Ioanna G. Chouvarda received the Diploma in Electrical & Computer Engineering (1993) and the Ph.D. (2002) in Medical Informatics all from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.U.Th.), Greece.

Her Ph.D. thesis was primarily focused on analysis of cardiac signals by means of time-frequency methods, entitled: "Cardiac System Time-Frequency Analysis in microscopic and macroscopic level".

In 2011 she was appointed as Lecturer and in 2015 as Assistant Professor at the Lab of Computing, Medical Informatics and Biomedical Imaging technologies in the School of Medicine, A.U.Th., having R&D and educational duties. She got tenure track in 2019.
She is lecturing in the  M.Sc. Program in Medical Informatics of A.U.Th. , M.Sc Program in Medicine,  and the undergraduate Medical Informatics course of the Medical School, having a long experience in the coordination of the Medical Informatics Postgraduate Studies.

She has been a visiting Lecturer in the Medical School, A.U.Th. for the academic year  2007-08, and at the Department of Informatics of the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, for 2005-6.
Up to date, she has been involved in numerous R&D projects in the ICT for Health and e-health area ( EU and nationally funded), including AEGLE, PATHWAY, ACT@SCALE, ACT, PINCLOUD, ITECH, WELCOME, SENSATION,   HeartCycle , PSIP , CHS, PANACEIA, etc, implemented at AUTH and CERTH.

Her research interests involve
• Biomedical data processing and physiological modelling
• Biomedical data management
• eHealth systems and services, and connected health technologies
She has close cooperation with medical clinics and research institutes.

Dr. Ioanna Chouvarda is Member of the IEEE (EMBS and WIE) and the Technical Chamber of Greece. She has been associate editor in CMPB, and later member of the editorial board.

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