Sunday Morning Bible Study

Adult Classes

Torch Bearers Class—Room #215

Teacher: Jared Parker

Age Group: 18-40 +/-

Young Adults-Adults

Friendship Class—Room #222

Teacher: Mike Courtright

Age Group: 50-60+/-

Adults all ages welcome

Genesis Class—Room #115(Fellowship Hall)

Teacher: Roddy Chestnut

Age Group: 60+/-

Adults all ages welcome

Naomi Class—Room #122

Teacher: Cindy Harvelle

Age Group: 60+/- Women

Youth and Children Classes

Pre-School—Room #Nursery

Teachers: Sandy Reese, Shelby Johnson

Age Group: Boys & Girls, 0-4 years

Grades 1-3—Room #200

Teacher: Sandy Benoit, Helen Carter

Age Group: Boys and Girls

First—Third grade

Grades 4-6—Room #202

Teacher: Joyce Summers, James Maddox

Age Group: Boys & Girls

Fourth-Sixth grade

Youth Group - Room #210

Teacher: Harriet Chestnut, Millie Por

Age Group: Boys & Girls

Seventh—Twelfth grade