5.0 Irish in England documents

This information is from the affidavits filed with the American Consulate in Liverpool, England by people claiming US citizenship in the years 1914 & 1915.  A few items are from the Application for Registration filed in 1907 or 1925 to 1930

Philip ARGALL born 1854-08-27 at Newtownards, Co Down age is 60 on 1915-04-30 went to the US 1887 naturalized 1892 District Court of Colorado business trip resides Colorado

Denis BAILEY born 1871-08-17 at Merced, CA age is 43 on 1915-01-15 lived in Ireland from 1876 to 1897, lived in US from 1897 to 1914 Catholic priest at Turlock, CA

John BANNON born 1853 at Michigan, USA brought to Ireland when I was 2 yrs old and lived in Ireland for about 25-30 years, then lived in US for 3 months, then lived as a farmer in Manitoba Canada - arrived in Liverpool 1914-12-24 to visit two brothers in Ireland

Henry BEAMISH born 1879-04-21 in Ireland naturalized 1909 City Court of Boston

Ellen BENSON born circa 1867 in Ireland age is 48 on 1915-10-23 spouse Charles B. Benson went to US 1886 husband is naturalized US address Chelsea, MA

James BENSON born 1867-04-03 in Dramman, Norway, wife Mary born near Londonderry, Ireland resides 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY ... … seaman on Ocean Prince at Alexandra Dock, Hull, England, wife Mary born near Londonderry, Ireland … children - Jennie, James, Annetta (deceased), Martin, Inga, Robert, Frederick, Edith May

John BOGUE born 1865-09-22 at Brookboro, Co Fermanagh age is 59 on 1925-08-18 spouse Ruth GILBURN born 1867-04-22 at Carlisle, England resides Carlisle, US addr Stanley St, Detroit, MI

Emily BOLEN born 1875-07-09 at Drogheda spouse Charles Bolen came to Ireland May 1914 to visit my mother at Drogheda husband native American born in Orange, NJ reside West Orange, NJ

Elisha BRENNAN born 1885 at Swinford spouse Michael J. Brennan went to US 1895 husband born in Ireland is naturalized I have been living in Ireland for the last 7 years reside Somerville, MA

Hannah BRODERICK born 1874-12-10 at Dingle, Co Kerry spouse Thomas Broderick born at Arthen, Co Limerick resides Hartford, CT, daughter Johanna b 1910 Hartford CT

Thomas BRODERICK born 1865 at Woodford, Co Galway went to US 1888 naturalized 1894 Superior Court of Cook Co, IL came in 1914 to visit brother at Woodford

James BRYAN born at Queen's Co went to US 1870 naturalized 1888 Waterbury, CT

Thomas BURKE born 1848-03-13 at Kill, Co Kildare relative - Lawrence MANGAN, L St, Washington, DC

Mary Curran BURNS born 1888-06-07 at Bathgate, Scotland age is 27 on 1915-08-07 spouse Edward Burns went to US about 1911 married in 1912 Sandoval, IL ...husband was born in Ireland & is naturalized US citizen

Mollie BUTTERFIELD born in Ireland age is 27 on 1915-10-06 spouse Abraham Butterfield went to US 1888 husband is naturalized reside Andover, NH

Francis Henry BYRNE born 1890-06-17 at Dublin uncle - P. J. BYRNE, W 30th St, NYC

Loughlin BYRNE born 1864-01-27 at Kingstown, Dublin wife - Anna BYRNE, W 106th St, NYC

Patrick BYRNE born 1841-03-17 at Kildare age is 74 on 1915-05-04 went to US 1864 naturalized 1871 visit relatives reside Philadelphia

Terence CARLIN born 1862 in Ireland went to US 1879 naturalized 1886, King's County, NY in 1913 came to Drumgoon, Co Caven, US addr is Brooklyn, NY

Mary CARR born circa 1882 in Ireland age is 33 on 1915-10-23 spouse Charles Carr went to US 1901 husband is naturalized reside W 120th St, NYC

