2022 InDIYana Event Info

World-class audio meets mid-western show and tell with great ingenuity!


The 15th annual InDIYana speaker-DIY event! (2020 is the only missing year since 2007.)

UPDATE: 12/27/2021

Venue is open for all options for selected days. Planner will check vacation availability on 1/3/2022 to verify he can host that weekend. We are thinking the first weekend of May.


Hampton Inn, DuPont Rd. Fort Wayne.


Friday (NOT April) May 6th -

8am(open) Music 9am to 10 pm (nothing loud after 9pm, per hotel's request. Background music only.)

We usually go out for dinner about 6-7pm, and then return and chat. Friday's schedule tends to be informal. However, with typically over 20 designs usually lined up for demonstration, expect something interesting going on all day long! Normally most start arriving after noon, but we will be there all day for whomever shows up. The first 3 hours can be interesting with only a few people present, so come at 9:00 am if you can swing it, or 8am to help set up!

Saturday (NOT April) May 7th -

8am(open) Music 9am to 6 pm (we have the room until 10pm)

There will be a couple breaks, plus lunch break in the day. Electronic gear will be provided (amps, sources, cables). Please make sure your project can use banana jacks, or bring adapters so you can use the bananas in the speaker leads that will be present. Bring stands if you wish, but a pair of 22" stands will be present if you should need them. (If your bookshelf speakers have spikes underneath, please bring a pad to set them on.)

Presenter will have 5 minutes of their own music on an audio CD, to be played following the house tracks. If you do not bring music, you only get 5 minutes play time per project. There will not be 10 minutes on the event disc, only 5 minutes. For the theme, only the theme tracks are played (roughly 3 minutes time), but we can revisit them later for more if time allows. Please withhold synopsis until after the contest is over. Contest portion is normally started about 11am on Saturday, with the goal to be done by lunch.

Project theme or challenge details -

Missing Link”

Chuck and I (Ben) decided to go a different direction this year. I suggested picking some interesting less than perfect drivers, designing the cabinet along with the bass tuning, taking a full set of measurements of the chosen drivers in said box, and unleashing the competitive attendees on a xover challenge alone. Basically, we provide the front-end, amplifier, and the speakers. The entrant brings the xover. (Entering the challenge is still not required.)

Since the unfortunate passing of Rick Craig and Jeff Bagby; This is the first time this kind of challenge has been done since Jeff won (tied, along with Dennis Murphy) at the event Rick hosted all the way back around 2000 (At least to my knowledge). I felt it was time we gave this a try again being that it has been that long. We also have not tried this challenge at InDIYana before. Software and tools available are vastly different than they were 21 years ago, especially since Jeff dropped his software suite in about 2005.

I vetted the idea with several people that typically attend, and the idea was universally accepted. It gives a lot of options with an open xover platform. The lesser experienced or thrifty builder would have an easy go of things with all of the info supplied. While purchase of drivers or building cabinets is not required, builders are allowed to do so. Cabinet dimensions will be provided should someone want to give that a go for audible personal voicing.

We are having a "Voicing Day" in Laporte, IN at 10am on Saturday Jan 29th at this address, Chuck's church: 6006 N Fail Rd. Laporte, IN 46350 This is to provide a time and place to voice the speaker to the tonality the designer wishes. Due to availability, we felt this would be appreciated by those who could attend. Measurement gear will be present. Please let Chuck or I know if you are coming.

Drivers total runs about $250/pair. This is not an immense outlay of money, even well under past allowed theme costs, and the drivers are not bottom of the scale in performance. Cabinets are relatively simple, and of modest size. You are welcome to bring the cabs you build to the event to show them off, but for the competition the cabinets that I have built will be utilized.

Drivers are to be the Dynavox LW6004HR-N kevlar honeycomb woofer and the SB Acoustics SB29RDC (SB29RDAC is identical save for an aluminum faceplate).

