Dublin  daughter -  Elizabeth KELLY resides Irishtown Rd, Co Dublin  

 John KENNEDY - date of death: 1920-04-15 at  Kilclooney, Co Donegal; born 1862; Spouse's name -  Mary KENNEDY Kilclooney, Narin, Glenties, Co Donegal; naturalized at Court of Allentown, Lehigh Co, PA 1891-01-16    

 Mrs C Hickson KENNEDY - date of death: 1915-05-07 at  Lusitania, at sea 10 miles off Kinsale-  sister -   Miss Catherine HICKSON  resides West 55th St, NYC  

 Rev John F KENNEDY - date of death: 1921-09-01 at  Dublin, Ireland; born 1869  USA    resided St Nicholas Rectory, Flushing, Long Island, NY; sister -   Mrs Josephine LYONS  resides Lawrence, Mass  fellow traveller - Rev John A NUGENT    

 Michael KIDNEY - date of death: 1919-12-18 at  Kilshrewley, Ballinalee, Co Longford; born ca 1857; Spouse's name -  Bridget KIDNEY Kilshrewley, Ballinalee, Co Longford   

 James KILKENNY - date of death: 1924-06-01 at  Castlecole, Ireland; born 1892; Spouse's name -  Catherine KILKENNY Castlecole, Ireland; brother -  John KILKENNY  resides Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY  sister -  Mary KILKENNY resides Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY  

 Thomas Boyce KING - date of death: 1915-05-07 at  Lusitania, at sea 10 miles off Kinsale- Spouse's name -  Mrs Thos Boyce KING London Wall, London    

 John LALLY - date of death: 1928-04-12 at  Dublin, Ireland; born 1860; Spouse's name -  Mrs LALLY Brooklyn, NY    

 Ralph LATIMORE or LARIMORE - date of death: c 1840 at  Belfast, Ireland-  

 Mrs Bridget LEACEY - date of death: 1927-09-08 at  Castleisland, Co Kerry-    buried with her 2 children, Emily & Thomas, at Kilsarton cemetery, maybe US pensioner; son -  John F LEACEY  resides Bronx, NY  cousin -  Mrs T. M. DONOVAN resides Castleisland, Co Kerry  

 Thomas LEAP - date of death: 1915-03-10 at  Cloghatanny, Clara-    US Army pensioner; brother -  Michael LEAP  resides Cloghatanny, Clara; naturalized at Court of Dutchess County NY 1894-10-01    

 William LOCKHART - date of death: ca 1919 at  Lizbarnet, Co Down-  daughter -  Selina M. STEWARD  resides Barce, Indiana  daughter -  Lilly OWENS resides Pirie, Indiana  

 James LONG - date of death: 1915-09-23 at  Dublin, Ireland-    retired Sergeant USMC; naturalized at Circuit Court Anne Arundel Co MD 1894-08-09    

 Philip LOONEY or LONEY - date of death: 1921-05-12 at  New Park, Cashel, Co Tipperary; born ca 1830      US pensioner; Co B 4th Calif Inf; nephew -  James LOONEY  resides Newpark, Cashel, Co Tipperary; naturalized at San Francisco Court 1864-11-05    

 Daniel E MAHER - date of death: 1921-05-23 at  Longford, Ireland; born ca 1864; Spouse's name -  Mrs Daniel MAHER Somerville, Mass; brother -  James MAHER  resides Drumloher, Co Longford  son -  Thomas F MAHER  resides West Somerville, Mass  

 Daniel MAHONEY - date of death: 1916-09-09 at  Great George St, Cork-    retired US Navy; sister -  Mrs Eliza FOLEY   

 Dennis J MAHONEY - date of death: 1928-06-04 at  Cobh, Ireland; born 1871      became ill on board the ship R.M.S. "Scythia"; nephew -   Cornelius O'MAHONY  resides Cork, Ireland  sister or niece -  Mrs Catherine O'BRIEN  resides Lowell, Mass  administrator of estate -  Melvin C ROGERS  resides Lowell, Mass; naturalized at US District Court, Boston, Mass 1897-11-16    

 James MANNING - date of death: 1911-11-01 at  Queenstown-    US navy pensioner; sister -   Mrs Margaret HENNESSY  resides Ballinspittle, Kinsale, Co Cork  

