Curriculum Resources

Indiana Business Education Resource and Curriculum Sites

NEW!!! Teacher Toolbox - Indiana Department of Education Teaching Toolbox Publications to be helpful for any teacher as they are planning for their classroom.

Drive of Your Life - Indiana Specific Career Exploration Game

The Biz World Foundation - project-based curriculum designed to make business fundamentals comeve alive in the real world.

The Computer Literacy Project Courseware

The ABC's of Credit by The Center for Student Credit Card Education

NextGen3 - a supplementary tool for teaching personal finance

Free Desktop Publishing Software Websites

Web 2.0 Resources - Some fun and creative free web sites for classroom use.

Edutopia - published by The George Lucas Educational Foundation. This is a wonderful resource focused on teaching to today's learners.

NFTE Entrepreneurship Film Documentary Trailer. This film will be released for National Entrepreneurship Week, November 16 - 23.

Virtual Team Challenge. The Virtual Team Challenge is an online multiplayer business simulation that takes place in the animated 3D world of New City. The team objective in the simulation is to stage the most efficient disaster recovery effort by selecting the most effective vendors, based on in-game research and hiring them at the best possible price.

National Business Education Association - National association for business education in the U.S. Site offers support materials and curriculum guidelines.

Indiana Department of Education--Business and Marketing Education - This site offers information on curriculum materials, professional development, conference presentations, textbook adoptions, etc.

The BizTech Network - Huge resource for business and technology information. Links to lots of business related sites.

National Council on Economics Education - Offers links to state and national organizations that promote economic education. Site offers curriculum guidelines and support materials. Information on "Stock Market Game" and "Stock Portfolio Contest."

Indiana Council for Economic Education - Indiana link to the National Council for Economic Education. Statewide resource for economic educators with information on workshops, grants, guidelines for economic based contests, and provides curriculum materials.

Foundation For Teaching Economics - Excellent resource site and they have several great professional development opportunities that are FREE or minimal costs for teachers and some great programs for students.

The Foundation for Economic Education - Educator's site for articles, lesson plans, seminars, and instructional materials. The FEE sponsors numerous seminars and workshops to promote free-market economic principles.

Economics and Business Education Association - United Kingdom association for educators of business and economics. Site offers curriculum materials and support. Very helpful materials for international business case scenarios. Visit the BizEd link for more information.

American Economics Association (AEA) - Links to economic periodicals and to their Resources for Economics on the Internet (RFE). Listing of over 1200 web resources.

Political Economy Research Center (PERC) - Excellent and up-to-date materials on the Free Market System and the environment. Great materials for classroom discussions or research activities.

Association of European Economics Education - European resource for economic and business education. Good source for information and links to current European issues and teaching strategies for business and economics educators.

Wall Street Journal and Barron's Online - Up to the minute information on the business world.

Stossel in the Classroom - Excellent videos for business and economic curriculum. Includes a Teacher's Guide and a Student Study Guide.

Indiana Computer Educators - Statewide resource for education using computers. Site offers access to information and guidelines for computer use in the classroom. Members have an option to join a listserve for support for academic and technical issues.

Buddy Project - Sponsored by the Corporation for Educational Technology (CET). CET offers free software classes (both Mac and Windows) to educators in cooperation with Butler University and the Indiana Department of Education. Site offers links to curriculum and grants information in addition to resource links for educators, parents, and students. The Indiana Technology Learning Center at Butler University is now closed but may reopen later at another location.

Apple Education - Apple resource site of educational links for Apple Computers and technology.

Microsoft in K-12 Education - Microsoft resource site for Windows-based software.

Access Indiana Teaching & Learning Center - Guide to Economics and Business Educational links. Teacher Guide is also provided.

The National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship - Resource for entrepreneurship educators and students.

MarkED - Marketing Educational Resource Center

Great Ideas for Teaching Marketing - Great place for sample lessons for a variety of applications in marketing.

Indiana Secretary of State - Excellent resource site for Entrepreneurship, Business Foundations, Finance, etc. Site has links and "real world" information on investing, securities, starting a business (includes downloadable forms needed), trademarks, etc.

Indiana Department of Workforce Development - State of Indiana's liaison between business and vocational education. Offers information and provide guidelines for technical certifications. Links to Indiana School-to-Work, Indiana School-to-Work Institute, and curriculum assistance.

Business Professionals of America (BPA) - Site communicates current information on the BPA and serves as an electronic communications tool.

DECA - An Association of Marketing Students - Site provides some general information on DECA and contact information for membership.

Association for Career and Technical Education (Formally known as The American Vocational Association) - Site offers general and support information and links for educators involved with vocational and technical education.

Crisp Learning - Great books for mini-lessons on a wide range of business related topics.