Minnie H. CARRAGHER born 1850-09-19 at Liverpool spouse John Carragher husband native of Londonderry was naturalized 1892 District court at San Angelo, TX residing at Westborn Rd, West Kirby US addr Berkeley, CA

Catherine CARRIGAN born 1884-11-28 at Wigfield, Co Roscommon age is 31 on 1915-05-17 spouse John Thomas Carrigan went to US 1902 married Dec 1909 Providence, RI husband native born US citizen

Percy CASSIDY born 1875-09-26 at Co Armagh contact - James HEANY, W 45th St, NYC

James COLL born 1878 at Drimnacarry age is 37 on 1915-07-14 naturalized 1912 at San Francisco, Supreme Court; sister Mary MADEN

Vincent CONLEY born at Mount Mellick, Queen's Co age is 44 on 1915-07-30 father William CONLEY naturalized 1888 Philadelphia reside Philadelphia

Gregory CONNOLLY born 1879-02-18 in Ireland spouse Bridget O'CONNOR born in Ireland resides Tully Cross, Renvyle, Co Galway, daughter Catherine b 1911, three sons Gregory b 1912, John b 1913 and Michael b 1915 - brother - Peter CONNOLLY, Arlington Heights, MA

John CONNOLLY born 1889-05-21 at Chicago, IL age is 25 on 1915-02-20 1912 came to live with my uncle James CONNOLLY, Clontibret, Co Monaghan I intend to return to Chicago my occupation is a clerk

Patrick Henry CONNOLLY born 1870-04-23 at Clifden, Co Galway went to US 1890 naturalized 1909 Circuit Court of Oregon at The Dallas came to Ireland in 1913 to reside with parents at Errislanan, Co Galway US addr is Maupin, OR

John CONNORS born 1870-05-01 at Bandon, Co Cork naturalized 1895 or 1896 Boston reside Dorchester, MA

Anna CONROY born circa 1883 at Co Sligo age is 32 on 1915-09-04 spouse Michael Conroy husband born Ireland naturalized 1905 County Court, Rochester, NY left US 1914 to visit sister

Thomas COOKE born 1879-08 at Dublin age is 36 on 1915-05-04 went to US 1891 naturalized 1906 Southern District of NY came to visit mother & father in Ireland reside W 16th St, NYC

Mary COSTELLO born circa 1883 in Ireland age is 32 on 1915-09-10 spouse Michael Costello went to US 1901 husband is naturalized reside Elmhurst, Long Island, NY

Patrick COX born 1869 in Ireland naturalized 1903 Municipal Court of Brighton District of Boston

William CULHANE born 1891-04-17 at NYC age is 24 on 1915-06-02 left US in 1911 reside with grandmother in Ireland now going to my brother at E 43rd St, NYC

Michael CULLEN born 1866-01-01 at Dromod, Co Leitrim age is 49 on 1915-07-30 went to US in 1886 naturalized 1892, Kings Co, NY

James CUMMINS born in Ireland age is 53 on 1915-09-07 went to US 1881 naturalized 1900 District Court of Southern District of NY reside 6th Ave, NYC

John CUNNINGHAM born 1887-11-11 at Armoy, Co Antrim naturalized 1911 Seattle, WA

Timothy CURTIS born 1847-04-19 at Limerick age is 68 on 1915-06-02 naturalized 1900 Superior Court of Richmond, Staten Island, NY left the US 1912 desire to return with my three children reside W 126th St, NYC

John DAVIS born circa 1878 in Ireland age is 37 on 1915-11-06 went to US 1899 naturalized 1906 Eastern District Court of NY

Nora DEANE born 1883-11-14 at Tralee spouse John Deane went to US 1905 husband naturalized 1914 Chicago reside Elburn Ave, Chicago

Frank DERMODY born 1882-03-17 at Latteranean, Co Mayo went to US 1904 declared intent to become US citizen 1904 Circuit Court of Cook Co, IL