 James MANNION - date of death: 1922-09-13 at  near Galway, Co Galway; born 1904      a soldier in the National Army (Volunteer Reserve) of the Irish Free State  grandmother -  Mrs Mary MANNION  resides Tuam, Co Galway  father -  Michael MANNION resides Carney's Point, NJ  

 Michael MANNION - date of death: 1919-03-22 at  Roscommon-    Wm C McConnell of Springfield, IL, brother-in-law, requests settlement of estate; sister -  Mary M McCONNELL   sister -  Bridget MANNION resided Ballinasloe         

 Thomas MARKHAM - estate Kilcorney, Carron, Co Clare; will dated 30 Dec 1905; daughter -  Mrs Ellen (Frank) McMANUS  resides Hartford, Conn  son - Patrick MARKHAM   

 Capt Stuart MATHEWS - date of death: 1922-12-30 at  at sea, S.S. Hatteras-    maybe British subject; Spouse's name -  Mrs S. MATHEWS San Francisco, CA    

 Daniel McALOON - date of death: 1916-09 at  Clones, Ireland-    resided Scranton, PA, never married; niece -  Mrs Bridget McAloon LAVELLE  resides Scranton, PA  

 Mrs Rose Ann McATEER (nee DONNELLY) - date of death: 1928-10-03 at  Belleeks, Co Armagh; born 1884      5 children - Bridget, James, Mary, Henry and Anna; Spouse's name -  James McATEER E 40th St, NYC; naturalized at Superior Court of NY, Queens Co 1908-01-09    

 Mrs Alice McCAFFERTY (nee MURPHY) - date of death: 1933-12-16 at  Wexford, Ireland; born 1873      auto accident; Spouse's name -  William McCAFFERTY Watertown, Mass    

 James McCRUM - estate Armagh, Ireland; niece -  Mrs Margaret McCrum LEONARD  resides Watrousville, MI  nephews -  Robert & George MCCRUM    brother -  Henry McCRUM   

 Hugh Francis McDERMOTT - date of death: 1924-12-18 at  Bangor, Co Down; born ca 1844      US pensioner; Spouse's name -  Mary A McDERMOTT Bangor, Co Down    

 Mrs Amelia McDONA - date of death: 1915-05-07 at  Lusitania, at sea 10 miles off Kinsale; born 1870    

 Alexander McDONALD - date of death: 1914-09 at  Lurgan Ireland-  nephew -  Philip LAVERY; naturalized at St Louis Criminal Court 1880-09-27    

 Marcella McDONALD - date of death: 1919-03-22 at  Dalkey, Co Dublin-    US Navy pensioner; Spouse's name -  James McDONALD     sister -   Miss Mary MALONE  resides Dalkey, Co Dublin  cousin -  Patrick P REDMOND resides Kildavin, Co Carlow  niece -  Mrs Anne SULLIVAN  resides Cork, Ireland  

Robert McDOWELL - date of death: 1907-09-29 at  enroute to Ballymena, Belfast-  daughter -  Elsie Jean BUNTING  also known as Jennie McDowell  resides Washington, DC  

 John McFALL - date of death: 1928-08-01 at  Larne, Co Antrim; born ca 1858; sister -   Mrs Sarah MOORE  resides Larne, Co Antrim  sister -  Mrs Agnes MANGAN resides Larne, Co Antrim  niece -  Mrs Elizabeth  LAFERRE  resides Fort Wayne, IN  

 Hugh McGOWAN - date of death: 1928-04-12 at  Portrush, Northern Ireland; born ca 1854; friend -  Mrs BROWN  resides St Johnston, Co Donegal  

 Ellen Jane McKAY - date of death: 1925-04-15 at  Coleraine, Co Derry; born ca 1870; Spouse's name -  Robert McKAY Erie Ave, Phil, PA    sister -   Mrs TAYLOR  resides Coleraine, Co Derry  

 Mary Ann MILLER - date of death: 1928-03-21 at  Belfast, Ireland; born 1892; father -  James McKEOWN  resides Belfast  mother -  Mrs Alice MCKEOWN resides Belfast  brother -  Peter McKEOWN  resides Jersey City, NJ; naturalized at Court of Common Pleas, Jersery City 1927-02-26    