The provided woofer alignment is about the best I can do. The driver has a somewhat weird set of specs. I used woofer #2 for the larger Vas, as the other will likely break-in a little towards it. It's high enough Qts to run sealed, but it didn't get low enough extension for me. Therefore, a vented-stuffed box comes out better, but I had to cut back on the box volume to keep the Xmax in check. I think a 15 ltrs 7" 2-way with extension to about 40Hz is reasonable. I also added 0.4 ohms for xover DCR into the box sim.

14.5” x 10” x 11.5” HWD external. I used a 1" thick stair-tread for the brace (solid, no holes) about 2/3 the inside depth, positioned at 7.5" on center inside height, about 3/8" below the port. Since the port and brace are about the same length, I added a hardboard brace across the end of the port to tie in the top, port, and brace. Port exit has a 1" roundover, and is a 2.5" D (grey elec conduit) x 7" long. Lower cavity is well stuffed, and a little stuffing is also along either side of the port.

I took the loaded cabs down to Coop’s place (thanks, Coop!) for a full set of measurements in his lab/barn. We even went through a second set of taking measurements because Coop felt something was off. Gating measurements allows good Impulse Response with valid data down to ~300Hz in his setup. Coop used ARTA/LIMP for the data retrieval. There is a read-me file for understanding the files’ nomenclature included in the .zip file that Coop has provided. I have included all of my data as well in the file, as well as the applied box model from Unibox.

I know normally the theme is announced in July before MWAF and Tent Sale, and while I would have liked to do that, the drivers Chuck and I wanted to use were on back order awaiting arrival. They finally arrived on my doorstep the first weekend of August, and I knocked out the cabinets the following week as I had vacation time. I was able to get them down to Coop’s on August 28th for the first go around and then again on Sept 11th for the further task of bettering them. So as you see, there has not been much time left in getting the information presented and announced to the masses.

The cabs have 4 binding posts present to the rear to facilitate connections. Due to time frame and how fast we go through the theme challenge, we highly mandate that banana plugs be utilized for these points of contact, and that the xover boards brought by the entrant be fitted with banana jacks for the inputs from the speaker cables. The components must be mounted to a board of some sort, and connections must be solid via solder, barrier strips, wire nuts, euro-blocks, spring terminals, or lever nuts, etc. There is to be no flaky alligator spaghetti type of connection, or cardboard as mounting structure. This is to prevent accidental misconnection, shorting of contacts, or loose or other connectivity issues and make sure the entrants have the fairest chance in the competition.

As a safety measure, there will be a 100uF polypropylene capacitor (ERSE PulseX 250V) in series with the tweeters to prevent accidental overdrive should something occur or be miswired by the entrant. Schematics of the entrants’ xovers will be required for perusal.

Yes, I will also be entering, and I feel me purchasing the drivers and building the boxes to be measured gives me the right, with no particular advantage over anyone else as I will be using the same set of data.

Blind-judging notes... Yep, we're doing the theme blind this year!

Okay, perusing through Wally World yielded a pack of 50x Great Value Self Standing Giant Lunch Bags, of the brown-paper variety, and inside measures 6.125" x 4" x 12.375". We will provide these.

I feel these will suit us really easily. This means that xovers should adhere to a 6" x 10" platform to fit the bags, and with a height of 3.25" or less. If able to cut the 10" dimension down a bit, please do. I also would prefer that the connections be across the short end (6"), so that it is easier to hook them up, and fold them up when done for swapping. (Please keep sharp or pointy surfaces at a minimum to maintain xover anonymity as more pokes = more visible.) Previously stated 4-banana plugs for outputs, and 2 banana jacks for binding posts from the amp still apply here. I feel 12" for plug wires should be plenty, and make sure they are well marked for tweeter/woofer/+/-. All speakers will be setup for toe-in, unless marked on the xover boards as such. Input banana jacks or cups can be on 6" pigtails or mounted to the xover boards.

A Sharpie for a lottery-drawn letter or number scheme atop the bags will be the MO, and for which entrants will not draw or know their own number. Only one person will have the code key to ensure entrants get their property returned. This way we eliminate the 'voting for a friend' scheme, as no one is the wiser. After the challenge voting concludes, xovers will be laid out for visual perusal.

