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IBEA is pleased to announce the 2017 IBEA Distinguished Service Award Recipients!

Award Information & Nomination Forms

No Recipient - 2017 IBEA Outstanding Middle Level Teacher

 Ray Colglazier- 2017 IBEA Emerging Professional

Michelle Goudy - 2017 IBEA Oustanding Secondary Level Teacher

Nextech - 2017 IBEA Friend of Business Education

Troy Davis - 2017 Barbara K. Beadle Apple Award


No Recipient - 2017 IBEA Oustanding Middle Level Teacher

There were no recipients of this award this year.  Please consider nominating for the upcoming 2018 year.

Ray Colglazier  - 2017 IBEA Emerging Professional

This year’s Emerging Professional of the Year is Ray Colglazier, who is in his third year of teaching at Homestead High School near Fort Wayne.  Ray majored in Economics at Wabash University and used his education for many years in the finance industry.  A few years ago he decided to make a career change because even in the finance industry, he had a passion for teaching. 

After completing Student Teaching at New Haven High School, Ray was hired to teach at Homestead, and is considered a valuable part of the Business Department.  One colleague states: “when teaching Personal Finance not only does he draw on his education, but he makes it authentic and realistic for students by sharing the years of experience and stories from clients applying for loans.  His classroom is fun and engaging.”  Ray has been asked to learn Web Page Design and this year Ray has been asked to teach PLTW Intro to Computer Science.

Congratulations to Ray Colglazier on being named the 2017 IBEA Emerging Professional!

Michelle Goudy - 2017 IBEA Outstanding Secondary Teacher

Michelle Goudy is the IBEA’s 2018 Secondary Teacher of the Year.  Michelle is a business teacher at Westfield High School in Westfield, Indiana, where she teaches Principles of Marketing, Merchandising, and Preparing for College and Careers, and has done so since 2003.  A graduate of Grand View University and Viterbo University, she earned her BS, Ed. in Business Education and U.S. History and MS, Ed. in Business Education.  She is the co-advisor of the DECA Chapter at Westfield and is the DECA District 4 Coordinator.  Michelle’s nominators praise Michelle’s work in DECA, stating “she has had students participate in DECA for the last several years and each year she has more students going to nationals and is growing an excellent program.  She always has students compete with professionalism and strives for excellence in many levels of her teaching.” 

In her spare time, Michelle serves on the Cinderella of Hamilton County committee and enjoys watching high school baseball, baking, gardening, and spending time with her family.  She and her husband of 30 years live in Noblesville with their two sons, Mark and Damon.


Congratulations to Michelle Goudy on being named the IBEA Outstanding Secondary Teacher for 2017!

Nextech -  2017 IBEA Friend of Business Education

This year’s recipient of the Friend of Business Award, Nextech, is an organization to help teachers succeed in the Computer Science and Information Technology area of Business Education, and the organization is in high regard and praise of Indiana’s Business Teachers.  One nominator writes “not only do they work with students and teachers, Karen and Stephanie work tirelessly to raise money and work with policy makers so computer science can truly be for all. They serve on community boards and committees in order to have a wide array of opportunities for all students here in Indiana. They brought the Hour of Code to the Statehouse and have worked to get more funding from the state for professional development in computer science.” Nextech states they are “on a mission to equip K-12 educators with the content knowledge, instructional strategies, and experiences to deliver computer science curriculum to all Indiana students.  Leveraging their partnership with Code.org, Nextech delivers year-long programs to bring professional development to Indiana teachers, including professional learning, teacher externships, and more.  Nextech is the catalyst connecting students to Indiana’s tech community and delivering the resources and experiences that bring context to CS curriculum.”  Learn more at www.nextech.org or @nextech.

Congratulations to Nextech on being named the IBEA Friend of Business Education for 2017!

