Our library is full of some excellent Christ centered reading and video resources. Any church member can check out a book or DVD for a week, free of charge*. Below you'll find a list of our most recent additions, but there are MANY other titles available. Come and visit the library on the second floor overlooking the Atrium.

Newly Added Books!

Added August 15, 2019

Dr. David Jeremiah

  • The Rapture And What We Should Do Until Christ Returns

Jan Fields

  • The Cookie Crumbles
  • Sugar Coated Lies
  • Scone Cold Revenge

Karen Kelly

  • Guilty Confections

K.D. McCrite

  • Sweet Sabotage

Added July 17, 2019

Joann Brown

  • A Love Unexpected


  • Streams In The Desert

Emmen Fox

  • The Sermon on The Mount

Robert Grudin

  • Time The Art Of Living

Donald T. Kaufman

  • Treasury Of Great Prayers

Naomi King

  • Abby finds Her Calling

Max Lucado

  • He Chose The Nail

Nantucket dreams

  • Sun Flowers Summer

John Lewis Samdlim

  • A Prayer For Every Meeting

J.S Tepen

  • Bible Trivia

Added February 2019

By David Jeremiah

  • In Moments Like These
  • What in the World is Going On?

By Max Lucado

  • 3:16 The Numbers of Hope

By Ruben P Job

  • Three Simple Questions: Knowing the God of Hope and Purpose

By Various

  • Coffee Break wit God
  • God's Little Instruction Book 3

By Charles Stanley

  • The Source of My Strength

By Sigmund Brouwer

  • The Carpenter's Journey to the Cross and Beyond

By Rick Warren

  • The Relationship Principles of Jesus

By Anna Graham

  • My Heart's Cry

By Betsy Schmitt and David Veerman

  • 365 Trivia Twist Devotions

By BJ Hoff

Heart of the Lonely Exile

  • By Lois Wyse
  • Women Make the Best Friends

By Sheila Walsh

  • It's OK to Not Be OK

Newly Added DVDs!

Bible Man 1 and 2


Joseph Feinnes Risen

God's not Dead 1 and 2

Son of God

Faith of our Fathers

The Christmas Candle

The Bible


God's Compas

Left Behind: The Movie

Left Behind: World at War

Left Behind: Tribulation Force

The Book of Daniel

The Miracles of Jesus

Noah's Ark


The Easter Story


I Can only Imagine

*Late fees may be charged for overdue book returns.