Coop has offered to do the checking of the xovers both by eye and a DATS sweep to verify operation and safety via an appropriate dummy load. (Again- the 100uF poly cap on the tweeters will remain. I have also done models now, and see that it does not reflect significant issues, but is enough to protect the tweeters should issues arise.)

Nick has offered to be the 3rd party helping swap, as we will need 3 people to run the challenge portion. Chuck will run the remote and head to head brackets for level match while Nick and I man a channel a piece.

Upon figuring out the randomly-entered brackets, and how it will work, there will be a maximum number of entries applied to this challenge. Unfortunately, we cannot do this ad nauseum even as much as we'd like to. =-)

For the international entrants, should you want to enter a design, please contact Meniscus for help in this endeavor. They have graciously offered to assemble a pair of boards for you. More details upon contacting them should you have that itch.

There is no dollar amount limit on the xovers for this challenge. Use what you like, or as many parts as you like, AS LONG AS IT FITS THE BAG DIMENSIONS ABOVE. While the drivers have been chosen, and the measurements taken, I want it to be clear that this is not Iron-Driver. We will not be taking measurements of the finished system except for matching the output levels between entrants via an RTA on a running Omnimic or other program/software and gear. Judging will be conducted via a show of hands as is the norm. In the event of a tie of votes, the xover's visual presentation will decide the winner if a recount/revote of the 2 options still results in a tie.

Bulk Zipped File with information about the theme portion, including models of the box and measured responses can be downloaded here:


(For some reason, I can't figure out how to link the .zip file to this webpage. It says the type of file is not supported. Thanks to MAC for allowing the file to be uploaded there.)

Let’s hope that Covid is taking a backseat by then, and we can all have a very splendid time at InDIYana 2022!

One theme entry per person, please. Also to keep chances for everyone to demo over the 2 day event, please bring no more than 2 pair; one theme and one non-theme max, please. If Max of 40 is not reached, then more will be entertained.

***Challenge entries will play 3-4 minutes of challenge-music, and on to the next pair. This is to keep the entries playing consistent selections. You are (normally) welcome to play music of your own on your challenge entry at a time outside of the challenge. This is to keep the extent of time usage in the contest to a minimum. (Unfortunately, this may not happen this year)

Good luck to those who enter the challenge! You can bring whatever speaker project you want, but challenge entries must meet the above criteria.

Gloating rights will be the reward/award if you win the challenge. Nothing more, nothing less. This is just for fun!

Sponsors will soon be lining up. See Sponsor page for more information.

PS- no buyout drivers allowed in contest/challenge, unless a regular price can be located, and that price is to be used to total costs.

PPS- Design must be repeatable, so drivers must be available for purchase. Waveguides and PRs are included in the driver cost calculation. Drivers that go on clearance or become NLA after your purchase has been made and no longer are available elsewhere will be allowed. Since the event themes are being announced about 10 months in advance, this is bound to happen occasionally. The basis will be left on the honor system. NLA drivers that have a twin 'newer rebadged model' can be used at the new model's retail cost.

PPPS- Adult beverages:



PPPPS- All tracks selected for the house tracks are done by a select few, myself included, and are not revealed until the day of and at the event. Theme tracks typically are not compiled or known by anyone except the person picking them, which are typically not done by me. If and when everything goes right, there should be CD copies of the house tracks available in limited quantities for those that might like one. MAC has in the past graciously hosted the tracks on their event-archiving website.

If you are not on the attendee list and would wish to attend, or would like to confirm your presence

please send me an email. If you have questions you can ask in the Tech-Talk conversation or email to InDIYanaOrganizer@gmail.com

We would like to give a gigantic THANK YOU to our sponsors!

(Please see list linked above)

Thanks for your time, and interest, and I hope to see or meet you /here/there!

Ben "Wolf" S.

In memory of Matt Bunn