The Team


Elisee Abraham (A.k.a. "Toma")

Project Founder/Evangelist

Randy Mont-Reynaud, PhD

For the past 20 years of summer and winter breaks, Dr.Randy Mont-Reynaud has been involved in research and service work, with a team of Stanford students and alumni in the highlands of southwestern Haiti. The effort, “Making it in Rural Haiti: Hillside Farms, Markets, and How Folks Get By,” has involved compiling an ethnography of hillside families, their agricultural efforts and other means of livelihood. Driving the project has been the question: How do market forces, soil erosion and limited technology confound survival among 95% of Haiti’s population?

Randy Mont-Reynaud's involvement with the inhabitants of the Zoranje zone (an area known locally as La Tournelle-Mon Bouton), in the hills above the plain of Leogane, began in year 2000. Randy's daughter, Marie-jo, then in high school, did some background research and then, with Randy, visited Port au Prince and Fondwa in Haiti, and then chance brought them to the remote mountains above the plain of Leogane.

Volunteer, Sew What? project coordinator/ Kloteed, Wozanna and Danielle Lamarre

Here, Ms. Danielle, a Haitian-American with us for summer 2011, instructs Wozanna with one of our treadle sewing machines. Danielle lives in Ocala, Florida, and has family in Haiti's capital, Port au Prince. Left photo: Danielle offers a wide selection of buttons for the young seamstresses to choose from.

Co-Founder and Media Manager/Marie-Josee Mont-Reynaud

Finance Manager/ TBA

Designers/Trudy "Gertrude" Reagan

Fundraisers/Eric Sabelman, and Mesye Vwazen