2018 InDIYana Event Info

World-class audio meets mid-western show and tell with great ingenuity!

The 12th annual InDIYana speaker-DIY event!

Hampton Inn, Dupont Rd; Ft Wayne, IN 
Friday 27th, April -
8am(open) Music 9am to 10 pm (nothing loud after 10pm, per hotel's request. Background music only.)
We usually go out for dinner about 6-7pm, and then return and chat. Friday's schedule tends to be informal. However, with typically over 20 designs usually lined up for demonstration, expect something interesting going on all day long! Normally most start arriving after noon, but I will be there all day for whomever shows up. The first 3 hours can be interesting with only a few people present, so come at 9:00 am if you can swing it, or 8am to help set up!

Saturday 28th, April - 
8am(open) Music 9am to 6 pm (we have the room until 10pm)
There will be a couple breaks, plus lunch break in the day. Electronic gear will be provided (amps, sources, cables). Please make sure your project can use banana jacks, or bring adapters so you can use the bananas in the speaker leads that will be present. Bring stands if you wish, but a pair of 22" stands will be present if you should need them. (If your bookshelf speakers have spikes underneath, please bring a pad to set them on.)

Presenter will have 5 minutes of their own music on an audio CD, to be played following the house tracks. If you do not bring music, you only get 5 minutes play time per project. There will not be 10 minutes on the event disc, only 5 minutes. For the theme, only the house tracks are played, but we can revisit them later for more if time allows.
Project theme -

Keeping up with the Jones's: Andrew Jones, that is. Along with the likes of TAD, ELAC, Tannoy, KEF, SEAS, and Insignia(); Use a Coax MT and a woofer from 6.5-10" in size and design a fairly untapped DIY market design. <$200 per coax, and <$150 for the woofer- each. $300 limit per cab. Stand mount preferred but not required, 2ft^3 or less. I left the cab limit at $300, so if you want to spend more on the coax, you have to spend less on the woofers. I think that's fair. Multiple woofers are allowed as long as they are within the price guidelines.

One entry per person, please.

***Challenge entries will play 5 minutes of challenge-music, and on to the next pair. This is to keep the entries playing consistent selections. You are welcome to play music of your own on your challenge entry at a time outside of the challenge. This is to keep the extent of time usage in the contest to a minimum.

Good luck to those who enter the contest! You can bring whatever speaker project you want, but contest entries must meet the above criteria.

Gloating rights will be the reward if you win the challenge. Nothing more, nothing less. This is just for fun!

Sponsors will soon be lining up.

PS- no buyout drivers allowed, unless a regular price can be located, and that price is to be used to total costs.
PPS- Design must be repeatable, so drivers must be available for purchase. Waveguides and PRs are included in the driver cost calculation. Drivers that go on clearance or become NLA after your purchase has been made and no longer are available elsewhere will be allowed. Since the event themes are being announced about 10 months in advance, this is bound to happen occasionally. The basis will be left on the honor system. NLA drivers that have a twin 'newer rebadged model' can be used at the new model's retail cost.

PPPS- Venue does allow alcohol to be brought into the event hall. If you bring it into the event hall, you are not to drink of it outside of the event hall. All adult beverages are to be consumed inside the event room itself, or it is considered public intoxication, and grounds for arrest and likely expulsion of the event from the hotel. Please respect these wishes of the law, hotel staff, and hosts of this event.

If you are not on the attendee list and would wish to attend, or would like to confirm your presence
please send me an email. If you have questions you can ask in the Tech-Talk conversation or email to InDIYanaOrganizer@gmail.com

We would like to give a gigantic THANK YOU to our sponsors!
(Please see list linked above)
Thanks for your time, and interest, and I hope to see or meet you /here/there!

Ben "Wolf" S.