An emotional ride with our beloved cats !

Igor and the secret of the 7 lives

author : Mara Montebrusco-Gaspari

Novel, 184 pages

"An emotional ride with our beloved cats!"

Copyright illustrations :

LuxAnimation & Gaylord Cuvillier Libessart

English translation : Wendy Winn


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Shortly before Christmas, a very brave young girl named Sara makes the acquaintance of Igor, a very particular cat.

But apart from Sara, no one seems able to see him... The secret of the cats’ seven lives is in danger. A renegade cat has decided to divulge it to the worst enemy of the feline race, a certain Rator Zybethicus, a malicious muskrat. It does not take Igor much time to persuade Sara to accompany him in his quest through the country’s roads and rivers. Dangers meet them all along their way, but they are not the only ones to face them; their friends join them to help them on their mission. It’s a charming tale packed with evil muskrats, wise cats, low-life thugs, brave children and worried parents, and it's all sprinkled with fascinating facts about Luxembourg, Echternach and the mystery of cats’ multiple lives. This novel, will lead you on an adventure from the first to the last page, cat’s honour! One note to clear up any confusion right away: in most English-speaking countries, cats are thought to have nine lives, not seven. Sadly, the Superior Council of Cats and all the cats in the world know that this is not the case. While our English-speaking readers may be disappointed to know their beloved felines have two fewer lives to lead than they previously believed, we hope they might still take comfort in the fact that cats still have six more lives than we do. Make the most of the one you have and spend it in good company – like with Sara and Igor for example!


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