Mary A. DEVINE born at Bondsville, MA residing at Dingle, Co Kerry since 1904 go to my sister Mrs. W. A. McDONOUGH, North St, Dorchester, MA

Robert DEVINE born 1887-11-14 at Ballinagh, Co Caven naturalized 1912 at NYC

John Henry Aloysius DEVLIN born 1894-07-30 at NYC In 1906 I came with my mother to reside in Ireland

Norah DEVLIN born at Clonakilty, Co Cork age is 31 on 1915-07-20 spouse Peter Devlin went to US 1905 married 1907 Leadville, CO husband born Co Armagh

William George DOMONEY born 1884-11-13 at Poole, Dorset, England spouse Elizabeth Mary QUINLIVAN born at Limerick resides Roslyn, Long Island, NY, 2 children - Lilian b 1911 and Marion b 1913 at Roslyn, Long Island, NY

Catherine DONOHO born circa 1858 in Ireland age is 57 on 1915-07-27 spouse Peter Donoho husband now deceased was naturalized 1887 Circuit Court of Boston, Mass reside Howll St, Dorchester

Bridget DOUGHERTY(nee HINELLEY)  born 1863-03-17 at Castlebar, Co Mayo husband naturalized about 1885 Pittsburg, PA left US 1914 to visit friends residence is Ingram, PA

Margaret DUNDAS born 1887 at Castlerea spouse Frank Dundas went to US 1904 married 1908 at Philadelphia husband is native born US citizen

Thomas ELMORE born circa 1878 in Ireland age is 37 on 1915-08-18 went to US in 1900 naturalized 1905 US District Court NYC reside Hudson St, NYC

Thomas J. ENRIGHT born 1869-03-19 at Ardagh, Co Limerick went to US in 1889 naturalized 1903 Nevada County, California

Patrick FINNERTY born 1898-01-08 at Boston, MA I lived in the US for 2 years spent the rest of my life in Ireland with my relatives reside B St, South Boston, MA

Daniel FLYNN born 1875-01-08 at Co Kerry went to US 1902 naturalized 1914 Yuba City, CA to visit relatives in Ireland

Anna FOLEY born 1888-11-28 at Linane, Co Galway spouse Joseph James Foley born at Carna, Ireland resides 3 children: Joseph Thomas b 1910 St Paul, Catherine b 1912 St Paul and Anna b 1914 Lunane, Ireland

Joseph F. FORDE born 1866-01-19 at Cort, Co Galway spouse Mary HUGHES born at Birkenhead, Cheshire, England resides Itchen, Southampton, England, sister - Miss Minnie FORDE, W 104th St, NYC

Peter FOX born 1881 at Carrickmore, Co Tyrone age is 33 on 1915-04-29 went to the US 1897 naturalized 1914 District Court of Eastern District of PA came to visit my mother in Ireland who is sick

Matthew FOY born 1886 in Ireland spouse Mary Foy went to US 1906 father born in Ireland was naturalized about 1895 I came in 1915 to Co Roscommon

Mary (Mrs) FRIARY born 1866 or 1876 in Ireland my parents took me to the US when I was 2 yrs old I married Patrick Friary who was an American citizen by birth I arrived in May to visit relatives my husband is now dead my home is W 53rd St, NYC.

Owen GAFFNEY born 1855 at Middletown, Co Armagh age is 60 on 1915-06-11 naturalized 1888 Lowell, Mass reside Syracuse, NY

James GARDEN born at Limerick age is 34 on 1915-07-14 went to US 1899 naturalized 1914 City Court of Boston, MA

Kate O. GATLEY born 1861-06-23 at Buffalo, NY brother Rev. H. S. GATLEY, Missoula, MT

Robert M. GIBSON born 1846-03-10 at Belfast spouse Mary S. Gibson born at Boston, MA resides Melrose, MAson son Andrew W. Gibson born circa 1870 resides Garden City, NY

