I am a third year PhD student of linguistics at Eötvös Loránd University

I work on syntax and syntax - semantics interface. I am interested in non-finite subordination, raising vs. control distribution, DP / PRO alternation in embedded clauses and cross-clausal A-dependencies. Primarily I work with Russian and Hungarian.

I also work on Kaqchikel (a Mayan language) under the auspices of the UMD Guatemala Field Station. In Kaqchikel, I examine the Voice system, focusing on antipassive constructions, event nominalization and reflexives.

Prior to this research, I investigated lexical reflexives and intensifiers in Hill Mari (Uralic) and Kabardian (Northwest Caucasian) languages.

You can read my complete CV here. Please, contact me at irine-bu [at] caesar [dot] elte [dot] hu