 Mary MINTON - date of death: 1924-07-09 at  Dingle, Co Kerry-  son -  William MINTON  resides Tralee, Co Kerry  sister -  Mrs Julia DALTON resides Tralee, Co Kerry  2 brothers-  Patrick & Daniel CARROLL  reside Tralee, Co Kerry;   daughters Mrs Mary Degnan, Mrs Julia Nilan reside Bayoone, NJ  

 William MITCHELHILL - date of death: 1915-05-07 at  Lusitania, at sea 10 miles off Kinsale; born 1871; Spouse's name -  Mrs J. A. MITCHELHILL St Joseph, MO    

 Hubert MOON - date of death: 1918-11-25 at  Belfast, Ireland-    seaman on USS Downes died from influenza, body shipped to USN Base Hospital  

 Thomas  MOORE - date of death: 1922-09-29 at  Killonan, Co Limerick-    formerly resided Finley, Steel Co, ND; Spouse's name -  Margaret MOORE Doon, Co Limerick; nephew -  Edmond A MOORE  resides Brooklyn, NY  

 William MORRISON - date of death: 1915-01-04 at  Letterkenny, Co Donegal; born 1864      US residence Polhamus Place, Brooklyn, NY; sister -   Mrs Marion TEES  resides Letterkenny, Co Donegal  

 William MULHOLLAND - date of death: 1912-08-21 at  Cortgill, Toomebridge, Co Antrim; born 1846; Spouse's name -  Ellen MULHOLLAND W York St, Phil, PA    

 Annie MURPHY - date of death: 1915-11-16 at  Dean Cottage, Carlow, Co Carlow-    US pensioner; son -  Francis R BURKE  resides Dean Cottage, Carlow, Co Carlow  

 John MURPHY - date of death: 1917 at  Athy, Co Kildare-  heir -  William G MURPHY resides Battle Creek, MI    James MURPHY resides Battle Creek, MI  

 Michael Joseph MURPHY - date of death: 1924-10-27 at  Dublin, Ireland; born 1885; Spouse's name -  Rose MURPHY Cresskill, NJ; sister -   Mrs Michael SCANLON  resides Garranboy House, Killaloe  brother -  Martin MURPHY  resides Carrowboy House, New Market-on-Fergus  

 Timothy W MURRAY - date of death: 1914-10-28 at  Belfast, Ireland-    retired Chief Master-At-Arms, US Navy; Spouse's name -  Adelaide MURRAY Brooklyn, NY; sister -  Sarah MURRAY; naturalized at Supreme Court City & County of San Francisco 1890-08-18    

 James NOONAN - date of death: 1914-11-03 at  Dublin, Ireland-    buried Prospect Cemetery, Glasnevin, Co Dublin; brother -  John NOONAN  resides Church Rd, Dublin; naturalized at Court of Quarter Sessions, Phil, PA 1871-09-19    

 John P NOONAN - date of death: 1907; resided Covington, KY; had estate at Limerick, Ireland; daughter -  Mrs Mary VAN LEUNEN  resides St Louis, MO  

 Maime O'BRIEN - date of death: 1893-09-29 at  Dublin, Ireland- Spouse's name -  Thomas J BURNS  ca 1905 Syracuse, NY; father -  John O'BRIEN  owned house and lot near Dublin  son -  William J BURNS  b ca 1889 served in US Navy  

 Matilda O'DONNELL - date of death: 1922-01-24 at  Dublin, Ireland; born ca 1834; brother -  Val O'DONNELL  resided St Louis  niece -  Maggie HEBRON resides St Louis  niece -  Marguerite DELANEY  resides St Louis  

 John B O'HIGGINS - date of death: 1929-06-26 at  Cork, Ireland; born ca 1861; brother -  Michael O'HIGGINS  resides Cork city  daughter -  Mrs M HEALY resides Hartford, CN  sister - Mrs Minnie  MOYNIHAN  resides near Boston, Mass  

 John O'NEILL - date of death: 1920-07-27 at  -    probate at Mullingar, Co Westmeath 1920-09-13; administrator - Patrick LAVAN or LORAN of Milltownpass, administrator  nephew -  Dr John J MOONEY  resides Jersey City  

 John O'REILLEY - date of death:  at  -    of Co Caven; daughter -  Catherine (nee O'Reilley) KIRK  married Paul Kirk 9 Nov 1845   

