2017 InDIYana Event Info

World-class audio meets mid-western show and tell with great ingenuity!

The 11th annual InDIYana speaker-DIY event!

Hampton Inn, Dupont Rd; Ft Wayne, IN 
Friday 7th, April -
8am(open) Music 9am to 10 pm (nothing loud after 10pm, per hotel's request. Background music only.)
We usually go out for dinner about 6-7pm, and then return and chat. Friday's schedule tends to be informal. However, with over 20 designs usually lined up for demonstration, expect something interesting going on all day long! Normally most start arriving after noon, but I will be there all day for whomever shows up. The first 3 hours can be interesting with only a few people present, so come at 9:00 am if you can swing it!

Saturday 8th, April - 
8am(open) Music 9am to 6 pm (we have the room until 10pm)
There will be a couple breaks, plus lunch break in the day. Electronic gear will be provided (amps, sources, cables). Please make sure your project can use banana jacks, or bring adapters so you can use the bananas in the speaker leads that will be present. Bring stands if you wish, but a pair of 22" stands will be present if you should need them. (If your bookshelf speakers have spikes underneath, please bring a pad to set them on.)

Presenter will have 5 minutes of their own music on an audio CD, to be played following the house tracks. If you do not bring music, you only get 5 minutes play time per project. There will not be 10 minutes on the event disc this year, only 5 minutes.
Project theme -

NANOTECH! We've done a few years of large projects, so let's make 'em tiny!

-stand on their own, no separate subs
-3 ltrs gross volume firm (includes any internal structures or items that are not in the outside walls or beyond), as more opens up projects like the Sophomores, OS, etc. I want to at least make it a little challenging. I listed it last year as 2 ltrs or less, so I did cave a little. Again- 3 ltrs gross firm.
-Whatever you do in a Nano, It has to be attached to the box of no more than 3 ltrs. If you want an external xover, fine, but it has to be conjoined or attached in some manner.
-Whatever is conjoined or built for a Nano, must still allow the entire project to fit within a 12" cube of volume, and no total dimension extending beyond that 12". Use your imagination. External porting, bracing, and xover allowed, but must be attached.
- Since the box is the main hindrance, I'm looking at $300 max per pair, and no driver more than $100.
-2-way (or maybe 3-way or 4-way if you really think you can shoehorn one in there).
-No open back midranges, full-ranges, or wide-ranges. If they need a chamber, they must have one. Open-back real bonafide genuine tweeters (figure 2kHz-3kHz range and up for a ROT), however, are allowed.
-This all helps fuel the creativity....

I've included some of the QnA from the links below here on the main page for info sake.

Question on rebadged models - RPB: Wolf: When it's a rebadged model, use the new model number and the new and current price. This is not a 'what you paid' price, but what is the listed non-sale price. Quantity pricing is still listed at PE, and that applies. See below in PS areas...

- Kenny K: Nano Question: 3L is interior volume? and does that include speaker, mid enclosures and XO volumes?

Answer - Chuck: Yep yep and yep. External crossover is fine but must be conjoined.

Question - Tyger 23: Wolf, is this $300 per PAIR or per speaker? Does this max number include crossovers, or just drivers only?

Answer - Wolf: Drivers only, and yes- per pair.

Question - Bcodemz: Hey Wolf, is this 3 liters based on outside dimensions or actual internal volume after subtracting the space taken by walls and drivers?

Answer - Wolf: Internal gross volume. This means anything that is inside the 6 walls of the box adds up to 3 ltrs and no more.

Clarification - Tyger23: To clarify wolf's statement in different terms - the internal box volume is limited to 3L. The drivers and ports will subtract from that volume, but you CANNOT make the box larger to compensate for that loss of volume.

If your port takes up 0.5L of volume, then your box volume is then limited to 2.5L.

Obviously, you can locate your port outside of the box, but then you must adhere to the limit of no more than 12" in any direction.

Question - Dirk: What about passive radiators? Are they in the driver budget? Below in PS..

Answer - Chuck: If you use a PR, that is added into the driver cost. Same as a separate waveguide.

Clarification - Wolf: If the waveguide is cut or shaped- no value can be applied. It is therefore in the 'materials list' for the cab.

