Tournament Rules

1. The Tournament Director and his Tournament Committee will designate the type of contest, start and finish time. They also will determine the location of the weigh-in.

2. Sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and conservation are expected from each contestant. Any infraction of these fundamental sporting principles may be deemed cause for disqualification. Any drunkenness on the part of any contestant during the contest will be cause for disqualification. Safety is #1 and is to be observed. It is required that Illini Bass Club members wear a life vest anytime the gasoline-engine is running.

3. Only Black, Kentucky or Smallmouth (when in season) bass will be scored. All fish will be bumped in the same manner throughout the year by a member of the committee. Any bass in questionable condition is subject to the judgment of the weigh-in official.

4. Only artificial lures may be used. No live bait or prepared bait will be permitted however, pork type baits maybe used. Only one casting, spin casting or spinning rod rig is permitted in use and in the water at any one time. All bass must be caught live and in a conventional sporting manner.

5. Any type of culling clips or tags that help identify their fish or any device that compares fish weights (Example: culling beam or scale) that punctures the fish’s mouth, jaws, or lips are NOT allowed.

6. Boating operation and expenses: A discussion between the two partners should be held prior to departure as to boat operation. A schedule will be set that permits each partner equal time to fish from the front of the boat and to operate the trolling motor, so he may select his choice of water. In the event that one contestant has chosen not to operate the boat and such choice is satisfactory to his partner, that contestant waiving his right shall still have the right to choose fishing spots half of the time. Any contestant found operating in an obvious and deliberate manner to handicap his partner or another boat will be disqualified. It is suggested that all traveling expenses, boat expenses and ramp fees be split 50/50.

7. All fishing will be done from within the boat. You are not allowed to exit the boat to land a fish.

8. Monthly contest will be draw contests, unless otherwise specified. You may not fish more than two point contests with the same person. You can fish one draw and one pick with the same person. You cannot pick anyone twice or draw anyone twice.

9. Members are responsible for getting their names on the contest list at the time of the draw. Late entrants need to notify the Tournament Director or a member of the Tournament Committee by Wednesday before the contest. He then will be paired with other late entrants and then notified whom he is paired with. Notice of withdraw from any contest must be given at least 24 hours in advance of the tournament starting time. It is the members responsibility to make contact with the Tournament Director and their partner to notify them of your withdraw. Any member failing to notify the Tournament Director will be held responsible for paying his entry fee. Any unusual situation involving monthly contests will be subject to a ruling by the Tournament Director and his Tournament Committee.

10. One team contestant must sign the team in before the start of the fishing contest.

11. Any contestant leaving the lake before quitting time must tell the Tournament Director or a member of the club. Any fish must be turned over to a member of the Tournament Committee or another member fishing the tournament.

12. Tournament entry fees: $25.00 per person – ($17.00 prize-money), ($3.00 point-money), ($3.00 classic-money), ($2.00 club-money). There is an additional/optional $5.00 Big Bass side bet that will be 100% payback given at the end of the tournament. Monthly tournament payouts will be awarded at the next monthly meeting. Entry fees are to be paid at the tournament prior to start of the tournament. Failure to pay entry fee will result in disqualification of the contestant and his catch. He will not be able to fish any future contests until his account is paid in full or calendar year has ended. Payout schedule for monthly tournaments, angler of the year and classic is 1st Place (50%), 2nd Place (30%), and 3rd Place (20%).

13. Scoring of tournament contest winners will be determined by pounds and hundredths of a pound on digital scales of total team weight. Each contestant or his partner must present their own catch to the weigh-in location designated.

14. Individual scoring for Angler of the Year will be determined by a point system. Individual points will be kept from each monthly contest and accumulated for the year. The angler with the most points at the conclusion of the regular tournament season will be Angler of the Year. Points will be awarded to participating club members as follows: 1st place 50 points, each subsequent place will be one less point and so on down the list until all anglers that weighed in fish have been scored. Anglers who fished a tournament and did not weigh-in a fish will awarded “Skunk Points”, 5 points less than the bottom angler that did weigh fish in. The angler that weighed in Big Bass for that tournament will be awarded an additional 2 points. A member may “BUY IN” to a tournament even if he is not fishing. He will be awarded 5 points less than the “Skunk Points” for that tournament. The cost will be the entry fee for that tournament. This must be paid to the Tournament Director before the launch of that tournament, or you will not be award the points. You will be allowed to buy two (2) tournaments per year for points. In the event of a tie at the end of the year, the following tie breaker will be used in order: 1. The individual with the largest number of legal fished weighed in for the year. 2. The individual with the largest number of live fish weighed in during the year. 3. The individual with the heaviest tournament stringer of fish weighed in during the year.

15. In order for an angler to qualify for the classic, you must be in the top 20 and have fished 4 of the 8 tournaments. If you are in the top 20 and have not fished 4 of the 8 tournaments, you must pay total entry fee $8.00 ($3.00-classic, $3.00-points, and $2.00-club) of a regular tournament fee to catch yourself up to the equivalent of 4 tournaments, and to be qualified to fish the classic. If these provisions are not met you will not be allowed to fish the classic. At the end of the year and all 20 anglers are qualified to fish, however if one or more anglers cannot fish the classic the angler(s) in 21st position and on will be able to fish the classic. Those angler(s) will still be under the same provisions above to be qualified to fish the classic.

16. The bodies of water that are chosen for the classic will be off limits from the Monday before the classic until the day of the classic.

17. Lake Limit will be used for fish size. The bag limit is 4 fish per day, per person for individual scoring. A two-man team may weigh in a total of 8 fish, with exception of one man may weigh in Lake Creel limit for team weight. There will be a one pound penalty for excessive bag limit.

18. A penalty of 4 ounces will be assessed for each dead fish brought to the scales. No dead fish will be weighed for big bass. All dead fish will be weighed in at the tournament committee’s discretion. A dead fish is determined by the Tournament Director and his committee only, based on the following, present at weigh-in: (1) no fin movement (2) no gill movement. If the fish appears questionable, the member will be asked to take the fish to water. After a period of resuscitation 1 minute (60 seconds), the fish must then be able to remain in an upright position, on its own, without floating to one side during one of the above official’s count to ten (10). Culling of any legal size dead fish is not allowed. Members are to retain dead fish and do not return them back to the lake, water etc. Any contestant attempting to weigh in a short fish will be penalized 1 pound of his total weight.

19. Trophy bass may be kept by members for mounting purposes only.

20. Start and finish of tournaments: There will be no early starts in any scheduled monthly tournaments. The only exception is that all members on the list are in the water and ready to go. At the end of each tournament each member must check in with the committee member located at the boat ramp at the designated quitting time. The angler weighing in their team’s fish will be responsible for releasing their fish back into the water. There will be a 1 pound penalty per minute assessed for being late to weigh-in. There will be a 10-minute maximum limit and any team more than 10 minutes will be disqualified.

21. Take off ramps other than designated ramps may be used. However, one member of the team must be present at the take off and may leave when their team number is called. Then they can drive to the ramp of choice. Start and finish is at the designated ramp.

22. Boat loading will be allowed in all contests except for Lake Vermilion.

23. Boats will start single file according to the number they draw.

24. Any discrepancies over the tournament must be brought to the Tournament Director or his Tournament Committee within 30 minutes of the close of the scales. Any discrepancies brought up after 30 minutes of the close of the scales will be ignored by the Tournament Director and his Tournament Committee.