James GILLESPIE born 1887 in Ireland naturalized 1913 US District Court NYC

Agnes GLEASON born 1875-11-30 at Boston, MA age is 51 on 1926-12-28 known as Sister Anastasie Marie, Little Sisters of the Poor, sister Mrs Cecelia BROPHY resides South Natick, MA, sister Mrs Emma HELSTRON resides Alston, MA; father William GLEASON born Tipperary

Vincent Patrick GOGGIN born 1873-07-16 at Bradford, Yorkshire, England

Mary GOODWIN born in Ireland age is 52 on 1915-10-14 spouse Charles Goodwin went to US 1875 husband is native born US citizen reside Reed St, Philadelphia

Jeremiah Joseph GRADY born 1882-05-26 at Co Kerry emigrated to US 1904 naturalized Worcester, MA 1909 arrived 1915 to visit relatives in Ireland

Thomas GRADY born 1858-04-09 at Sooey, Co Sligo age is 57 on 1915-08-07 spouse Jennie Grady naturalized 1893 Massachusetts left the US in 1912 reside Newbury St, Boston, MA

Annie GRAHAM born 1888-06-24 at Charlestown, Co Mayo age is 27 on 1915-05-26 spouse Thomas A. Graham went to US 1913 married May 1913 East Orange, NJ husband native born US citizen

John GRAY born 1874-03-11 at Dundalk sister Mrs M. J. KELLY, Harbor St, East Boston, MA

Bridget GURRY born 1847-02-05 at Co Galway age is 68 on 1915-08-08 husband is naturalized US citizen reside Westerly, RI

Mary HALPIN born circa 1850 at Milltown, Co Clare age is 65 on 1915-07-24 spouse Michael Halpin went to US about 1868 married about 1882 at Scranton, PA husband naturalized

John HAMMILL born 1880-01-20 at Philadelphia, PA left US in 1894 to visit relatives and have resided at Cororergh, Ireland

Margaret HARMON born circa 1861 in Ireland age is 54 on 1915-11-20 spouse Richard Joseph Harmon went to US 1880 he is deceased was a native born US citizen reside 54th St, Brooklyn, NY

William HAUGH born 1892-12-06 at Monmore, Kilrush

Edna HEALY born 1896-03-08 at Brooklyn, NY in 1898 brought to live with grandparents at Donamon, Co Roscommon now go to live with my aunt at Grand St, NYC

Pat HENRY born at Tooromomenn, Co Mayo emigrated to US 1862 naturalized Memphis, TN MA 1873 arrived 1914 to visit relatives in Ireland reside Memphis

Sarah HERLIHY born 1881 at Knocknagashel, Co Kerry age is 34 on 1915-07-24 spouse Richard Herlihey went to US 1899 married 1911 South Boston he is deceased was naturalized 1907 Circuit Court of District of Mass at Boston

Thomas HUGHES born 1861-08 at Middletown, Co Armagh age is 54 on 1915-08-17 went to US in 1871 naturalized 1865 (sic ) Dover, Strafford Co, NH reside Union St, Lawrence, MA

Rickard JENNINGS born 1842-12-24 at Co Mayo went to US 1865 naturalized 1875 San Francisco left US Apr 24 to visit relatives reside Laird St, Philadelphia

Albert JOHNSON born 1879-11-11 at Galway age is 35 on 1915-03-20 I went to US in 1898 naturalized Aug 1903 Cuyahoga County Court, Ohio

Michael KEANE born 1877-05-10 at Co Galway went to US 1906 naturalized 1912 Superior Court Cook Co residing at Milltown, Co Galway US address is Michigan Ave, Chicago

Catherine KELLY born at Glenbeg, Co Tyrone spouse Thomas John Kelly husband is naturalized US citizen came to visit friends reside Wilkinsberg, PA

Elizabeth KELLY born 1867 at Ballaghiderine spouse John J. Kelly went to US 1911 married in 1911 husband born Ireland naturalized at Chicago came to Ireland 1914 to visit my parents

Edward KERWIN born 1879-06-02 at Kilkenny age is 36 on 1915-12-02 naturalized 1904 Brooklyn, NY

