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IBEA is pleased to announce the 2016 IBEA Distinguished Service Award Recipients!

Award Information & Nomination Forms

No Recipient - 2016 IBEA Outstanding Middle Level Teacher

 Ian MacLaverty- 2016 IBEA Emerging Professional

Kristin Lidstrom - 2016 IBEA Oustanding Secondary Level Teacher

Dana Kunz - 2016 IBEA Friend of Business Education

Mary Bowen - 2016 Barbara K. Beadle Apple Award


No Recipient - 2016 IBEA Oustanding Middle Level Teacher

There were no recipients of this award this year.  Please consider nominating for the upcoming 2017 year.

Ian MacLaverty  - 2016 IBEA Emerging Professional

Ian MacLaverty
currently teaches Entrepreneurship, Preparing for College & Careers, and Digital Applications & Responsibilities at Chesterton High School in Chesterton. Ian has a Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Leadership from Purdue University and a Master's Degree in Teaching from Calumet College. Prior to coming to Chesterton High School in 2014, he taught Middle School Computer Education courses at Chesterton Middle School.  He is licensed in business education, elementary education, and language arts. Ian has an extensive background in sales, marketing, and business management. He draws upon his professional experiences to teach life skills and practical applications in the classroom. Ian also serves at a local level as the CHS Business Department’s Representative on a committee to improve literacy initiatives in the classroom at Chesterton, and is considered by his department’s colleagues as an instrumental asset to the department’s instruction, goals and initiatives.  Ian lives in Chesterton with his wife, Amy.

Congratulations to Ian MacLaverty on being named the 2016 IBEA Emerging Professional!

Kristin Lidstrom - 2016 IBEA Outstanding Secondary Teacher

Kristin Lidstrom currently teaches Principles of Marketing I and II, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Digital Applications and Responsibility, and ACP Introduction to Business Administration at Hamilton Southeastern High School in Fishers, where she has been for twelve years. She also serves as her school’s DECA Chapter Advisor. An avid world traveler, Kristin has been to all seven 

continents and enjoys using her global and cultural experiences as classroom lessons. Kristin has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, a Master’s in Secondary Education from Ball State University, and an MBA from Butler University. She is licensed in business education, and business and marketing CTE. She spends her free time volunteering at Agape Therapeutic Horse Riding Center in Cicero. 


Congratulations To Kristin Lidstrom on being named the IBEA Outstanding Secondary Teacher for 2016!

Dana Kunz -  2016 IBEA Friend of Business Education

Dana Kunz
is in her 16th year as an educator and has taught fifteen different business courses from Computer Applications to Programming and Accounting at Danville Community, Washington Community and Greater Jasper Consolidated school corporations.  She received her Undergraduate, Vocational Licensure and Master’s Degree from Indiana State, Ball State and Oakland City respectively.  She received her vocational work experience by spending a year with Kimball International in Jasper.  Dana was active with Business Professionals of America in all three of her school districts and chartered the first ever chapter at Jasper High School in 2006 followed by a Jasper Middle School chapter in 2015.  As an educator she served in various leadership roles such as department chair, Workplace Skills Instructor mentor, internship coordinator, Ivy Tech dual credit teacher, high school faculty trainer, MOS Certification coordinator and coached both volleyball and track.  Dana received the Peabody Leaders in Education award in 2015 and has been named the positive influence to thirteen students over the years at the Top 10% banquet.  Dana now serves as the eLearning coach for the Greater Jasper Consolidated School Corporation.  She continues to serve the BPA Organization as co-advisor of the JHS and the JMS chapters as well as being a member of the Indiana BPA Executive Board.  Dana resides in St. Anthony, with her husband, Chris, and two boys Kai and Kasen.

Congratulations To Dana Kunz on being named the IBEA Friend of Business Education for 2016!

Mary Bowen - 2016 IBEA Barbara K. Beadle Apple Award

Ms. Mary Bowen is a Professor at Vincennes University (VU) where she has been not only a mentor for her students, but for Business Education across the State of Indiana. During her years of service she has served on multiple conference planning, leadership, curriculum development, and teacher preparation committees and programs.

Mary Bowen has spent several years preparing her students through her popular dinner interviews for their interview in a profession in which they are seeking.  She also has dedicated her time to several CTSO's in demonstrating in officer orientations proper dining etiquette.

Thank you Mary Bowen for your service and dedication in preparing students for the business industry.  We appreciate all your hard work!

Congratulations To Mary Bowen on being named an IBEA Barbara K. Beadle Apple Award Recipient!


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IBEA Barbara K. Beadle Apple Award

2013 - Barbara K. Beadle
2014 - John Dawson
2015 - Dr. Mary Ellen Adams
2015 - Chad Bobb

Jason Hendrickson,
Jun 27, 2017, 4:10 PM
Jason Hendrickson,
Jun 27, 2017, 4:10 PM