PR's, being a purchase cost to make the design that you cannot manufacture yourselves, is therefore added as a waveguide/horn purchase should also be.

A port, terminals, box panels, damping, wire, Solder, disconnects, etc are all box-materials as well. You can make a port with wood, paper, PVC/ABS, towel/poster tubes, hoses, and plumbing parts. I think it's a little ridiculous to suggest that PRs and ports are the same thing, as they aren't, and they do function differently. You can't tune a 3 ltr box as low with a port as you can with a PR.

This is the way it has always been applied in the past, and I feel it is a good mantra.

Question - Dynamo: Would an open back planar or amt tweeter be ok? asking since the open mid is not.

Answer - Wolf: Since the criteria for the 'Alternate Reality' theme is the midrange in terms of open-back and such, then I suppose that would not preclude open-back tweeters for the 'Nano' category. I'm inclined to make the tweeters also be closed back, but in relation from one category to the next, this seems like it would be a valid arrangement that is not a requirement.
I'll allow open-back tweeters as an option, and not a requirement.

More Clarification - Wolf: I mean true tweeters. If you are use a FAST topology, then the midrange/widebander cannot be open-back. If I were to allow that, that coincides with the rules for Alternate Reality, as the mids are still open-back in that kind of application. I mean your conventional tweeter type unit, not a widebander or full-ranger.

Question - Ani: Can I place a big slab of MDF under the speaker to simulate desktop environment? I think that will also help the bass and further BSC losses. stand then mdf sheet then speaker? how big a sheet does it have to be to affect the bass. 2'x2' be good enough or has to be even bigger?

Answer - Wolf: Ani- a 12" by 12" slab would be usable, as that fits in the 12" cube criteria.

Question - Mike220: So if you cab is 3 liters or less it's acceptable, but if you were to extend the back to essentially make it a slot port on the back would that disqualify you? Like if u needed a 1" port by 20 inches or something and you enclosed that port but it's not part of the internal volume is that okay?

Answer - Chuck: If I am understanding Ben correctly, that would be fine Mike as long as the overall depth does not exceed 12". Actually no dimension is to exceed 12"

Answer - Wolf: Correct!

Question - Tyger 23: Wolf - how do you feel about passive radiators purchased from eBay, Alibaba or other non-traditional sources? Allowed or not?

Answer - Chuck: They are allowed. Just need to verify the normal retail cost and not a for sale or buy out scenario.

Answer - Wolf: As long as they're readily available, and not NOS. I don't care where you get them. Thing is, it has to be a currently available product that is not something someone is selling that is NLA otherwise.

***Challenge entries will play 5 minutes of challenge-music, and on to the next pair. This is to keep the entries playing consistent selections. You are welcome to play music of your own on your challenge entry at a time outside of the challenge. This is to keep the extent of time usage in the contest to a minimum.

Good luck to those who enter the contest! You can bring whatever speaker project you want, but contest entries must meet the above criteria.

Gloating rights will be the reward if you win the challenge. Nothing more, nothing less. This is just for fun!

Sponsors will soon be lining up.

PS- no buyout drivers allowed, unless a regular price can be located, and that price is to be used to total costs.
PPS- Design must be repeatable, so drivers must be available for purchase. Waveguides and PRs are included in the driver cost calculation. Drivers that go on clearance or become NLA after your purchase has been made and no longer are available elsewhere will be allowed. Since the event themes are being announced about 10 months in advance, this is bound to happen occasionally. The basis will be left on the honor system. NLA drivers that have a twin 'newer rebadged model' can be used at the new model's retail cost.

PPPS- Venue does allow alcohol to be brought into the event hall. If you bring it into the event hall, you are not to drink of it outside of the event hall. All adult beverages are to be consumed inside the event room itself, or it is considered public intoxication, and grounds for arrest and likely expulsion of the event from the hotel. Please respect these wishes of the law, hotel staff, and hosts of this event.

If you are not on the attendee list and would wish to attend, or would like to confirm your presence
please send me an email. If you have questions you can ask in the Tech-Talk conversation or email to InDIYanaOrganizer@gmail.com

We would like to give a gigantic THANK YOU to our sponsors!
(Please see list linked above)
Thanks for your time, and interest, and I hope to see or meet you /here/there!

Ben "Wolf" S.