Michael J. KING born 1885-04-01 at Clifton, Co Galway age is 48 on 1915-05-01 went to US in 1882 naturalized 1908 Boston, MA

Julia Frances KNOTT born in Ireland spouse Bernard A. Knott he is deceased was naturalized reside Portland, ME

Kate LARNEN born at Ballaghadareen spouse Edward J. Larnen husband born in Ireland and naturalized in NYC reside Briannen St, San Francisco

George William LEAHY born 1890-05-09 at NYC age is 25 on 1915-05-27 came with my father about 1906 and resided in Ireland

Patrick MacHINNIN born circa 1846 at Ballyshannon age is 69 on 1915-07-29 spouse Bella naturalized at Wilmington, DE reside Wilmington

James MAHER born 1876-03-02 in Ireland naturalized 1915 Southern District Court at NY

Dennis MAHONEY born 1887-12-17 at Taunton, MA living for some years at Derrylerry, Co Cork my US addr is Lenox St, Boston, MA

Margaret MAHONEY born 1887-12-24 at Cloughroe, Co Cork age is 29 on 1915-11-20 spouse John Mahoney went to US 1907 married 1909 at Bayonne, NJ husband naturalized 1905 Court of Common Pleas, Jersey City, NJ reside Bayonne, NJ

John Joseph MARTIN born 1881-03-22 at Co Galway naturalized 1908 County Court NY reside Mount Vernon, NY

John M. MAXWELL born 1877-11-25 at Ballynacally spouse Jean McAllister Maxwell born at Coleraine resides Fairfax, VTrelative - Robert Maxwell, Blackhill, Coleraine, Ireland

Mary McANDREW born 1873-11-15 at Belmollet, Co Mayo spouse Edward McAndrew born in Ireland brother - Edward TOLAN resides West Philadelphia

John McAULIFFE born 1876-08-08 at Scarth, Co Kerry cousin - Florence D. McAULIFFE, D St, Washington, DC

William McAULIFFE born 1890-06-21 at Cork City age is 25 on 1915-11-17 went to US 1911 declared intent to become US citizen 1913 NYC

Dennis Joseph McCARTHY born 1886-04-20 at Co Kerry went to US 1907 naturalized 1913 US District Court, Boston reside Springfield, MA

Catherine McCAULEY born at Clauday, Co Tyrone spouse Daniel McCauley husband naturalized City Hall, NYC left US 1915 to visit parents at Strabane, Co Tyrone reside Columbus Ave, NYC

James M. McCLURE born circa 1861 in Ireland age is 54 on 1915-07-12 went to US 1883 naturalized 1892 District court of Western District of PA reside Pittsburgh

Joseph McEVOY born 1865-03-25 at Clough, Castlecomer, Co Kilkenny age is 50 on 1915-09-01 went to US 1897 naturalized 1904 Probate Court, Clark County, OH reside Denver, CO

John James McGUINESS born at Co Armagh naturalized 1913 Southern District Court of NY left US 1915 to visit parents at Co Armagh reside E 46th St, NYC

John Patrick McGUINNESS born at Jersey City age is 19 on 1915-08-03 came to Ireland when I was 4 yrs old return to US to reside with my sister Teresa McGuinness W 58th St, NYC

James McGURIN born circa 1887 in Ireland age is 28 on 1915-10-23 naturalized 1911 US Circuit Court NYC reside W 104th St, NYC

Thomas McKAY born 1869-03-07 in Ireland naturalized 1908 New Orleans

Minnie (Mary F.) McKENNA born at NYC age is 16 on 1915-07-21 left the US in 1905 wish to reside with aunt Mrs Geo SMITH, Highland Ave, San Francisco

Maggie McKERNAN born at Brooklyn, NY spouse James McKERNAN since 1913 has resided with her mother at Drumkerin, Co Leitrim husband naturalized 1912 Supreme Court of NY

