Sew What?

Well, indeed, the Clinton Foundation is jump-starting industrial production in Haiti; we prepared a report for them in 2010, NOU DEGAJE.  
Sew What!? We have the seeds of a cottage industry in the hills of Mon Bouton, Zorange Zone. See what some girls and women can do with just a few treadle sewing machines, and dedicated trainers of both genders, in the video above.

A small investment here will provide training and work for their futures.

During Randy's 2010 and 2011 visits, the women of Mon Bouton, local experienced semastresses and Randy worked together on some new products and designs.  Doubling up, with a pair of young women on one machine, "bipedal locomotion" is the key.  Have a look:  Pedal to the Treadle - Learners on the Mountain