2015 InDIYana Event Info

World-class audio meets mid-western show and tell with great ingenuity!

The 9th annual InDIYana speaker-DIY event!

Hotel Fort Wayne; Fort Wayne, Indiana -
Friday 17th, April -
8am(open) Music 9am to 10 pm
We usually go out for dinner about 6-7pm, and then return and chat. In some previous years, Friday's schedule was informal. However, with well over 20 designs typically lined up for demonstration, expect something interesting going on all day long! Normally most start arriving after noon, but I will be there all day for whomever shows up. The first 3 hours can be interesting with only a few people present, so come at 9:00 am if you can swing it!

Saturday 18th, April - 
8am(open) Music 9am to 6 pm
There will be a couple breaks, plus lunch break in the day. Electronic gear will be provided (amps, sources, cables). Please make sure your project can use banana jacks, or bring adapters so you can use the bananas in the speaker leads that will be present. Bring stands if you wish, but a pair of 22" stands will be present if you should need them. (If your bookshelf speakers have spikes underneath, please bring a pad to set them on.)

Presenter will have 5 minutes of their own music on an audio CD, to be played following the house tracks. If you do not bring music, you only get 5 minutes play time per project. There will not be 10 minutes on the event disc this year, only 5 minutes.
Project theme -
The theme this year is "Micro 3-Way vs. Wibbunz", a concept in duality/duel. I figured it's time to mix it up a little more so more options abound for the competing attendee. Of these 2 theme categories, a show of hands will allow votes to be tabulated for the best of each group, and then we will have a head to head of those winners to get the competition winner. You are allowed to build both kinds if you wish, or one or the other. As always, best subjective sound wins!

Micro 3-way: "Dynamite comes in small packages!"
-Total cost for drivers should not exceed $200/pr.
-Volume is limited to 0.5ft^3 per side, and of the bookshelf variety. I did one with less volume, so it is plausible.
-xover is up to you, BUT it has to either be attached to or placed inside of the cabinet. It cannot be an outboard xover case. Be creative....
 (Note: no open back designs in this category please.)

Wibbunz: "Why do we wike wibbunz? 'Cuz wibbunz git down ta bidnit!"- (Elmer Fudd voice)
-AMT/Planar/Magnetostat/Isodynamic/True-ribbon/Electrostat all apply
-Ribbon pair should not exceed $160, woofer pair should not exceed $100.
-Please use a 2-way arrangement.
-xover is up to you, BUT- the xover MUST be external and not connected to the cabinet.
-Floor standers or bookshelves, whatever, but don't exceed 1.25ft^3.
-Open back applies to the ribbon elements only, if you so choose.

Good luck to those who enter the contest!

Gloating rights will be the reward if you win the challenge. 

Sponsors will soon be lining up.

Have fun, and hope to see you there, or is that here?!

PS- no buyout drivers allowed, unless a regular price can be located, and that price is to be used.
PPS- Design must be repeatable, so drivers must be available for purchase.

PPPS- Venue does not allow alcohol to be brought into the event hall. If you want it, you'll have to go the hotel bar. This is due to local applicable laws.

If you are not on the attending list and would wish to attend, or would like to confirm your presence
please send me an email. If you have questions you can ask in the Tech-Talk conversation or email to InDIYanaOrganizer@gmail.com

We would like to give a gigantic THANK YOU to our sponsors!
(Please see list linked above)
Thanks for your time, and interest, and I hope to see or meet you there!

Ben "Wolf" S.