Hannah McMAHON born 1883-08-06 at Ahoghill, Co Antrim age is 32 on 1915-09-22 spouse Thomas McMahon went to US 1900 married 1910 NYC husband born Co Monaghan naturalized Supreme Court NY reside 81st St, NYC

Mary McMAHON born 1883-08-26 in Ireland spouse Thomas McMahon born in Ireland resides Brockton, MA

Owen McMAHON born 1843-07-25 at Co Monaghan age is 72 on 1915-07-31 naturalized 1871 Suffolk County reside Hudson, MA left US in 1913 to visit friends in Ireland

Joseph McNALLY born 1891-06-01 at Philadelphia, PA age is 35 on 1927-01-04 spouse Sarah Jane PEAKE born 1892-04-25 at Horton-on-Tees resides Walker-on-Tyne, sister Mrs Kate GORMAN and brother James McNALLY both reside Philadelphia, PA; father John McNALLY born Londonderry

John McTIGUE born 1883-11 at Ballinrobe naturalized 1915 Jersey City, NJ

Edward MOLEY born 1885-02-26 at Co Armagh relative - Edward Moley, Sr., Crossmaghlen, Co Armagh

Anna MOLLOY born 1900-07-09 at NYC age is 15 on 1915-08-04 left the US in 1911 after my father's death to see friends in Ireland I will sail today for NY to reside with my uncle Thomas MOLLOY at E 32nd St, NYC

Margaret Mary Josephine MOORE born 1888-06-29 at Dublin became a Sister of Mercy - brother John L. MOORE, Houston, TX, brother Rev. W. J. MOORE, OMI, St Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, LA, cousin Mrs Jas. T. HUNTER, Austin, TX

Michael MOORE born at Brosna, Co Kerry age is 40 on 1915-08-07 went to US 1891 naturalized 1898 Supreme Court of NY reside W 50th St, NYC

Jerry J. MORIARTY born circa 1874 at Rusheen, Co Kerry age is 41 on 1915-05-01 went to US in 1891 naturalized in 1898 Montana came 3 yrs ago and lived principally in Ireland

Patrick MURPHY born circa 1864 in Ireland age is 51 on 1915-10-16 spouse Maria Murphy went to US 1875 naturalized 1892 US district court Worcester, MA reside Clinton, MA

Michael Patrick NOLAN born 1881-02-08 at Raheendarra, Co Carlow spouse Margaret Nolan born at Moohane, Ireland resides Waltham, MA, sister Mrs Anne WELSH, Waltham, MA

Katherine NUGENT born at Co Longford spouse Edward W. Nugent went to US 1896 husband naturalized 1901 District Court, Southern District of NY came in 1914 to visit her mother at Rusky, Ireland

Mary O'BOYLE born 1886-07-16 at Hubbard, OH came in 1902 with my mother & resided with my parents at Driminaboe, Westport, Co Mayo

George Roe O'BRIEN born 1900-03-09 at Boston, MA resided Clonmel, Ireland from 1906 to 1920, US address Dorchester, MA

Thomas O'CONNOR born 1874-06-10 in Ireland naturalized 1912 Newark, NJ

Elizabeth Delia O'DEA(nee REARDON)  born 1883-12-16 at Portland, ME spouse Michael O'Dea husband born Ireland naturalized 1910 left US 1914 to visit relatives residence is 181st St, NYC

Bridget Sarah O'DOHERTY born 1884-08-22 at Kinnuary, Co Mayo age is 31 on 1915-09-20 spouse Thomas O'Doherty went to US 1906 married at NYC husband is naturalized reside 8th Ave, NYC

Louis O'DONNEL born 1858-02 at Kilmihil, Co Clare naturalized in 1892 at Scranton, PA reside Brooklyn, NY arrived 1914 to visit my mother

William O'DRISCOLL born 1884-03-17 at Cork age is 31 on 1915-05-04 spouse Kate O'Driscoll accompanied by wife Kate & two children emigrated to US in 1906 naturalized 1913 Portland, ME reside Cambridge, MA visit relatives

