Setting room

1. Check the installation of the room. If the room's folder path starts with "C:\Users\", then you need to delete the room (via uninstalling programs in Windows) and run the room installation file with administrator rights (to do this, right-click on the installation file and select "Run as administrator"). If for some reason the room is installing in the folder "C:\Users\", then you need to manually move the entire folder of the room, for example, to the folder "C:\Poker\". Otherwise, the program will not work.

2. Configure the launch of the room as administrator. To do this:

    • right-click on the room shortcut on the desktop (it must contain the path to the casino.exe file) or in Windows Explorer by file casino.exe and select "Properties".

    • on the "Compatibility" tab, enable:

      • in Windows 7,8 "Privilege Level" > Run this program as administrator

      • in Windows 10 "Settings" > Run this program as an administrator

    • if you configure it differently, the status bar of the program will say "room: Not Admin".

3. Add the room folder to the antivirus exceptions (if used). Windows 10 has a built antivirus "Windows Defender" (Microsoft Defender).

4. Run room and go to My Account (My Info) - Settings tab

    • General tab

      • select "Language" > English or Italiano. The same language must be selected in the program on the Util - Language - room

    • Themes tab

      • enable "GENERAL" > 4 Colour Deck

      • select "CARDS: BACK DECK" > first

      • select "CARDS: FRONT DECK" > Grinder (Lite)

      • select "ACTION BUTTONS THEME" > Default (not all client versions have)

      • select "TABLE THEME" > Default

    • Table tab

      • enable "GENERAL" > Auto centre my seat (not all client versions have). In the program, enable "Seat of hero in center" on the Table - HUD

      • disable "GENERAL" > Show Twister table themes (not all client versions have)

    • Time Bank tab

      • select "CASH TABLES" > Activate manually

      • select "TOURNAMENTS" > Activate manually