Troy Davis - 2017 IBEA Barbara K. Beadle Apple Award

Mr. Troy Davis is an outstanding educator and DECA advisor.  Troy currently serves on the DECA and Indiana Marketing Education Association executive board.  Troy has recently served on the IBEA Executive Board.  He teaches at Yorktown High School and has implemented various activities and projects in his classroom.  His passion for teaching and strive for excellence is demonstrated in his presentations and projects.  Troy has been an advocate for Business Education and Career and Technical Student Organizations on the state and national levels.  

Congratulations to Troy Davis on being named an IBEA Barbara K. Beadle Apple Award Recipient!


IBEA Outstanding Classroom Teacher Award

1980 - Barbara Baynes
1981 - Virginia Jackson
1982 - Dorothy Hoehn
1983 - Kathy White
1984 - Janet Weaver
1985 - Robert Dellinger
1986 - Ruth Brooks
1987 - Yvonne Perry
1988 - Larry Shinn
1989 - Marlene Stout
1990 - Sharon Most
1991 - Clyde Thornell
1992 - Darlene Collins
1993 - Sharon Sharret
1994 - Judith A. Lykins
1995 - Wanda Kline
1996 - Lori Pavel
1997 - Judy Fischer
1998 - D. Matthew Hankins
1999 - Tina McCloud
2000 - Barbara M. Lorch
2001 - Barbara J. Harris
2002 - Linda Jean Hoff
2003 - Mary Beth Tidd
2004 - Debbie Davidson
2005 - Debbie Darnell
2006 - Douglas Coats
2007 - Dawn Small

2008 - Amy Hollingsworth
2009 - Jennifer Kern - Secondary
2009 - Pamela Raines - Middle School
2010 - Jeanne Burroughs
2011 - Rita Chavez - Secondary
2011 - Nancy McGovern - Middle School
2012 - Becky Sondgeroth - Secondary
2013 - Sheila Gillett - Middle School
2014 - Krista Anthony - Secondary
2014 - Kara Heichelbech - Middle
2015 - Jennifer Stultz - Secondary
2015 - Amy Hollingsworth - Middle

2016 - Michelle Goudy-Secondary

IBEA Outstanding Business Educator Award

1980 - T. James Crawford
1981 - Ralph Mason
1982 - Richard Kelly
1983 - Elaine Schenk
1984 - Mary Ellen Adams
1985 - Kathleen Wagoner
1986 - Ed Marlin
1987 - John Lightle
1988 - Velma Edwards
1989 - Curtis Kinney
1990 - Carolee Jones
1991 - John D. Lee
1992 - Leona Gallion
1993 - Wynnie Ford
1994 - Barbara K. Beadle
1995 - Rod Davis
1996 - Mary Bowen
1997 - Betty J. Brown
1998 - Mary Hollars
1999 - Larry w. Arp, EdD
2001 - Dr. Mary Ellen Adams
2008 -
Alfred Fabian
2013 - Dr. William Wilhelm

IBEA Emerging Professional Award

2005 - Michelle Cronk
2006 - Jason Hendrickson
2007 - Anna Stumpf
2008 - Kristin Lidstrom

2009 - Tina Waechter
2010 - Todd Kunz
2011 - Lindsay Forrest
2012 - Deda Rush
2013 - Julie Oelschlager

2014 - Casie Starnes
2015 - Justin Smith

2016 - Ian MacLaverty

Friend of Business Education Award

2005- Marlene Stout
2006 - Tony Johnson - Southwestern Publishing
2008 - Joy Starks - IUPUI

2009 - Dr. Mary Ellen Adams - Indiana State
2010 - Betty Hazlett
2011 - Michelle Jackson

2012 - Dr. Rita Brodnax
2013 - Barbara K. Beadle

2014 - Ken Bollinger
2015 - Debbie Darnell

2016 - Dana Kunz

IBEA Barbara K. Beadle Apple Award

2013 - Barbara K. Beadle
2014 - John Dawson
2015 - Dr. Mary Ellen Adams
2015 - Chad Bobb 

2016 - Mary Bowen

Jason Hendrickson,
Jun 27, 2017, 4:10 PM
Jason Hendrickson,
Jun 27, 2017, 4:10 PM