1.0 Extracts from correspondence files

   The United States had Consulate offices, which are the official representative of the US Government, in several cities in Ireland.  Many individuals living in Ireland and the United States would write letters to the US Consul requesting help with topics such as citizenship, estates, birth & death records, immigration and pensions.

   These letters are now found in the records stored at the US National Archives in College Park, MD.  The paper records are arranged in books by year and subdivided by topic.

    The extracts come from the records created in the years 1869 to 1934 and many refer to births prior to 1864.  The date of the document is given at the end of each extract item.  The term emigration refers to emigration to the United States.  The military information refers to the United States military orgainzations.

    Many letters discuss the probate of estates for people who died in the US and their surviving family members reside in Ireland and identify parents and grandparents.

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