Setup program

  • unpack the archive
  • run Setup_ipt.exe as administrator
  • language when installing any
  • install in any place, but that the path were only English letters
  • the installation directory is written to the registry
  • unpack the archive
  • to copy in any place, but that the path were only English letters

1. To configure the shortcut to run as administrator: Properties - Compatibility - Privilege Level

If you use programs that do screenshots/video, switch the keyboard or mouse buttons, you must also run them as an administrator.

2. If you are using the monitor 4K and/or display scaling enabled, then you need to mark "Disable display scalling on hight DPI setting". To check the correctness of this setting, you need to start the room, press Start and Stop in the program. In the program folder there will be a file "debug.log" in which it is necessary to find a line of type such "96, 1920x1080" and to compare the real resolution of the monitor with the specified value (in the example "1920x1080").

3. Add to the antivirus exceptions (if used).

4. If you use VPN (Virtual Private Network), then first run the program, and then VPN.

5. When you first start the program you must enter Login (ptXXXXXXX) and Password of the license.

If no license, then you can try the demo version (Login: demo and Password: demo). Demo version has no limitations except the period of use.
If you entered incorrect data and the window for entering the login does not appear, then you need to run ipt_reset_login.bat (located in the program folder).

6. To select the language room on the tab Utils - Language - room.