 Bishop Peter J O'REILLY - date of death: 1923-12-16 at  Dublin, Ireland; born ca 1851      lived in Peoria, IL for 45 years; sister -   Miss Nellie O'REILLY  resides Peoria, IL  brother -  Terence  O'REILLY    brother - Eugene O'REILLY   

 Timothy O'RILEY - date of death: 1925-01-08 at  Corella, Blackrock, Co Cork; born ca 1838      US Navy pensioner; son -  Daniel O'RILEY  resides Corella, Blackrock, Co Cork and London  

 Annie O'ROURKE - date of death: 1923-06-10 at  Dundalk, Ireland; born 1877; Spouse's name -  Joseph Patrick O'ROURKE W 61st St, NYC; son -  Vincent O'ROURKE  resides Dundalk, Co Louth  mother -  Mrs Mary COLLINS resides Dundalk, Co Louth  brother - John COLLINS  resides Manilla, Philippines  

 Harrison Gray OTIS - date of death: 1915-01-05 at  Dublin, Ireland; born 1856-07 Nahant, Mass USA    US residence Needham, Mass; Spouse's name -  Louise OTIS; son -  Harrison Gray OTIS   daughter - Margaret OTIS    

 Dr F S PEARSON - date of death: 1915-05-07 at  Lusitania, at sea 10 miles off Kinsale; born ca 1865; Spouse's name -  Mabel Ward PEARSON  1915-05-07 Lusitiana at sea; relative - F. A. PEARSON resides Bishopsgate, London  

 Mabel Ward PEARSON - date of death: 1915-05-07 at  Lusitania, at sea 10 miles off Kinsale-  relative - F. A. PEARSON resides Bishopsgate, London  

 Charles A PLAMONDON - date of death: 1915-05-07 at  Lusitania, at sea 10 miles off Kinsale-  notified of death - F GANN Swift Beef Co, West Smithfield, London  

 Mrs Mary Mackin PLAMONDON - date of death: 1915-05-07 at  Lusitania, at sea 10 miles off Kinsale-  notified of death - F GANN Swift Beef Co, West Smithfield, London  

 Roger POWER - date of death: 1918-03-24 at  Knockraha, Glanmire, Co Cork; born c 1858; daughter -  Mrs Mary MEAGHER  resides Knockraha  son -  Joseph POWER  resides Brook Lodge, Glanmire; naturalized at Superior Court City & County of San francisco, CA 1888-08-18    

 John J QUEALY - date of death: 1924-12-15 at  Ennis, Co Clare; born ca 1884; Spouse's name -  Mrs Delia QUEALY Ennis, Co Clare; parents - Mr & Mrs QUEALY  reside Connelly P.O., Co Clare; naturalized at Supreme Court, Bronx Co, NY 1917-12-06    

 John QUINLAN - date of death: ca Jan 1921  at  near Bruff, Ireland-  

 John QUINLESS - date of death: 1918-01-13 at  Dublin, Ireland; born c 1853      US Army pensioner; Spouse's name -  Ellen QUINLESS     

 Christopher J QUINN - date of death: 1923-06-21 at  Lisburn, Co Antrim; born ca 1863; nephew -  Christopher J QUINN  resides Paterson, NJ  

 Bernard RAYNOR - date of death: 1911-05-18 at  Williamstown, Youghal-    married since arriving in Ireland less than 12 months ago Date Married -  1910; son -  Daniel H RAYNOR  may reside Centralia, IL  

 Charles RICHARDSON - date of death: 1918-10-04 at  Dublin, Ireland; born c 1840  Ireland    US Navy pensioner; Spouse's name -  Lucy BROWNE Dublin    

 Maria RIDGWAY - date of death: 1919-07-08 at  Dublin, Ireland; born ca 1843      US Army pensioner; Spouse's name -  George RIDGWAY; daughter -  Mrs Maria ALFORD  resides Dublin  son -  George RIDGWAY  resides Dublin  

 Peter RIORDAN - date of death: 1922-02 at  Castleisland, Co Kerry-  nephew -  David L RIORDAN  resides Washington, DC  brother -  Michael  RIORDAN   died Castleisland, Co Kerry  

 John ROCHE - date of death: 1924-12-22 at  Blackrock, Co Cork; born ca 1865; brother -  William ROCHE  resides Blackrock, Co Cork  6 sons -  Thomas, Daniel, William, Cornelius, James & Patrick ROCHE  maybe reside in US  daughter -  Mary   resides St Louis, MO  

