Welcome to the webpage of the course on Industrial Organization at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.


Here you will find information and useful material for the course. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please let us know.


  • In News you will find general info that affect all English groups.
  • In Course Organization you will find the syllabus, the timing of the course, and the grading criteria.
  • For each week, there is subpage with the material you will need for the course.
  • In Press Survey you will find news related to the course. We encourage you to send us news that interest you.
  • In Professors you will find the contact information of the professors teaching the course.

After following this course, you might want to read the lecture that Jean Tirole when he received the Nobel Prize in 2015 (slides, video, text). 

We also recommend you to check Luis Cabral's web page, which contains slides and exercises with solutions.