Stephen O'FARRELL born 1862-10-15 at Scareff, Co Clare naturalized 1893 Boston, MA

Michael O'GORMAN born 1883-09-06 at Kilrush, Co Clare went to US in 1902 naturalized 1912 US District Court NYC since 1912 resided in Kilrush with my parents

Joseph O'KEEFE born 1885 at Meenevoughane, Co Kerry age is 29 on 1915-06-26 went to US 1907 naturalized 1913 US District Court, NYC

Cornelius O'LEARY born 1840-02 at Bantry, Co Cork son Cornelius F. O'Leary resides Bangor, ME

James O'NEILL born 1865-02-06 at Strathmore, Co Derry spouse Teresa O'NEILL born at Strathmore, Co Derry resides Newcastle-on-Tyne, daughter Mary Agnes b 1899, Philadelphia, PA

Katherine O'SHEA born 1875-08-20 in Ireland spouse Patrick O'Shea husband is naturalized US citizen came with 5 children under the age of 8 to visit relatives at Cork City reside Ohio St, Chicago, IL

Ethel PILCHER born at Boston, MA age is 19 on 1915-07-17 reside at Haynes St, East Boston, MA

Kate POWERS born circa 1875 in Ireland age is 39 on 1915-10-27 spouse Robert F. Powers husband naturalized 1906 Worcester Central District Court

Charles Henry RANGHEN born 1882-11-22 in Ireland naturalized 1906 Portland, ME

Robert W. REID born 1860-01-02 at Belfast contact Samuel Reid, Indianapolis, IN

Thomas Wheeler REID born circa 1851 in Ireland age is 64 on 1915-01-13 naturalized in 1877 at Jersey City reside Kansas City since 1884

Elizabeth REILLY born circa 1884 in Ireland age is 31 on 1915-10-06 spouse Philip Reilly went to US 1903 husband is naturalized reside Riverside Dr, NYC

Terrance William REILLY born 1866-05-15 at Ballyjamesduff, Co Caven went to US 1874 naturalized 1884 Superior Court of NYC

Michael RICHARDSON born 1869-07-28 at Mathy, Co Cork naturalized 1905 County Court of Chicago

Michael J. RILEY born 1852-04-24 at Cort, Ireland

Daniel RIORDAN born 1884-04-04 at Killarney contact John Riordon, Indiana Ave, Chicago

James ROBERTS born 1874-07-14 at Sutton Township, OH spouse Jane SMITH (nee BROOKS ?) born 1860-06-30 at Walker-on-Tyne father was born Kilkenny, Ireland about 1830 two brothers Tobias ROBERTS, Terra Haute, IN and Thomas ROBERTS, Coalfork, WV, sister Mrs Elizabeth STEPHENS, resides TX

John ROCHE born circa 1887 at Co Cork age is 28 on 1915-09-15 naturalized 1913 Supreme Court NY reside Hudson St, NYC

William Ellwood ROGERS born 1891-10-04 at NYC brother Carroll ROGERS, Humboldt St, Brooklyn

John Smith RYAN born at Dublin went to US in 1894 naturalized 1900 Supreme Court of NY reside Fifth St, Woodside, Long Island, NY

Dominick SAUL born 1899-04-04 at NYC came to Ireland 1907 to reside with uncle at Ardah, Co Galway

Michael Joseph SCANLON born in Ireland went to US 1904 naturalized 1911 NY resides 54th St, NYC

Mary SHANAHAN born circa 1875 in Ireland age is 40 on 1915-10-07 spouse Michael Shanahan went to US 1900 husband naturalized reside W 47th St, NYC

Mary Meehan SHANLY born circa 1881 in Ireland age is 34 on 1915-11-13 spouse Patrick Shanly went to US 1903 husband is native born US citizen reside Holyoke, MA

Timothy SHEA born 1882 in Ireland went to US 1905 naturalized 1910 Silver Bow, MT came in 1912 to live at Eyeries, Co Cork US addr is Butte, MT