 Bernard W ROGERS - date of death: 1929-06-02 at  Boghtaduff, Ballaghaderreen, Co Roscommon; born ca 1862; sister -   Mrs Anne GALLAGHER  resides Boghtaduff, Ballaghaderreen, Co Roscommon  

 Patrick Joseph ROURKE, ROARKE, GRORKE - date of death: 1923-01-11 at  Kiltaboe, Loughglynn, Co Roscommon; born 1887; mother -   Mrs Maria GROARK  resides Kiltaboe, Loughglynn; naturalized at Northern District Illinois 1921-04-25    

 Alicia RYAN - date of death: 1914-12-13 at  Longford House, Merrion-  nephew -  William  RYAN  resides Mulberry St, Newark, NJ  nephew -  Joseph RYAN  British soldier, maybe died in Boer War  

 James Michael RYAN - date of death: 1924-08-07 at  Cobh, Ireland; born ca 1855; brother -  Patrick RYAN  resides Caherdrinna, Mitchelstown, Co Cork  sister -  Hannah RIORDAN resides Ballinrush, Kilworth, Co Cork  2 sons - Michael & James RYAN  reside Amesbury, Mass  

 Hester Ann RYNEHART - date of death: 1927-08-12 at  Dublin, Ireland; born 1876-09-24; Spouse's name -  Henry M RYNEHART Brooklyn, NY; daughter -  Virginia Bland RYNEHART  resides Avenue J, Brooklyn, NY  

 Daniel SHEA - date of death: 1927-12-05 at  Dingle, Co Kerry; born ca 1858; two passports # 376875 Mar 1924 and # 446721 aug 1927; brother -  Jerry SHEA  resides Green St, Dingle, Co Kerry; naturalized at US District Court Silver Bow, Montana 1900-10-25    

 Cornelius SHERIDAN - date of death: 1914-09-25 at  Kilnaleck, Co Cavan-    US residence Indianapolis, IN; Spouse's name -  Nettie M SHERIDAN     

 Isabel SLING - date of death: 1929-10-04 at  Armagh, Co Armagh-    body to be shipped to Spring Valley, NY for interment; Spouse's name -  William J SLING; brother -  Mr. W. P.  INGLIS  resides Spring Valley, NY  brother -  David INGLIS   resides Spring Valley, NY  

 Mrs Ellen SMITH - date of death: 1918-01-25 at  Midleton, Co Cork; born c 1868  Ireland; Spouse's name -  Joseph SMITH; sister -   Mrs Margaret BARRY  resides Midleton, Co Cork  sister -  Mrs Catherine O'BRIEN resides Bouverland, Brooklyn, NY  

 Mrs Louise Palmer SMITH - date of death: 1917-06-08 at  Dublin, Ireland-  son-in-law -  Rev John Corry JOHNSON  resides Dublin  brother -  Scott PALMER   resides Glenburn, PA  sister - Mrs SHERWOOD    

 Archibald SPENCE - date of death: 1928-12-03 at  Belfast, Ireland-    died after knocked down by motor omnibus on 18 Nov 1928; sister -   Mrs Harriet COULTER  resides Belfast  daughter -  Mrs C. L. JOHNSON resides Mt Airy, Phil, PA  

 Anna SPILLANE - date of death: 1924-05-25 at  Corrin, Fermoy, Co Cork- Spouse's name -  Thomas SPILLANE; mother -   Hannah HEGARTY  resides Cork Rd, Fermoy, Co Cork  2 sisters -  Ellen & Nora HEGARTY reside Bridgeport, Conn  brother - Richard HEGARTY  resides Cork; naturalized at; naturalized by marriage     

 Mary Anne STOKES - date of death: 1916-07-28 at  Limerick, Ireland; born 1855; US pensioner; daughter -  Josephine STOKES  resides Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY  

 John STOREY - date of death: 1916-03 at  -    resided Townsend Cottage, Letterkenny, Co Donegal; housekeeper and heir - Miss Mabel E SCOTT

 Patrick SULLIVAN - date of death: 1922-06-02 at  Graigue, Inchigeela, Co Cork; born ca 1870; two brothers -  John & Daniel SULLIVAN  reside Graigue, Inchigeela, Ireland; naturalized at Court of Boston, Mass district 1895-09-21    

