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Jim Depratt 7lber at Lake Mingo

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Hey LQQK who has been around longer than the club, Congratulations Don and Karen. Karen we feel for you.

Kenny Dunbar with a 6.41 lb. along with net man Marc Chenoweth caught this one at Kickapoo.

Vern Mayberry with a fat 6lb. at Paris

2005 (6.60lbs) and 2007(5.75lbs)

Big Bass Winner

David Hamblin

Well Jim Thomas showing off his Wife Kathy's catch from central Florida, it showed 8+ on his scales but was spawned out. Good Job Kathy!

Gary's Spinnerbait Seduction

Tom Cavenaile with a Mingo hawg 8.13lbs. 06-25-17

Jim Depratt 7lber at Lake Mingo

Randy Caudill lured this big one in and not with a tube.

Kool Kent Wilson with a good summer fish!!

Jim Thomas and Vern Mayberry

2008 Vermilion Qualifier Classic Champ's

Jerry Smith 6.48lbs. at Paris Tournament 4/10/11

Jay Burton 6.39lbs. at Paris Tournament 4/10/11

Member Brett Key ran into KVD at a Marion Il. gas station.

Bruce Brown 8# 2 oz Good Friday Tourny Lake Mingo 2011

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