Catherine SMITH born 1878-08-02 at Hoylake, England age is 37 on 1915-07-02 spouse Oscar Smith naturalized 1893 Court of Common Pleas for City & County of NY

Thomas Joseph SMITH born 1870-03-19 at Armagh 2 sons - Bernard b 1901 & Joshua b 1903 Liverpool, England brother James SMITH, Walbridge Ave, Toledo, OH

Daniel SULLIVAN born 1897-07-17 at Somerville, MA age is 17 on 1915-05-01 my father was killed my aunt brought me to Ireland live with my uncle at Knopogue, Co Kerry received money from my mother to return to US

James SULLIVAN born 1880-08 at Castlecove, Co Kerry age is 35 on 1915-11-10 declared intent to become citizen 1910 my wife & family reside at Banks St, Cambridge, MA

Mathew SULLIVAN born in Ireland my father was naturalized when I was in the US at age of 5 years

Stephen SULLIVAN born at Bonane, Co Kerry went to US 1896 naturalized 1907 NYC came in 1914 to Kenmare US address is Hyatte Ave, Yonkers, NY

Frances SWEENEY born 1886-01-22 at Buncrana, Co Donegal spouse James Sweeney, American citizen born in NY married Mar 1915 at Londonderry

John SWEENEY born 1886-12-13 at Kilbane, Co Clare age is 28 on 1915-09-01 spouse Bridget went to US 1907 naturalized 1913 Supreme Court of NY reside W 152nd St, NYC

Thomas TALTY born 1896-12-13 at Chattanogga, TN came to Ireland 1900 reside with my parents return to US address is care of M. McGUIRE, 8th Ave, NYC

James TENNYSON born circa 1857 at Derrylard, Co Armagh age is 58 on 1915-05-03 went to US in 1886 naturalized 1893, Helena, MT left US in 1915 to visit my sister in Ireland

Edward TIERNAY born 1877-07-13 at Jonesborough, Co Armagh spouse Mary Tierney Atlantic Ave, Trenton, NJ

John J. TOOMEY born 1856-08 at Limerick spouse Bridget Toomey naturalized 1897 Philadelphia, PA reside Germantown, PA

William TOWERS born 1853 at Rossgray, Co Tipperary naturalized St Louis visit friends in Manchester reside E 57th St, NYC

Elizabeth (Bessie) TREANOR born circa 1883 at Drmdoo, Co Leitrim age is 32 on 1915-11-02 spouse Daniel Treanor went to US 1897 husband naturalized 1914 Supreme Court of NY at NYC reside with son Robert Emett, aged 11 yrs at Second Ave, NYC

Bridget WALSH born 1864-01-17 at Castlebar, Co Mayo age is 51 on 1915-08-14 spouse Martin Walsh went to US 1870 married 1883 Chicago, IL husband naturalized 1888 Superior Court, Cook Co, IL

Edward WALSH born 1857-10-04 at Dublin contact Timothy McCARTHY, West St, NYC

Michael WALSH born 1882-09-29 at Co Galway age is 33 on 1915-09-29 naturalized 1910 Supreme Court of NY reside E 70th St, NYC

Timothy WALSH born 1864-11-02 in Ireland naturalized 1900 District Couty NYC my sister resides at 69th St, NYC

John Joseph WHALEN born 1888 in Ireland naturalized 1912 Supreme Court of NY at Brooklyn

Thomas WHITE born at Tipperary went to US 1866 naturalized 1871 Troy, NY reside Quincy, MA

Marguerite Purcell WOOD born 1888-08-15 at Co Wexford age is 27 on 1915-06-14 spouse Charles W. Wood went to US in 1899 marred Charles Wood a US citizen born at Medina County reside Cleveland, OH to visit relative in Ireland

Mary WRAGG born 1869-03-17 at Dernalea, Ireland spouse Willia Wragg married 1902 husband born London, England naturalized 1895 Court of Common Pleas at Harrisburg, PA husband died 1907 at NYC