 William James THOMPSON - date of death: 1911-07-02 at  Belfast, Ireland; born ca 1849; body shipped for interment at St Mary's cemetery, Gloucester City, NJ  son -  Rufus B THOMPSON  resides Gloucester City, NJ  

 Isaac B  TRUMBULL - date of death: 1915-05-07 at  Lusitania, at sea 10 miles off Kinsale-  brother -  H TRUMBULL  resides Bridgeport, Conn  

M. Emmet URELL - date of death: ca 1910 at  Blackpool-    Civil War General; request to exhume body and transport it to Wash, DC  

 Geoffrey Fritz WALKER - date of death: 1913-09 at  Dublin, Ireland-    buried Trenton, NJ  

 David WALSH - date of death: 1927-01-08 at  Carrokeale, Mallow, Co Cork; born 1874      wife temporarily resides Carrokeal, Mallow, Co Cork; Spouse's name -  Mary WREN; brother -  James WALSH  resides Loring Pl, Bronx, NY  2 sisters -  Julia & Margaret WALSH  reside Bronx, NY  

 Edward or Edmund WALSH - date of death: 1918-05-21 at  Midleton, Co Cork; born 1882      wife has US Passport; Spouse's name -  Margaret WALSH Auburndale, Mass; father -  Edward WALSH  resides Gurstoke, Ladysbridge, Co Cork; naturalized at US Circuit Court for Mass, Boston 1911-09-18    

 J. P. WALSH - date of death: 1910-10 at  Tipperary, Ireland- Spouse's name -    Denver, Co; cousin -  Katie REGAN  resides Tipperary, Ireland  cousin -  Bridie REGAN  resides Tipperary, Ireland  

 Maurice J WALSH - date of death: 1924-09-16 at  Cahersiveen-    requests remains be shipped to Holyoke, Mass; prominent citizen; family has 10 children; brother - John WALSH  resides Dublin, Ireland  

 Patrick WARD - date of death: 1924-02-09 at  Roscommon; born 1889-12-16      US pensioner; private Co D 311 Infantry; mother -   Mrs Rose WARD  resides Altohil, Arigna, Co Roscommon  

 William J WARD - date of death: 1919-02-22 at  Cork, Ireland; born 1843-01 Limerick     deceased rec'd pension due to son's service in US Navy & killed on active service Date Married -  1906-05-10; Spouse's name -  Teresa SMITH; father -  James WARD   mother - Margaret HAYES    grandchild -  Miss Adelaide TRANGOTT  resides Perry Ave, NYC; naturalized at Court of Common Pleas for City & County of NY 1874-10-17    

 Michael WHELAN - date of death: 1911-12-10 at  Kingstown, Co Dublin-    pensioner of the police force of Omaha, NE; brother -  William WHELAN  resides Athboy, Co Meath

 George WHITESIDE - date of death: 1923-06-22 at  Londonderry, Ireland; born ca 1858; Spouse's name -  Jane WHITESIDE W 121st St, NYC; son -  William James WHITESIDE  resides W 121st St, NYC  sister-in-law -  Mrs Etta POTTINGER  resides Teller Ave, NYC  

 Thomas WILLIAMS - date of death: 1927-09-06 at  Cobh, Ireland; born ca 1848      died a few days after arriving on the SS Cedric, White Star Line; son-in-law -  William ROBERTS  resides Barmouth, North Wales  wife's cousin -  Catherine JONES  resides Liverpool, England  daughter -  Mifannwy JONES  resides Columbus Junction, Iowa;   John Williams, son resides Iowa, USA  

 John A WILSON - date of death: 1911-02-14 at  Londonderry-  

 Thomas WOLFE - date of death: 1929-05-05 at  Skibbereen, Co Cork; born ca 1869      native of Rosscarbery district returned a few days ago; brother & sister -  William & Mary WOLFE  reside Cregg, Rosscarbery  brother -  James WOLFE  resides Creston, Iowa  

 Pauline Ursula WREN - date of death: 1920-07-02 at  Ballybunion, Co Kerry; born 1904; mother -   Josephine H WREN  resides East 64, NYC  uncle -  Michael HICKEY  resides East 64, NYC.