Nou Degaje

Making it in Urban and Rural Haiti: How Folks Get By

 Anthropologist Randy Mont-Reynaud, PhD.  spent the past 12 summers in Haiti, learning from rural farmers in the mountains of southeastern Hait. With successive teams of Stanford students and alumni Dr. Mont-Reynaud has developed an ethnography of hillside families, agricultural work and means of livelihood. Her work in progress is  “Making it in Rural Haiti: Land, Markets, and How Folks Get By.” 

In the summer of 2010, together with researcher Elisee Abraham, a resident of the mountains, she conducted a pilot survey of textile workers in the city, and workers in the mountains for "Choose Haiti," a for-profit organization in New York, part of the Clinton-Bush initiative seeking to identify and invest in alternatives to agricultural work in Haiti. 

Available Reports

  • Nou degaje: Making It in Urban and Rural Haiti, How Folks Get By, A pilot ethnography of work and workers, June-July 2010